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  1. https://www.milacaunclaimedfreight.com/ Milaca Unclaimed Freight is another place for Ice Castle parts. They have a lot
  2. This is normal for all the manufactured Ice Castle, Yeti & Glacier fish houses?
  3. Yes, the heater is vented
  4. I have a Suburban heater like what is in Ice Castle houses It has a blower to move air. I'm thinking the house is so tight and with the fish holes the humidity builds up That's why I'm wondering if the manufactured houses have some type of vents built in
  5. For those that have a wheeled house do you have problems with frost building up on the windows and door in extreme cold? I built this skid house and it's so humid inside and I have problems with frost/ice build up
  6. I did apply a sealer to the inside of the cedar. It is so soft I wanted to prevent stains or finger prints
  7. Yes, 5/16 T&G I installed last fall. I did the same, but I see this summer it's starting to buckle
  8. When installing T&G cedar on the interior of your fish house do you leave is a little loose or push it tight
  9. I used left over sheeting I sheared and bent to 1.25 x 1.25 angle Installed it using 3M tape
  10. I was able to weight the house before taking it to the lake Got a little heavier than I had hoped, 1100lb (no gear) ATV still pulls it pretty easy
  11. Built an aluminum box on the back for storage. Keep the propane tank, auger, shovel and other stuff in there.
  12. https://youtu.be/OBLyOCsFk6E Pulling the house across the lake. Works pretty good
  13. I built a 6 x 10 skid house and have no problem heating with a Suburban 16K forced air heater. I run it off a 100ah 31 series battery from my boat. I charge it with a Renogy 100w solar panel Nice system, works well
  14. I agree, Fleet is going down hill fast. Used to be one of my favorite stores to shop, now not so much. Now we walk my tampons to get to a mediocre tool, automotive and sporting goods selection. It's nothing more than a glorified Walmart My last experience, 1 cashier open and 11 people waiting in line
  15. From MN DNR First of all, we can’t walk into your house and search your freezers like most people think. We would need consent from the homeowner or have a search warrant (“homeowner”, that also means occupant, lessee, etc.). Where our search authority comes into play is while a person is hunting or fishing. The best way to explain this is to give you an example – if you are out on the ice fishing and I observe you fishing. I also observe you catching fish but never throwing them back into the water. When I talk to you on the ice, you say you don’t have any fish in possession. This is where our authority comes into play – I observed you catching fish and not throwing them back – I have the authority to check all containers that could potentially hide those fish (coolers, containers, and even vehicles). Our authority would stop at the ice house which is treated like your residence when it comes to search authority. We typically just get a search warrant if we feel the violation is significant.
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