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  1. vtx1029

    Ice Castle Mini Toy Hauler advice please

    Just curious if you ever weighed your shack to see how close it was to the listed weight?
  2. vtx1029

    Ice Castle Spare tire carrier

    Give miltona blacksmith a call. He can fab anything you can dream up (also charges reasonable prices). I know he builds tire carriers for some of the wheelhouse MFG's
  3. vtx1029

    When to buy wheelhouse

    You'd have to visually inspect the pads. Some guys like to crank on trailer brakes so they can wear down fast if people do that. That said you should be able to get 15-25,000 miles out of a set if used properly. for bearing sizes just take them into northern tool they should have what you need.
  4. vtx1029

    Clam Pop-up Screen Tents

    My friend has had one for 3 years. Its one of the only clam products I would recommend. They are pretty awesome. They hold up in complete downpours and some pretty decent wind storms. Get the one with zip down sides if you can afford it.
  5. vtx1029

    When to buy wheelhouse

    Take a look at the Glaciers too. There's been some dealers slashing prices lately.
  6. vtx1029

    6 x 10 Aluminum skid house build

    Nice work! looks like a great setup
  7. vtx1029

    Fish House rv Build

    Your bed is pretty awesome! thanks for sharing. Got a link for that winch?
  8. vtx1029

    Unattended Lines?

    shouldn't matter anyway as I read it if its a tip-up just have to be within 200'
  9. vtx1029

    Unattended Lines?

    Have bluetooth alarms on it
  10. vtx1029

    Unattended Lines?

    So run a tip-up in your shack
  11. vtx1029

    Unattended Lines?

    He said the law reads line of sight so...
  12. vtx1029

    Unattended Lines?

    LOL I just got checked yesterday and asked him this same question. I asked if i had pagers on each line could I keep them down. He said as the law is written a Rod or rattle wheel is considered a line down and you must be able to visually see the line at all times. Different from a tipup where you must be within the vicinity but you don't need a constant visual on them. So I'm thinking I may just set up my tip-ups inside my shack with beepers when I'm not in there
  13. open the front cover and remove the panel in the center that extends under the headlight. The fuse/relay box is under there. There's three relays you want to replace, Its the fuel pump, EFI and chassis relays.
  14. I have a Polaris 570 with power steering. Two problems with this atv you will have but its a simple fix. One the relay's are not sealed and have issue sub zero degrees. Pop in these relays and your issue will be solved. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077V2TBM9/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The second issue is the battery capacity (the location is also dump) buy a larger capacity battery (Polaris sells a kit for this). As for power steering its nice but not needed and if your trying to stay on the cheap you can always add it later. For the 450vs 570 The 450 is a really capable machine and has the same long block as the 570. There's guys out there that can reflash the computer to make them put out what the 570's do for $430. http://shop.rvsperformance.com/Sportsman-450-ECU-Tuning-2016-ECU-PSPTS-450.htm Lastly if get a Polaris or any CVT atv get in the habit of checking the moisture drain on a regular basis. Snow powder tends to get in there with no where to go. My tracks don't help the matter
  15. vtx1029

    Is there a home test for a regulator?

    Most you should be able to adjust the regulator flow. I would test it in the same condition your operating them in.
  16. vtx1029

    Is there a home test for a regulator?

    IMO you would have two things that can affect regulator output. Cleanliness of the regulator (orifice) and temperature (causing the diaphragm {age} to be stiff and not allowing flow along with the propane not vaporizing to a gas as easily{tank size can also come into play here})
  17. vtx1029

    Engel bait coolers

    I use to fill the tray about half full with water and a few minnows being it was a little quicker when you had a hot bite. But yeah the tray is a waist and I normally don't bring it with.
  18. vtx1029

    Electric Trailer Jacks

    This is far fetched but I wonder if your battery can't supply the current needed to operate both of them at the same time. If you have another battery to swap in there I'd try it.
  19. vtx1029

    Electric Trailer Jacks

    I would say your wire size is too small and or too long of wire run causing too much resistance. Go to an 8 or 6 gauge wire and you should be fine.
  20. vtx1029

    Electric Trailer Jacks

    I'll add to the above that you want to fuse as close to the power source as possible. This prevents your wiring from catching fire.
  21. vtx1029

    Atv for towing shack

    I've seen a few of the newer Polaris 570's for sale around 4-4500 range. I own one myself. The only issues I've had is the stock battery is junk and a cold non start issue that's been fixed with GM relays.
  22. vtx1029

    Green Lake by Spicer.

    most all of St. Pauls storm drains are marked that they drain to a lake or river. At least all of them in my neighborhood are.
  23. vtx1029

    Finally getting OUT!!!

    What depth were you working. going up there for the first time the end of this week.
  24. vtx1029

    Have Lake Specific Forums Run Their Course?

    agreed i use an app called geo gone that scrubs all data. I have locations turned off but also scrub every photo just encase.
  25. vtx1029

    Have Lake Specific Forums Run Their Course?

    Been on facebook? there's plenty of chatter on there.