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  1. For me I look at things a little different. I like to have redundancy that's why I choose 12v lights and such. If my generator dies I can still run my house a couple days and fish with no generator. Most 12v wiring issues are bad grounds. I suggest people use a dedicated ground it solves most 12v issues.
  2. The neatest and most simple wiring solution is a RV converter. They neatly hold all AC and DC power fusing and distribution as well as battery charging and 12v power supply if you have the battery removed. https://www.amazon.com/WFCO-WF-8735-P-Black-Power-Center/dp/B004LF14Q4/ref=sr_1_3?crid=ID8246OAY82T&keywords=wfco+converter&qid=1582031198&sprefix=wfco+%2Caps%2C1309&sr=8-3
  3. you don't want to used copper tinned aluminum wire. Use Oxygen free copper or 100% copper. the aluminum will corrode away and just leave white powder. also they can not carry as much current as pure copper.
  4. I'm happy with my Amped outdoors battery. Stay away from the Norsk battery. Its lithium-ion and doesn't have near the life span of a lifepo4 lithium battery.
  5. Make your own out of thin ply and pink foam. Just take 1/2 inch pink foam and glue on 1/8 or 1/4 plywood on both sides using Pl Premium and a 1/8" V notch trowel. You'll also want to glue in a rabbited solid wood edge to finish it off.
  6. My dad passed down using a percolator to me and I had used it for years when camping and such but I've switched to a pour over now because its better coffee, quicker, and easier to clean.
  7. This is corrosion plain and simple. Can be caused by several things salt will corrode aluminum like that. From the looks of it something got behind the one spot you have shown there. Just like rust if its not stopped it will continue to corrode. Clean it, scotch brite it, zinc chromate primer it and then paint it.
  8. look for the big group of people out from Bellaire beach
  9. Some radio's can be really power hungry. I'd just use a simple bluetooth speaker or some sort of standalone boom box of sorts (for example my makita radio can run for around 50 hours on a single battery). If your lights are not already switch them over to LED. Both of these are easily done to reduce current draw. If you search amazon you can also buy and install PWM led dimmers on all your lights, only turn them up as bright as needed. The great thing about PWM is it reduces your current draw unlike resistor based dimmers of past. Lastly I would take an actual reading at the battery and right where its wired (your results should be very close) when your alarm goes off. You may have a bad Co/lp alarm or the following issues that increase resistance to your alarm in turn dropping the voltage it sees: poor connections, too small of gauge wiring, excessive wire length.
  10. Have a marcum LX9 also use a couple Lowrance units. After using them side by side there are features I like on both but just comparing sonar units I'd have to say that my lowrance units squeak out a win for me over the Marcum. Both are very close to the same performance. The Marcum is much easier to just plop and fish where the lowrance units you have to dial in for each situation. I've never been a traditional flasher guy and never see the need to after using a graph.
  11. Sorry you have had such a bad experience with your nils. I've only had great experiences with mine.
  12. Seems a little expensive if its a single axle but maybe not. I've seen guys selling stacks of brakes on craig list before... Go drum. Disc are just going to rust every time out and much more expensive.
  13. I picked up a new 8" K-drill last year and tried out what all the hype was about. It is light and it cuts ok, but I went back to my nils, it cuts faster with less force and only weighs a couple pounds more.
  14. Just curious if you ever weighed your shack to see how close it was to the listed weight?
  15. Give miltona blacksmith a call. He can fab anything you can dream up (also charges reasonable prices). I know he builds tire carriers for some of the wheelhouse MFG's
  16. You'd have to visually inspect the pads. Some guys like to crank on trailer brakes so they can wear down fast if people do that. That said you should be able to get 15-25,000 miles out of a set if used properly. for bearing sizes just take them into northern tool they should have what you need.
  17. My friend has had one for 3 years. Its one of the only clam products I would recommend. They are pretty awesome. They hold up in complete downpours and some pretty decent wind storms. Get the one with zip down sides if you can afford it.
  18. Take a look at the Glaciers too. There's been some dealers slashing prices lately.
  19. Nice work! looks like a great setup
  20. Your bed is pretty awesome! thanks for sharing. Got a link for that winch?
  21. shouldn't matter anyway as I read it if its a tip-up just have to be within 200'
  22. Have bluetooth alarms on it
  23. So run a tip-up in your shack
  24. He said the law reads line of sight so...
  25. LOL I just got checked yesterday and asked him this same question. I asked if i had pagers on each line could I keep them down. He said as the law is written a Rod or rattle wheel is considered a line down and you must be able to visually see the line at all times. Different from a tipup where you must be within the vicinity but you don't need a constant visual on them. So I'm thinking I may just set up my tip-ups inside my shack with beepers when I'm not in there
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