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  1. Papa Bear

    2018 21’ fish house build

    Yes, its a 110v motor. I would've preferred 12v also but not a big deal since all my 110v outlets can be fed from an inverter so they are powered whether the generator is running or not. I think what you mentioned with the single shaft between them will be the ticket. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  2. Papa Bear

    2018 21’ fish house build

    Top Notch!! Every time our furnace runs I like the idea of in floor heat more and more. I used this motor to lift our bed: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01A67WXDI/ref=sspa_dk_detail_2?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B01A67WXDI&pd_rd_wg=HKpzx&pd_rd_r=0VTSTJ7074GWKRGJGVW3&pd_rd_w=MhRMb Looks like its not available at amazon anymore but you could probably track one down with a little googling. Has been working really well. Really nice job and thanks for sharing!!
  3. Papa Bear

    T&G Cedar install

    I did 5/16" cedar and installed tight. Is there any finish on the cedar?
  4. Papa Bear

    6 x 10 Aluminum skid house build

    What did you use for trim on the corners and roof? Looks really nice!
  5. Papa Bear

    Do Grease Zerts Even Work?

    Friend of mine learned the expensive way this season that grease is really cheap and easy maintenance compared to frame/axle repairs. At minimum grease after season to push out water, salt, etc that's made its way in throughout the winter.
  6. Papa Bear

    Fish House rv Build

  7. Papa Bear

    Fish House rv Build

    Finally took some time to take some finished (almost) pics. We've gotten a ton of use out of it in the last year and are very happy with how it turned out. After sleeping almost 50 nights on the jackknife couches, I just added a lift bed which is a huge improvement. The electric fireplace wasn't in the plans but we're so glad we have it now. It's so much quieter than the furnace. The generator sucks more gas to run it but the furnace hardly ever runs when temps are above 0. Thankless water heater and cassette toilet are both working very well. Picked up one of these fish cleaning tables on sale and mounted it to the side of the house with some interlocking rail strips I found on amazon. A faucet came with it that I hook water to with one of those really fexible 1/4" air hoses that I run around the front of the house where it hooks in to the rest of my water. I used the folding legs that came on the fish cleaning table to make our dinette table. The stubby legs were added so that when its folded down, it supports the couches that fold out onto it. When we're fishing the table goes in the back of the truck or gets left at home. We're really happy with how the lift been turned out. The tracks on the wall are 1x2 aluminum that were ripped on the table saw to make a channel for the slides to run in. The bed is raised and lowered with a winch type system that is designed for lifting things in your garage. I replaced the steel cable that came on the winch with synthetic winch line. The weak link is the winch itself which is only rated for 250 lbs. This is more than enough to lift the bed itself. 3/8" pins are put through the rails to support our weight. This is one of the slides. May seem a little crude but they are really working well. Zero binding. The brown piece is aluminum and the black layers are HDPE. The bolts are 1/2" grade 8's. You can see I cut all but about 1/8" of the heads off to improve clearance/slop. Sorry the video is so poor but you should at least get the idea of how it works. Thankfully I'm better at building stuff than videography. IMG_3024.MOV
  8. Papa Bear

    Fish House rv Build

    Looks like they call it Ice Cap. The only reason I ended up with that was bc they had lots of blem sheets of that stuff that were $50 each instead of $200/sheet full price for the other stuff. 1"x4'x8' is 55 lbs/sheet. I believe most 3/4" x 4'x8' plywood is around 70 lbs.
  9. Papa Bear

    Recovery Gear

    Really like this idea. Thank you!
  10. Papa Bear

    Recovery Gear

    I guess I’ve never owned a come along that works well and certainly not one with 5000+ lb capacity. Idk? Is that what works for you?
  11. Papa Bear

    Jackknife sofa recommendations

    I bought directly from Firebrand/Fish n Style in Shakopee. Not sure of the brand but they do/did have 72".
  12. Papa Bear

    Recovery Gear

    With all the snow we got this winter, I got myself stuck on the lake a few times. After the first time, I bought tire chains which helped a lot but didn't do me any good when trying to get off of Mille Lacs a couple weeks ago. There was a lot of blowing and drifting. I got off my path and ended up high centered on a drift. About 3 hours of digging and failed attempts later one of the resort plows made it out to give us a pull. I usually carry a high lift jack and tow straps. I've read that by dropping a chunk of 6x6 in an auger hole a guy can use this as an anchor point to winch against with the high lift. Anyone ever done this? I'm curious if the 5000 lb winching capacity of the jack would be enough to pull my truck and wheelhouse. I prefer to be as self reliant as possible and would like to carry the gear needed to get myself out next time if possible. Anyone else carry some form of recovery gear?
  13. Papa Bear

    Ice Castle vs Firebrand vs Yetti

    My shack is a 22' aluminum and my weight savings is in the ballpark of 1000lbs vs a similarity equipped IC. As others have mentioned, weight savings was not the reason for choosing aluminum but is a definite bonus. I'd ignore the truck size discussion but several things have been mentioned that I can relate to. A year ago I had a 1/2 ton but upgraded to a 3/4 gasser over the summer. No regrets about doing that. Today's 1/2 tons are built to be mileage machines not pullers. Yes they CAN pull but for my dollar, my precious cargo and my usage (>90% pulling) there is no debate. If you don't have the right tool for the job, you are setting yourself up for failure before you even start. I could have have welded my shack together with JB weld....
  14. Papa Bear

    Fish House rv Build

    Company called space age synthetics out of Fargo. No issues. Good stuff. Need to get some finished pics up here.
  15. Papa Bear

    2017 Fish House rv Build

    I have not. I need to.