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  1. 12 miles on a gallon of gas is pretty bad mileage on an ATV.
  2. Here are a couple from around my house and the hunting shack.
  3. The work I've had done there over the years was great and price was very reasonable.
  4. PRO-V

    Snowshoe Hare Hunt

    I used to hunt them alot too. We did best near swamps or river bottoms, around beaver ponds and edges of popple slashes. Haven't seen hardly any last 2 years in N.Mn. Predators have been hard on them.
  5. Go to Proctor Canvas I believe their called. Downtown Proctor. Did a boat cover there. Good place.
  6. If you survive the experience give us an update. Good luck.
  7. I've heard bat infestations can cause sickness in your household from the feces if there's much there.
  8. PF- do you leave the screws in year round? Ever had any come out? I've seen this but never tried it.
  9. I have Zilla's which have 1 1/4" tread and they go through a lot of snow. That being said, chains on the rear are salvation in slush or even bare ice or loose snow over ice. On bare ice it's hard to get the rig moving pulling a sled. They will also help on icey slopes like at landings. Still, don't forget the shovel.
  10. Also make sure the zerk is clean before you grease or you will force dirt into it and even plug the zerk.
  11. I change the oil once a year and use synthetic. Get a good quality filter. Make sure the air filter is clean. Keep an eye on the boots cause if you get a hole on them dirt gets in an u-joints can fail quickly. Once we went through a water hole and when we came out the other side my buddies Polaris was jerking the handle bars side to side. We limped it back and found a cracked boot and a little mud got in. Also pays to keep it hooked up to a trickle charger to preserve your battery. They especially get drained down using the winch plowing.
  12. I put 5900 miles on my last Honda and it still had a long way to go. Just keep up on maintenance and repair and they can go a long time.
  13. It's nice to let them think they do. When we got married she had known me for 17 years and claimed she would never complain about my fishing or going to the hunting shack. I took all the kids with 75 percent of the time. Well guess what. The next year the whining started. I finally told her I loved her but that I had the shack a long time before her and if she made me choose one she wasn't gonna like the answer. Haven't heard a gripe since.
  14. Wanderer, maybe you should try wearing the same outfit and see if it improves your luck.
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