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  1. perchking

    Big 43.5 Inch Pike Video

    Great fish!
  2. perchking

    2018 21’ fish house build

    Very nice, looks great!
  3. perchking

    Mower needed

    Well the 42” 14 year old craftsman LT1000 is heading to the hunting camp so I need a new one for Home. I cut about 2 acres with lots of tree so a zero turn only makes sense, looking 52 - 60” deck and have about a 5K budget to work with. Ariens ikon has me intrigued but also looking at a couple used stand up Wright’s with less than 200 hrs. Also looking at the z series. Thoughts?
  4. perchking

    Steel Roofing on the House

    I have it on my hunting camp in the UP of mi, 200+ inches of snow per year sealed the deal for me, I no longer shovel rather, I let gravity take over. No issues over the past 8 years but again it’s only a 24x24 foot cabin
  5. perchking

    5yr Kid Catches 2 Monster Pike 41+38"

    Great couple fish right there, nice job by the young buck!
  6. perchking

    Atv - Snow Tires or Chains

    tracks, tracks, tracks if you ask me. You can get some pretty good deals on used ones as well, just need to buy the mounting hardware specific to the machine. I have a 825 gator and without tracks I go no where in the winter with my snow load.
  7. perchking

    Pike and Bass Strikes from the Drone!

  8. perchking

    Mower needed

    Thanks wanderer, we have a JD dealer in town so that’s a plus for me.
  9. perchking

    Mower needed

    Thanks rl_sd!
  10. perchking

    Mower needed

    Thanks for the input, my lawn is very flat just a ton of maple trees!
  11. perchking

    Perch Photo Gallery

    All perch were released, the ones in the bucket we caused by a triple:) weighed then again successfully released.
  12. perchking

    Fish House Build

    Nice house, I like that front dinette.
  13. perchking


    Nice warm breakfast dinner is on the menu for us tonight. Hasbrowns, eggs toast and bacon of course.
  14. perchking

    Alumalite or Ice Trek skid house

    We also have slush and at least 4-10 inches of snow which makes moving mine with a sled very difficult if not impossible.
  15. perchking

    Dozer issues

    Found one out of Ohio should be at the shop by Tuesday, the one from the big "A" wasn't the right one. Thanks Folks.
  16. perchking

    Dozer issues

    I have a late 70’s model John Deere 450C that has been faithful to me until this weekend however, I don’t fault the dozer rather the driver. Long story short, opening up a food plot I sucked in a stick which crushed the oil filter thus causing the loss of pressure and engine oil. I did try to free the stick, but then shut off the dozer once I saw the oil. The dozer was not running more than 2 minutes after the stick crushed the filter. Freaking out, I did try to quickly turn the dozer over for peace of mind and just heard a click which sounds like the starter engaging the fly wheel but nothing else. I have 2 questions: Question 1. Can you pull a dozer that is in gear (reverse to be exact) if the engine is seized without depressing the clutch? I hooked up my tractor and pulled it off a few rough areas to get a better look at it after the issue happened and the tracks turned over without any issues. My logical thought process is you can’t because if the pistons are seized the engine is locked which would eliminate any movement of the tracks. Question 2. The stick or let’s say tree also ripped off a wire from the alternator, does that have any effect on starting the dozer? I know where it goes and I need a new butt connector when I get back there in 2 weeks with fresh oil and filter. I know if an alternator is bad, it drains the battery but this is not the case I still have over 13V at the battery. Any input would be appreciated.
  17. perchking

    Dozer issues

    Just got a call that the crankshaft is cracked on the dozer, he can’t find One anywhere I guess. I guess everything else is fixed and he sent out the current crank to get polished and before that it was inspected by some Machinist that discovered the crack. Just my luck! If anyone knows where I can find a 450c crank please let me know. Thanks
  18. perchking

    Alumalite or Ice Trek skid house

    My house weighs about 900 but it’s a tad bigger at 8x12 with 9 foot interior height. once it’s moving it pulls fine with my side by side but the issue is getting it moving as I don’t have chains. But I do have tracks, this is a great setup for me for a Day house and I only fish the chain of lakes my cottage is on.
  19. perchking

    Vikings VS. Saints

  20. perchking


    Bama is a powerhouse, that’s why everyone despises them including me:) they are the best team in the league again this year. Similar to the Pats, you can hate them all u want mostly because u can’t beat them. I feel the same about OhHowIhateOhiostate as I am a wolverines fan!
  21. perchking

    Video Test

    worked and it looks like you have a good one being trained.
  22. perchking

    Tagged out in nd

    Nice buck!
  23. perchking


    Even though I don’t like it, I agree! Great game.
  24. Maiden voyage for the shack "Black Betty" , everything went just as planned plus we caught some fish. I will get some pics of the interior next weekend.