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  1. Marcel Behler

    Simple Tip To Catch More Big Bass On Spinnerbaits

    great job
  2. Marcel Behler

    Share your Favorite Ice fishing Photos

    wow, what a fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Marcel Behler

    Ice Castle Blowing Fuses

    Did you check the switch for a short?
  4. Marcel Behler

    Last Season

    see this https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/hunting-trapping/species/turkey/turkey-seasons-hours
  5. Marcel Behler

    My Last Metro Ice Trip?

  6. Marcel Behler

    Backcountry Bluegills

    lol to.
  7. Marcel Behler

    Backcountry Bluegills

    nice job,but same fish again & again.
  8. Marcel Behler

    Ice Castle vs Firebrand vs Yetti

    Yetti or The Lodge
  9. Marcel Behler

    6 x 10 Aluminum skid house build

    wow, that's awesome
  10. Marcel Behler

    My Last Metro Ice Trip?

    Fishing is the one and only holiday activity which can fulfill my holiday nicely. Going for fishing with family is more enjoyable.
  11. People say there is a lot of weather involved. It can be right before a storm because the muskies will go into survival mode and try to stock up, sounds funny I know but they seem to. If the storm has been long and there hungry it will affect there appetite making the fishing better.