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So who's already getting ready?


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I ordered my new otter portable today grin.gif and I'm getting the itch for ice! Who's with me or am I the only one prepping this early? smirk.gif

What am I missing from this check list?

Respool line

Organize then reorganize ice fishing tackle

Get batteries for head lamp

Get auger running

Order ice cleats

Buy more tackle then re-reorganize

Check for lost mittens

Get Vex ready

Fog boat motor (changed lower unit lube on Sunday)then cover and store on blocks

Wait for walkable ice

What did I miss? confused.gif

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I set up the four-man and solo portable this past weekend, no rodent damage. The solo is still set up in the family room and gets sat in nightly. cool.gif The reels have been tranfered from long rods to short ones. Other than that, I'm just waiting, and waiting. Come on ol' nasty cold front from way way up north, it's time.

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I ordered the new small cottage. (like a large 1 man) It's a HUGE step from the Fish Trap Scout!! I'm 6' tall and fished in a Fish Trap Scout for 2 years. Talk about cramped - CRIPES. But now I have an extra for my one buddy who doesn't have a portable to use. laugh.gif

Most of my buddies have their own portables and some have 2 or 3 man. So I figured I'd go cheaper, mobile and light. (Key word there is cheaper)

For the seat I'm going to try to use my Gander fold up chair, if that doesn't work I'm going to get #2540 the cushy one. I figure if I'm going to sit on my dupa I might as well be comfy for that magic hour. grin.gif

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Getting ready? You kidding, I have been ready for a month already. LOL I have the medium cabin with 2 of the 2540 seats and 2 of the otter rod holders. It is a really comfy set-up. It is spacious and light enough for one person, yet it is big enough for two when the wife goes. But I ussually only use the otter at early and late ice. After we have decent ice I am in the drop down shack I built last year.

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i pulled the tip ups out this past weekend..made sure everything was running right..ordered the lx-3 this past week and also a new jiggin rod..the frabill amplifier..we had ice on very small ponds and it was scattered..just another month and well here the water thunder..joe

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Who's getting ready? You bet I'm getting ready, actually been doing it for awhile.

Lets see here,

-Ordered & received my Revolution bag

-Picked up a Marcum LX-3

-Picked up some lake maps, tackle, new Tica reel

-Started construction on my sleeper house. It has progressed along way!

-Worked on modifying my Otter Den fish house. For those who missed the thread a few months ago.

Here is a link- Hanson's Otter Sled Modifications

But there still is a bunch more stuff to do also:

-Tune up the auger

-Fill the propane tanks

-Buy a couple more rods, maybe another reel

-Preventative maintenance on the snowmobile

-Stud the snowmobile

-Finish up my sleeper house. Just have to finish the paneling inside, hook up the heater, build the bunks & shelves and that should be about it.

-Buy more tackle

-And I'm thinking about getting a Otter Lodge house. I've already got the Magnum sled, I'm thinking I might as well put a house on the sled for this winter too. Then I have to do some more customizing with rod holders, hyfax, seats, storage, etc.

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We should have about 5 inches of ice on the lakes as far behind as I am.

-I have fianlly finished the yard work (I hope)

-I have the portable's canvas down getting repaired (mice mad.gif)

-I have the outside of the new hard side house almost done

-I have the auger mount on the front of new wheeler for this year cool.gif

-I have built the hitch to tow portable

Still need to do.

-Build rack for FT guide on the back of wheeler

-Put kemlite (sp) on roof of hard side house and build door (then comes the fun and warm part finishing inside smile.gif)

-Reassemble portable when canvas gets done

-Start and tune up auger

-Get new thermocouple for Paulin heater/cooker (hope that fixes it)

-Sort and refill 1lb propane tanks

-Respool reels and put onto short rods

-Order and install hyfax on Guide

-Look at, organize, and purchas more lures ect.

-Buy and install heater in hard side house

-Check and charge vex batteries

All this and then my wife tells my that Turkey day is only about two weeks away. shocked.gif

Im sure I forgot something. I got work to do I don't know what I'm doin on this computer. crazy.gif

Good luck all and see ya on da ice


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I have everything ready to roll.

New line on all my spools, jigs and lures all tied up, propane tank filled and all my gear is neatly stacked in the sled of my portable just sitting their like a finely tuned racecar until ice forms.

All I have to do is zoom by the bait shop and pick up some bait for all them early ice fish just waiting for something good to eat.

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I unleashed the auger this past weekend and revved it up, I actually had one person honk as they drove by. My neighbors gave me weird looks, but it wasn't as bad as when I hopped in and flipped over the portable grin.gif

The cold is coming!! smile.gif

Good Fishin,

Matt Johnson

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I haven't even started yet. I have all my ice fishing gear in storage and I'm trying to hold off as long as possible before getting it out. If I'm already prepared, that last week or two before ice forms seems like two years! Biding my time with household projects for now, but I'll probably be sitting in the portable this weekend too!

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hanson, thats pretty cool. i have done the same to mine the first year cause of stuff sliding around . i have a cabin and made room for auger also,but i may change it up this year i think it could be more ergo. i used alum/thin veneer to address the wieght issue.

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We have been getting ready for months. My brother, father and I bought a converted 14 foot cargo trailer with drop axles, bunks and outside vented LP furnace at the end of last years ice fishing season. We bought a frabill xl portable just for fun to check out different lakes around the area. We live around rochester minnesota so we checked out byllesby in cannon falls with little luck, Roberds lake in fairbault with some success and french lake in fairbault with little success. The worst part is there is a little resivior just south or Rochester that we had great success with catching some real good sized sunnys so we spent most of our little time left there. We were thinking about putting our permanent ice house on the river by Maidon Rock this year. Any suggestions on other places would be great. We are working on another permanant ice house as I type this. Troy Pike......Yes thats my real name....lol

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I looked at my ice stuff the other day, none of its been moved yet. shocked.gif I did pick up the Islander Walleye and Crappie kit http://tacklecity.com and ordered some Go Devils. Now I'll have to round up the rest of my tackle.

Got a good buy on a chisel at a swap meet this summer, I think I know where it is. wink.gif My tipUp got ran over by a snow machine last winter (OK so it was me) so I'm trying out one of the Fish Brothers TipUps this year.

The MarCum is ready(thats only because its always ready) laugh.gif Ice cleats are somewhere around here. Rods and reels will need to be setup yet, maybe even treat myself to a new one. wink.gif I think I'm getting the Otter Resort with a bench seat and modify the back rest so it will lay down so I can lay down too smile.gif if I want. I know my wife will ask "is that a NEW ice house" I'll say "what this old thing" grin.gif

Auger just needs gas, Mr Heater is ready and propane tanks are full. Can't forget the camera!

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Northlander, you will like the Mag. lodge. It is great for 2 big guys. My dad (6'4") and I at 6'7" fit in here great. I dont think you would need the hyfax's, but that just me. CAn't wait to get out on the WI point again..... Not to mention any ice for that matter.

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i have been gearing up for about 2 weeks now i have baught a lot of lures on hsolist i would recomend to any one that is in need of some new lures check out hsolist i have been getting great deals left and right. cool.gif

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