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  1. Anyone should be able to calibrate, they have to do it when tires are rotated so computer knows where the sensors are. if a kit is available I'd have a shop remove tire and try installing that first, I'd guess something like that should be under 50-60$. If you replace with regular stems my guess would b the light be on all he time?
  2. Do you have footings? You haven't said. My garage isn't heated but when it was torn down and rebuilt bigger the cement contractor said the old slab would be fine under there, solid footing, etc. Well guess where the new slab formed it's first crack, right along the edge of old slab, it's not big but I notice it. We also just had a sidewalk replaced from settling and not poured correctly the first time last year and contractor poured over that and that turned out perfect. Just my expirences.
  3. Well unfortunately you can't get away from them, I think they became mandatory since the Ford/Firestone fiascal. Like you said you could just watch it and live with light on or next time you need tires have it replaced. The dumb things do fail sometimes. This past winter heading up north 4 hours into trip mine came on out of nowhere. I pulled over because I thought I had a tire going to blow. Everything looked good, pressures good, it was cold out. Continued on my way, it stayed on the next 2 days and then the dumb thing just went off. I'm anticipating it'll rear it's head again in the future and I'll have to pay the price
  4. I'd lean towards the Aqua VU just because I'd tried a Marcum before and wasn't all that impressed.
  5. Both blue and orange about same, about an inch smaller then cutting head. The Nils do leave a little more slush in hole then others. Some days it bugs me, some it doesn't. It still seems to take less torque to turn then other augers. Good deal
  6. I figured they turned brown and died hence lack of oxygen. Guess it wouldn't hurt to try it. We have caught a few on accident and they have been of very nice quality, just never tried to pattern them. One evening during open water in the fall we got into a few but haven't been able to replicate that day. Most lakes I fish the crappies are night biters too.
  7. Gills. There are crappies in there but seem even more difficult to target. We've thrown a tip up out there in the shallows now and then but no success. I haven't actually tried shallow (< 8') because I'd expect all the dead cabbage weeds to drive the fish out. Maybe they're just sitting on that 10-12' line, not as thick weeds there.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. On Friday night after being defeated again and went in, I spent a long time looking at GPS and thinking where have I've not fished over the years. So that was the plan on Sat. to fish the unusual places. I fished 29-30' and I did try fishing the small dimples in this area too. After reading some of your replies I realize I haven't fished the area where the reeds are but it's only about 21' deep there and I've never even seen a person over there. Maybe I need to get out to the 40' water, again that seems like it's a ways away from the summer haunts though. Keep the ideas coming. I'm open to more thoughts. Thanks LRG love the pics of your shack, the fish and the can.
  9. Need some suggestions on figuring out this lake. We've been going up here for 10 years ice fishing and have not ever caught a panny out of this lake. Now from mid June - Labor day you can find panfish all day long in 6-10' fow, come 3rd week Sept there gone. Where do they go? It's like they packed up and went south for the winter. The lake is about 1000 acres, oblong shape, lots of varying structure, humps, sandbars, rocks, shoreline is 5-10' then drops out to about 20' average, some 20-30' areas and then out to some 30-35' flats, deepest is 45-50'. A lot of locals don't even fish it in winter. I've tried the 20 and 30' areas right off of where they are in summer and notta thing. How far do these fish travel in winter? Do they go to other end of lake? Doesn't seem likely they'd expend that much energy. What do you folks think or where would you look? We have a some kids going up in a few weeks and would like to see them catch some fish. Thanks
  10. perchking Nice build!!! Huntercj What kind of sled do you pull that house with? Does it have a low gear?
  11. My Blue HT's have a cork handle but their old. If panfishing they are my favorite rod, they've caught a lot of fish over the years. Cheap and get the job done.
  12. Just got done looking through your builds for this year. As usual you never disappoint!! Awesome builds!! I'd like to say thanks also for taking the time to share this with us. Your bed problem: I'm thinking the opposite as vtx1029 and I think you need to shorten the slides so there's less surface area and less friction area. Or you could put some plastic slides between tubes to help eliminate friction. Great Build!!!
  13. We did a American Standard 60K Btu/ 2 stage?/97% effic.. , 3yrs ago. House is a story and 1/2 about 1940's , 1500 sqft, full basement underground. Been happy with performance of unit and monthly bills. Had gone from a Trane 80K/ 80% effic.. Ditto on find a quality installer. Funny, when Wife and I were talking new house build , we both agreed it'd be nice to build a size home that could still use this furnance.
  14. Yes I have for several years because I have too many combos. My ultralights all get 2lb but some are just labeled FL for Floroucarbon. The others I'll put the number 4,6 etc inside spool and on foot that mounts to rod. I used to put it on spool but found sometimes it wore off hence why I started putting it on inside of spool. I use a ultra thin sharpie.
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