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  1. I know of someone who took 2nd place in a chili contest at a county fair by entering a vat of Wendy's chili. I usually add a couple of hot chili sauce packets to mine. By far the best fast food chili.
  2. Labor Day, with the mother in law battling Alzheimer's, we are the one's cooking when are up there or hit Riley's since it's only a couple miles away. Been to the Timber Wolf a couple times but never Hayslips. They did bring me back a chocolate ice cream cone from next door to Hayslips last time up. Probably head up turkey day weekend.......looks like another year I will not be able to icefish yet. Booooo Always interesting to see if folks are out on Big Rice or White Oak yet come first ice as we drive by.
  3. Yeesh...... @Wanderer, you are an adventurous man, isn't that like a gas station sushi roll of the dice once you get out of the Metropolitan land? LOL I hear ya though, I like my tuna still quivering as well. And that is the burger I had the last time there.
  4. I had a tasty burger there the last time. I like a good burger, it's a way for me to test different places. It's tough to screw up a burger, but it happens. And as long as we are plugging places.......I've always been a fan of the taco basket at Chico's south of Onamia. Yum. It's a nice halfway point for us.
  5. Wanderer goes off the same restaurant rating system that I have. "Look how full that lot is, put it down on the list for future potential." Been a Hwy 6 guy for over 40 years, best bud had a place on E. Fox Lake, Fifty Lakes. Hunted The Old Grade and areas that are now a golf course. Emily to Cross Lake was our playground. About 25 of us used to base camp at Ball Club Lake for duck hunting, and fan out from there. (Ball Club, Mud n Goose, White Oak, Squaw Lake, Little Ball Club, Cut Foot Sioux, The Old Man River, Egg Lake, and numerous unnamed potholes. Not proud of this...... .......... but I've been to a lot of bars in this area. Some no longer around. Then I went and hooked up with a girl whose folks had a lake place up by smurfy just north of Bowstring. I have a shiat ton of great memories from Hwy 6 and places nearby. Holy shiat Big D, that trail that runs by the Loon is VERY popular in that area. I crack a smile at the amount of dust those folks are sucking in when I'm driving past.
  6. That's the one. It's been at least 4 years though. Lately we have been stopping by The Pickled Loon further up hwy 6.
  7. We stopped at The Woodtick once and my buddy was buying locals whatever they wanted out of the jars, just to see someone actually eat them. "Get this man a pig's foot!"
  8. That's the thing, those are 95% of the pickled eggs I've seen I'm guessing. I kept myself out of upnorth bar jar content eating contests. A decent pickled egg intrigues me. Problem is, I like eggs.......... but a lot of the time they do not like me. One of these days.
  9. I'm still not done cutting mine. Pleasantly surprised with this years 60v Toro purchase. I was also surprised how well unwatered lawns and park grass bounced back this late summer/fall. Hurry up and dump trees, I need to get the lawn height down to its winter blow all the leaves somewhere else length.
  10. You sure you weren't at the bar?
  11. Bunch of newbs. My 20 year anniversary is coming up in 12 days. Yikes.......where has the time gone and how much of It was wasted here. LOL
  12. That's the plan for next year's batch. Whatcha think?
  13. I've got a tiny garden, but will try and produce more bounty next year. Would like to get enough peppers to fill a dozen bottles. It was a nice ratio with hot and sweet peppers. Hot peppers this year included serrano, thai, salsa, cayenne, habanero. And what I call MN jalapenos, they seem to be very mild for us northern folk. But along with the sweet peppers, they made up most of the bulk of this batch. Now I need to come up with a name and label for next year.
  14. Needs woods porn taped to the walls and ceiling. *bustin' a gut here* "Yea, I'll be in the white trailer down by the river." Nice work leech~~! Seriously, looks great!
  15. Pretty much just peppers and vinegar. With some lime juice, salt, half dozen garlic cloves and I threw a shot of tequila in it and let it simmer for and hour and a half. This was after smoking the cut up and deseeded peppers. Food process before and after the simmer. Strain it, and I have a dozen 5 oz hot sauce bottles showing up in the next day or so. Will be able to fill 6 of them with this year's batch. Tested it on some wings today, exact same color and texture as the Frank's Red Hot Buffalo sauce I also had. I'll throw it on tacos, burritos, add it to chili.
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