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  1. If I was going to fish for pike I would go up by pelican.
  2. I assume you are talking about the firemans tourney. I was there last year. My advice is that you get there early, really early and get a whole on the outside edge at the boundry. Last year it seamed most of the fish were caught on the edges very few were caught in the middle. If I was before and after I would fish over by the towers.
  3. I would try Prarie View Lodge in Pekin which is abou 15 min south of Lakota.
  4. A guy I work with use his brothers Menards Cam to check out his chimney, he said it worked good.
  5. UBB9-ML-744717-ML- Moved to Equipment-Expert information forum
  6. I put my license holder on the back of my fish trap with the provided mounting hardware, I have had no problems. The reason I didn't put is on the door was (what if I have the door rolled up) then my licence would be hidden.
  7. I think the Jamestown Reservoir, or Ashtabula would be good. But it would have to be in February sometime. January 21st is the Winni I.C.E., and the 28th is the DL firemans tourney.
  8. I agree, I think you would have to stumble across them. It was late in the ice fishing season last year when I heard about the crappie bite. I did not here if they had any size to them or what.
  9. I heard that people were catching crappies last year also. I thought it was a rumor. But I talked to someone else last week and he told me where and he said that is was a short spurt and the crappie bite was over.
  10. Jeff Dosch, any reports on what areas are producing? Ed's bait shop isn't up dated yet? Thanks
  11. I purchased a real nice light plastic shovel at wal-mart for $8. It extends out for extra length. It has a decent sized shovel on it. I fits perfect in my trap.
  12. Anyone know where I can buy a Big Dipper Before 1st ice?
  13. Wow, thanks for sharing hanson. That was great!
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