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  1. black label guy..excellent question to ask i think that would a great feature as well.im sure its only within due time.
  2. http://www.ctfisherman.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/ubb/get_topic/f/28/t/001732.html FIRST ONE IS OF ANOTHER GENTLEMAN FROM THE STATE THAT I THOUGHT I WOULD SHARE AS WELL..
  3. Going on my second year with you guys as well..Just tons and tons of info that i cant find anywhere else but here on Fishing Minnesota.Im from Connecticut. -joe-
  4. Okay guys just spoke with a rep. from marcum on the lx5tc and lx3(olsd series) for all of you guys looking to upgrade the lx3 to a lx3 tc this IS GOING TO BE POSSIBLE.within the next few weeks they are making a program to do this.what we will have to do is send our unit in to marcum and for 50 bucks they will install the program into our lx3.i thought this was very resonable.this price includes shipping and they will post on there HSOforum when they are taking our lx3's in for repairs..(sounds like an auto mechanic)lol..also the new lx5tc are going to be available with in the next week so keep looking on there HSOforum for this new information.the rep. said that the new true color is absolutly unbelievable compared to the old colors.just thought id pass along some info..-joe-
  5. Well as much as i'am exited to go out i like to see reports as well.and i know it was cold up there last night and for the following few days.i know it takes more than a few days for ice to form.But can one tell me how the cold feels?Cuz i miss it.. -joe-
  6. Okay guys..one thing i really get a good hold of on my marcum is one thing..when fishing above weeds..what is a good way to detect fish in those weeds?what do you guys look for and how do you go about fishing those areas?thanks guys..just looking to increase my odds this year on pannies -joe-
  7. besides lacking movement and the natural smell of a crawler i see no reason why they wouldnt work..there just something about real live bait that has caught my eyes.i was open water fishing yesterday for some yellows on a lake over here..and i was using a horizontal jig.similar to something you would use ice fishing..i added the end of a purple rubber room..the squigly part..and boy did it work wonders..
  8. bob- last year over here in connecticut.i tried a new rig..it was using a buckshot rattle spoon and adding a dropper rig to it..about 5 inches of 10 l0lb flourocarbon.and on that dropper hook i put a crawler..nothing can resist a crawler..i found that out the easy way.. theres just one thing with the crawler..they have a tendancy to wrap up in balls due to the cold water(well i mean i would to)so i tried to thread mine on like i bass rigging a plactic worm..the way i jigged..on the lx3 i would stop it about 10 foot from bottom jigging hard a few times to get some attention and get that rattle moving..then i would back reel the worm down in a nice easy matter almost like the worm was decending by itself..-joe
  9. seems like there is one thing in common..we all plan on catching some fish
  10. okay guys..the big guestion..whats the first lure your dropping down the hole.for me..its gonna be a northland forage spoon with the rattle on the back.just trying to get some options.i guess it really depends on targeted species and for me that will largemouth bass.
  11. dietz.i know exactly what you are talking about.The importance of a good rod.whether its from midwest where you had yours built or thorne bros or bjs tackle (thats where i had mine made)a good rod will ice you more fish..besides your flasher the rod is the next most important thing like you said in your article.i had all 36 inch e-glass rods made with 6 guides and cork handles this summer.everyday they seem to fall in my hand and i get the feel of what they are like compared to my others..there is no other comparison.now as far as reels go.i went with a quantum xl1s5 xtralite.very nice reel for 40.00..-joe-
  12. for myself weight in a one portable was a big issue.i choosed the frabill ultralite.weights around 20 lbs and fits perfect into my truck..they are however a little flimsy but for me defintly serves the purpose of keeping the wind off of me.
  13. i see bob..i think ill have one in no time..im possibly gonna get a used one from walleye striker so hopefully thing pan out good.im just sick and tired going on the ice in my big and bulky camoflauge suit that seems to get hooked every two minutes.so a change will be great for myself..oh yea..and bob..hows carmi comming along?im due for some winter walleye action..mind if i come up.?maybe i could make the trip with blaine..just an idea
  14. icepike

    my marcum lx3

    okay guys..i recharged the battery completly back up.100 percent.and the unit is working....maybe i ad that before i charged it up i turned the unit on it was working well..meaning giving flashes and showing bottom.
  15. thanks grebe...alot of good info that ill have to take all into good consideration.maybe ill just have to come sooner than expected..-joe
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