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  1. Yep, it's about the only time I can fish. Like said earlier the sun sets at 4:30-5:00, so by the time I get home and get to the lake (less than a mile) it is already dark. I can't speak as to the fishing is better/worse after the sun sets....I don't keep notes.....but I figure anytime I'm on the ice, it's good.
  2. I would say "hope for no snow" but in light of the recent weather, we might be dependant on the plowed roads.
  3. I wish I could help you but I just bought a new wheel house w/forced air furnace so I don't have any experiance. The guy I bought mine from said that the best choice would be one of the gell cells like an Optima. He wasn't able to tell me how long I can expect a normal deep cell battery to last with a forced air furnace so I will be conducting some experiments in my driveway before I hit the ice. Anyone offer some input??
  4. Trade your hard cover in for a soft access or truxedo roll up cover. Arbuck
  5. E-mail sent. No pics yet, but sent contact info, give me a call when ya want to stop by. I will send pics when I get them. Thanks Andy
  6. 2004 Arctic Cat 400 4X4 Manual Trans. Warn Winch Moose straight blade plow for the front One set of new tire chains for the rear tires. Auger rack. I bought this unit new and have put about 300 miles on it. It is in great condition, no body damage and no tears in the seat. It is a great runner and starts on even the coldest days. There is a small picture in my avitar and I should have better pictures tomorrow. Located SW of Owatonna E-mail: [email protected] $3,800.00 OBO
  7. Mine has been great for the most part. Built my first hard-sided house and got it on the lake. Got my son out ice fishing for the first times this year. Had pretty good luck with where I put the house. Tried all kinds of new jigs/techniques thanks to sugestions from folks on this site. Finally gonna make it up to Red. On the down side. Missed the Medicine event cuz of the weather. Gonna miss the Tonka event cuz of a trip to Red. All in all a great year!!!!!!
  8. Can you put it on a snowmobile trailer and pull it out to Mille Lacs? Most newer snomobile trailers are 102" wide so your 96" fish house will fit on it. This is how I move my 8x8. arbuck
  9. The Winnie is manufactured by the Clam Corp. The way I understand it, it is a store brand made for Fleet Farm so I believe most any repair parts you may need in the future would be available from Clam. I looked at one and was pretty impressed but for the same price you can get a FT Yukon and I think the Yukon has better seats and some trays that come with it. If you can find a deal on one I would say go for it. The FF in Owatonna had them on sale about a week ago but I was just there Monday and they were back up to $429.00 again. arbuck
  10. Here is the link for the trailers Val has for sale. http://www.fishingminnesota.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=484213&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1#Post485231
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