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  1. Your blade would have been bucket tested. Making Ice chips with a Nils the Summer has its benefits.
  2. I've been using the Digger Rack on my ATVs and sleds for some time now. IMO they are the quickest and easiest way to go. When I pull up to a spot the 1st thing I want to get at is the auger. 2nd is the depth finder. I may start fishing or there or I might move but for sure I don't want to unload and dig for those in my tub. Really though where the Digger proves its worth is with my sharpening business. The Nils is unique to other auger blades in that the head is adjustable. That means every blade is taken out to be tested and adjusted on the ice. I may have 20 heads to test and
  3. Thank you all for the business over the past years and yes I'm still sharpening. Here are the prices and details for sharpening. 10" Nils $30 8" Nils $25 6 and 4.5" blades $20 Add to that the cost for return shipping back to you. I prefer to use Priority Mail through the US Post Office. So whatever it costs you to send me the blade, include that much for return shipping. Include the payment of cash, check, or money order in the box with the blade along with a phone number. Be sure the return address is legible. Also please package the blade so its not going to cut through
  4. Sorry Greg, I don't sharpen Ice Saws. You could try a chain saw shop if you have one in your area.
  5. Is the 3rd person sitting in the bow, if so move them back and how about the extra gear, can you move that back. Are your trimming out when trying to get on plane? What are your RPMS at WOT with 2 people? That leads into prop selection.
  6. +1 Get the water running away from the house.
  7. Leech, not going to work that way. When you put the plywood at an angle you've increased its width. Should be able to bow a 8' x 3/4" piece of plywood plenty to slip into the channels.
  8. Take Dave up on his offer, it be good for you. Be smart and get it done in time to use as a Valentine, Birthday, or Anniversary gift. So which would you rather do, walk around the Mall all weekend looking for a present or make the cutting board? Use the table saw to take the 3/4" stock down to 5/8. Do one pass and flip the board over, you should be able to take down a 6" wide board. Use tongue and groove for your front and back edges adding a finger pull to both edges. After glue up use a belt sander. Or go with HPDE. What happened to the old cutting board?
  9. I'll guess fuel pump. Pull the gas line after the fuel pump and crank the engine over. You should have a good flow.
  10. Just needs an auger rack.
  11. Muck boots are the most comfortable boot I've worn. If I have to hike in any distance they for sure would be my 1st choice. If sized right they'll not flop or chaff and being lightweight makes them great for long treks. Huge downside is they they'll crack on you for sure if you kneel on the ice. The lower material needs to be changed to something more flexible/less crack resistant in cold weather. I think the cold rating is a bit optimistic but cold feet was never a problem for me. Even with the cracks I'm still slipping on the Mucks unless I know I'll be standing in slush. B
  12. Adjusting ski pressure is something else to try. Thought I heard snowmobile barking off in the distance while at work, but it was only a chain saw.
  13. Appledoorms on Mille Lacs
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