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  1. Surface Tension

    1994 1750 Tyee Renovation

    Looks very nice, the boat was worth putting the effort into. What lake did you forget the marker buoy at.
  2. Surface Tension

    Any Dual Sport riders out there?

    Sold my bike because I was riding alone. I've got 3 scooters so got a posse of outlaws to ride with. Thinking about a smaller DS to increase my range, a little.
  3. Surface Tension

    1995 Mercury 75 hp - motor lowers when in reverse

    Like Blackhawk said, if the hydraulics were bad the motor would trim in when going forward. In reverse the forces are to lift the outboard which is opposite of what your describing. Go outside and(without the outboard running) shift into forward and reverse. You of coarse shouldn't here the hear the trim motor running.
  4. Surface Tension

    Rv Transmission problems

    Check out this link. http://www.700r4transmissionhq.com/700r4-transmission-troubleshooting/ Pay attention to the TV cable install and adjust. Too low of shift points are often the cause that leads to the failure such as yours. Then drop the pan but your probably looking at pulling the transmission. Give Dave's Transmission a call in Duluth.
  5. Surface Tension


    So you have a good idea where they're coming in at. Figure out what you need to cover that area up with and be ready to apply whatever solution it takes to do that. Once it warms up, sit out there and watch them exit. Get up there and plug the holes before they come back. As far as removing the insulation, if you have a few bats I wouldn't worry about it. If you have a colony of bats, well your nose will tell you that but you won't see them hanging from the rafters.
  6. Surface Tension

    We could be riding the nsst

    I've got a couple Robins in the yard that could have waited a few weeks to get the party started.
  7. Surface Tension

    We could be riding the nsst

    Yep, I'll be adding a shield.
  8. Surface Tension

    We could be riding the nsst

    Thought I'd share the fix on the coolant tank for the Rev. 15/16 socket is the correct size for the inside dia of the coolant tank neck. Warm the tank neck with heat gun and the heat the socket hot enough to not melt the plastic tank neck, insert the socket into the tank neck. Use a band clamp close the the size of the opening of the filler neck and tighten and let cool. This reformed the coolant tank neck and the coolant cap fit perfectly.
  9. Surface Tension

    We could be riding the nsst

    Fuel injected so no. If it were carbed they'd come off and be cleaned too. The throttle bodies were cleaned though. The exhaust valves were cleaned earlier. Got to like Amazon for prices and vendors that ship right away. Reeds are in then noticed when filling with antifreeze my coolant cap didn't fit. The neck warped from heat off the muffler. I'll have to true that up and probably put in a heat deflector. Then stabil in the tank and into the enclosed trailer for season.
  10. Surface Tension

    We could be riding the nsst

    Done with trail riding but plenty of snow on the lakes up here so I'm leaving one sled ready for late ice crappies. Pulled the reeds on the Renegade to inspect and clean, then ended up ordering up a set of Boyesen rage cages.
  11. Surface Tension

    Recovery Gear

    Hole with a post, or 3' of heavy pipe with a retrieve rope on the end and tow strap fastened to the center. Send the pipe down the hole and then pull it up by the tow strap so its bridged across the bottom of the hole. To remove it slack off and the tow strap and pull it out with the retrieve rope tied to the end of the pipe. The come along, and good shovel will get your out of a lot of messes. If your using a post then drill the hole at an angle away from your pulling direction. I like the pipe as it can't pop of the hole like the post can. If your alone put the truck in gear while your working the come along. You usually only need to pull a few feet to free up the truck.
  12. Surface Tension

    Slush and water on ice.

    Slush North of Duluth. Nothing too bad and warmer temps hasn't knocked the snow down much. Lake travel is pretty much snowmobile.
  13. Surface Tension

    85 K15 chev silverado misses

    The miss, ohm the plug wires and then the pickup coil. The overheat, 1st pull the T-stat and replace or test it. When you in there look for any build up of crud on the T-stat and goose neck that might indicate a flush of the cooling system is in order. Be sure the belt for the water pump isn't slipping. Bugs stuck in the radiator fins or too many bent fins. Water pump vanes worn down. Needs a flush. Timing is advanced to far. Check the advance on the distributor to be sure it free and working. Check the timing. Dirty carb causing a lean condition.
  14. Surface Tension

    New Snow, Groomed Trails

    We got snow. 8" Thursday and 8" last night. With 4 driveways to clear I'm getting my riding time on the wheeler.
  15. Surface Tension

    Feeding birds nuts

    A Tucan? If you break them up I don't see a seed eater passing them by. Maybe bait for Late Season Squirrel.