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  1. Is the 3rd person sitting in the bow, if so move them back and how about the extra gear, can you move that back. Are your trimming out when trying to get on plane? What are your RPMS at WOT with 2 people? That leads into prop selection.
  2. +1 Get the water running away from the house.
  3. Leech, not going to work that way. When you put the plywood at an angle you've increased its width. Should be able to bow a 8' x 3/4" piece of plywood plenty to slip into the channels.
  4. Take Dave up on his offer, it be good for you. Be smart and get it done in time to use as a Valentine, Birthday, or Anniversary gift. So which would you rather do, walk around the Mall all weekend looking for a present or make the cutting board? Use the table saw to take the 3/4" stock down to 5/8. Do one pass and flip the board over, you should be able to take down a 6" wide board. Use tongue and groove for your front and back edges adding a finger pull to both edges. After glue up use a belt sander. Or go with HPDE. What happened to the old cutting board?
  5. I'll guess fuel pump. Pull the gas line after the fuel pump and crank the engine over. You should have a good flow.
  6. Just needs an auger rack.
  7. Muck boots are the most comfortable boot I've worn. If I have to hike in any distance they for sure would be my 1st choice. If sized right they'll not flop or chaff and being lightweight makes them great for long treks. Huge downside is they they'll crack on you for sure if you kneel on the ice. The lower material needs to be changed to something more flexible/less crack resistant in cold weather. I think the cold rating is a bit optimistic but cold feet was never a problem for me. Even with the cracks I'm still slipping on the Mucks unless I know I'll be standing in slush. Because of that I'm also in the hunt for a new boot.
  8. Adjusting ski pressure is something else to try. Thought I heard snowmobile barking off in the distance while at work, but it was only a chain saw.
  9. Appledoorms on Mille Lacs
  10. Leech, I should have spent a few minutes proof reading and editing that back in 2013. You got the idea though.
  11. Mixed gas your 1st tank with 3 hours of varied throttle 3/4 or less. Just Do It. I think I winterized like 15 engines and 4 boats for winter. Sleds were put away ready.
  12. Choosing between my 8" Nils w/ Tanaka 270 or 8"Nils and Milwaukee M18 Fuel for thick ice. Both are light, dependable, and great speed of cut so its a toss up there. If you asked me which one will break down first I'll pick the drill. I say that because I know how many holes the 270 has drilled. Most of the cost of going electric is in the battery(s). Replacing a bare tool has gotten relatively cheap. Besides drills and proprietary electric auger combos, electric powerheads are coming out where just like the drill you mount your auger to. Trophy Strike is one of them. If your drilling through thick ice(32" or more) and even through your auger can drill through, you should be cleaning the hole out of chips every foot of so. Especially when you run into wet holes. That will lessen the load but most importantly eliminate any chance of the auger getting bound up. If your using an electric auger then you've answered the question for yourself whether or not it'll replace a gas auger. Each of us have our own needs and beliefs. I remember when there weren't any gas augers. Then one day you'd hear a model 30 rap off piercing the silence while throwing a blue cloud of smoke only to stall half way through a hole then continue on its raucous till it punched through . It was faster then hand drilling and everyone looked and watched with envy. They are still used to this day. Now we grumble "how gauche" or something like that at the Bark of the 30, coughing like its ready to die a certain death. But no someone started it up again.
  13. They're good but when they're bad, they're bad. The team lost their mojo over Griffen and that is the only explanation for our butt kicking from the Bills. Like the guy and wish him well. Having Joseph and Rhodes out won't make us stronger. We've had two guys step up to take Cook's spot, I'm good with that. I hope we've learned something from the Rams game and avoid a mismatch with Barr and pass coverage. That leads into the secondary leaving receivers uncovered. That Kicker whose name is stricken in MN after letting GB off the hook multiple times. Letting him go made us stronger or at least feel better.
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