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  1. Bearfish

    Marcum LX-5

    I got the same response when asking about the TC upgrade (LX-3) last month, I found that to be an odd answer that "parts" were not available until after the current ice season. I think the upgrades are not a priority at this time.
  2. I bought a chubby darter last year, but didn't use it much as I didn't have any confidence in it. I am sold on it this year as I have picked up a few walleyes. I rip it up about 4 - 5 ft and let it settle back down and they hit it hard. WOW!
  3. Bearfish

    New tip-up!

    They are currently not legal in Minnesota. When I questioned the guy about this at the ice show, he showed me a DNR letter explaining that fact. My first thoughts were that they seemed to be too "automaitc". But later, after thinking about the product and comparing it to a standard tipup, the automatic fisherman is better imo. With a tipup, the bait may be inhaled and you're stuck with a 26" walleye/northern cause it is gut hooked. I would think with the AI fisherman, the hook would be set sooner possibly eliminating this, but not always. The biggest downfall is a frozen hole if used outside the shack. My buddy also had the same freezing issue with the automatic jigger tipup. Pretty disappointed in the product. Nice effort, but it looks like marketing won over engineering again.
  4. umdr6, From my experience the Z51 has plenty of power. I have never used an auger under 2 hp. As I only drill new holes, I went with a turbo blade because it punches faster than the chipper blade model I previously owned. The quantum blades tend to last longer though. Either blade will get the job done.
  5. umdr6, I fish out of a portable, so redrilling was not going to be a factor. I know I get a fast effortless cut each time I drill with the Z51/turbo. I would go with the quantum for a permanent. I can't speak for the Z43. I would shop around for a good price. Unlike new sonars, auger prices vary depending on retailer. I paid aprox $300-$310 last winter at GM, but it looks like they went up in price some.
  6. Last year, I purchased the Shark Z51 (2.1 hp), 8" turbo. Plenty of power. Great machine.
  7. I also used one last year. It circulates the heat and is quiet. It can be placed in various locations around my portable (Yukon), but it was primarily located above my buddy heater to move the heat as it was rising. Worth the $10. I also purchased the tent light for some indirect lighting, but it is no substitute for a good headlamp.
  8. Love my LX-3. Only complaint: I would prefer the zoom would start at the bottom of water column (like my 'old' FL18) and you could adjust going up the column rather than down the column. So when hole hopping, it would always lock on the bottom of the lake, then go up from there. Could do without the beep, beep, beep when moving up/down the column as well.
  9. I just mounted the runners to my Yukon on Sunday night. I thought it would be more effort than it was. You do need to drill out the holes but it went pretty fast/efficient. The runners are longer than the base so they can be curved up the front/back. I cut mine to just cover the bottom of the sled rather than try to bend them. Marked holes 3/4" on the ends of each runner, then aprox 9" in between. Bolted the first one down snug to hold the runner in place, then continued to drill the remaining holes. I was starting to see scratches on the bottom of the sled (dragging around the garage), so that is why I purchased the runners. I would imagine it will be easier to pull as now less area in contact with the ground as well as will track better when pulling.
  10. I use TyGer Leader under my tip-ups. Check out their HSOforum. I picked it up at Joe's but is also available at Sportsman's Warehouse.
  11. I picked up a magnetic tent light (w/remote $15) from Coleman. Also, purchased the Coleman magnetic fan ($12) to place above my Buddy heater for circulation. Both are light and have very strong magnets so you can move them around. Can fold them up into my portable for easy transportation. It lights up my portable just enough but I also have a headlamp for direct illumination when needed.
  12. I really like the upgrades to some of the new Fishtraps. Was putting together my new Yukon this past wknd. Looking forward to using it and very happy with the layout/design. One beef I have is that when I took the blue tent out of the box, it had a LARGE "Gander Mountain" screen printed on it. Little peaved that they are getting free advertising on my dollar. I don't believe it is a Special Edition (no extra features?). Tempted to call Clam and exchange it. It is still in the protective package.
  13. I say bring your dog if you're a responsible owner. I have not owned a dog for many years, but is there any type of leash law(s) that apply to being on the ice?
  14. ...and last wknd I still saw smaller Buddy heaters at Gander Mnt Forest Lake for $69. The units in the ice fishing dept were marked $79, but the units back in the SW corner of store were marked $69.
  15. The idea itself is interesting. I agree with Ed. Small (hiddden) security system you could lease to shack owners. Either visual/sound or silent alarm that would signal back to you at a nearby location to investigate. Problem: confronting a thief(s). How would you handle that? Call police at 3:00 am...from the middle of a frozen lake while you wait with an ice chisel pressed to the guy's temple?
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