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  1. We've stayed @ Lumberjack the last 3 years. Reasonable and walleye fishing close by on lakes.
  2. Talk to Rob @ Blown Concepts
  3. I put it on a cookie sheet and put it on teh grill. Smell is outside of you dont want it in the house.
  4. THanks All. THis is what Ill do.
  5. Going to wire in a 2nd graph/GPS on teh BOw of the boat and I am wondering where to wire it to? Do I go to the startign battery like everythign else and the indash one from Factory, or do I go to the trolling battery that is closer to the unit? it is a Lowrance unit if it makes a difference?Thanks
  6. We will be staying oat Lumberjack Lodge. I think it is more southerly. We are not apposed to trailering to More northerely water though...
  7. Anyone know where we could get some good lkae maps, not GPS. of this area???
  8. Anyone got any info on here. A couple of buddies of mine and myself bought a trip to here at the MDHA banquest and are looking for some info on this. We are going in mid-August. Any help woudl be GREATLY appreciated.
  9. I have an '06 w/ 178K on it and I have USED it. I still get 12-14 depending on where and when.
  10. go with a crew if you can. I have 2 boys 4 and 2 and with them in their seats it would be way too short in the ext. cab. Now granted I HAVE to hav ethe front seat all the way back, but starat with the crew. You will be happier. No real mpg difference either ext. vs. crew in the 1/2 tons
  11. TOm, Like it is sad already turn up your air EXC so ti runs longer/mreoften!
  12. I dont know him, but my borther who lives in TH says he has heard good thigns about him.
  13. I just put some Goodyear Authority from Wally on my 2500. THey are E rated, pretty much like the BFG, a little noisy, but not too bad. Seem to have agood gription also and for only $ 175/ tire, mounted adn balanced it was better deal than anything else I could find in the twin ports..
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