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  1. Building a new spear house 4x6 or 4x8....looking for some ideas, can anyone post some pictures of their house. Looking for floor plan ideas. Thank
  2. What do you consider a good eater walleye and at what size do u tend to throw back. I would say throw back anything over 20" I could see keeping over in certain circumstances.
  3. Are there any plowed roads on devils lake yet?
  4. Thinking about heading out to Devils Lake this weekend i am new to the lake and was looking for some advice. where is a good place to access the lake with good fishing close by. Also how have the ice conditions been? is there any parts of the lake ie. springs or areas i should know about when driving out if conditions permit. Any tips on where to find fish on this big lake or what i should look for such as depths or structure would be greatly appreciated.
  5. i am a student at UND yea it was a great game we are still undefeated 6-0. Duffer
  6. the 2006 reg. book states walley and northern pike will close on 2-19-06 but the MN DNR HSOforum states that it will close on 2-26-06. which is correct?????
  7. i have heard about this before people will take old x-mas trees put cinderblocks on the bottom of it and cut a hole in the ice and drop it down. i dont think this is leagal in minnesota i dont even know if a s.o.s is leagel here. i have never done it but have read about people doing it in books.
  8. any reports on ice thickness i want to get out this weekend havent herd much about any ice reports lately? -Duffer
  9. Duffer

    Gas Price Survey

    2.99 at sa and 2.69 for deasel i kick my self for not buying that deasel truck i was gona buy
  10. im new to the early goose seasone i have the cold weather camo i use in reagular duck and geese seasone but what are u guys whearing in the early seasone my coldweather gears seamse alittle to warm for september. what brands and where is the best location to get some lighter wheight camo what style stuff are u using. thanks Duffer
  11. Quote: Im thinking about getting a new boat (if I can get rid of the one I have now). beretta what kind of duck boat u have right now how much are u looking for and do u have any pics i was looking for one to get me threw college.
  12. Duffer

    Get to work!

    just cerious what kind of jobs do u guys have that u get time to surf this site. i want a job like that but then again maby not.
  13. clearwater.............................................................................................
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