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  1. fishingbuddy

    Training Group

    Hey...[YouNeedAuthorization]@gmail.com would be interested Thanks
  2. fishingbuddy

    close call

    leash was in my hand....was getting the other dog who is 6 months.....Yep learned a good lesson even with a trained dog...
  3. fishingbuddy

    close call

    So i took Merc down to see my sister..On the west bank of the Mississippi there is a green area with bike paths and walking paths. One of the walking paths is right next to the river with a 3-4 foot high wall. Merc jumps that before i can stop him. 15 foot drop to the river....now i cant get him out because i cannot get to the river....I run pant pant...3/4 mile clapping to keep him swimming my way....we finally find a spot to get off the river.....he used on one of his cat lives fish spike
  4. fishingbuddy

    Training Group

    I would possibly be interested..I have a Lab
  5. fishingbuddy

    Sometimes! I tell ya...

    Pinch or prong collar work great.
  6. fishingbuddy

    House training new puppy

    yep same here...every hour on the hour...sleeping almost till 5... i will take it..pick the water up at 7
  7. fishingbuddy

    skunked (no pun intended), concerned about eyes?

    I know it is a matter of time for mine. Good to hear the peroxide worked...
  8. fishingbuddy

    skunked (no pun intended), concerned about eyes?

    How are they tonight>
  9. fishingbuddy

    2 masters

    Hey does your dog listen to your hunting partner and you or only you. Some times we get separated and wondering if he should be able to call my dog off a skunk,coon, etc.... fishing buddy
  10. fishingbuddy

    Vet recommendation - SE Metro

    inver grove animal hospital....My black lab has had some issues and they were awesome.....
  11. fishingbuddy

    Sit on Whistle

    I can sit the dog at the pitchers mound and cast him to any base. I kind of did it backwards with the sit whistle. Obedience we are good. He will sit close by and we are slowwwllly working on distance.... Thanks
  12. fishingbuddy

    Sit on Whistle

    Thanks I will look for it. I use the dog for both Upland and ducks.
  13. fishingbuddy

    Sit on Whistle

    I have a question regarding sit on whistle. I get my dog to do it at different times.. Now do i walk up to him then or bring him back to heel? I have done some dummy stuff but wondering on what is the best method. Thanks
  14. fishingbuddy

    2ND DOG

    Thanks for the good posts. More to think about.. Fishnbuddy
  15. fishingbuddy

    2ND DOG

    I tried to do a search because I thought I saw topic before. Those of you with a second dog. Are ya happy ya did it? Any glaring problems.. other than times 2 vet bills [PoorWordUsage] pick up....thoughts? fishnbuddy