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Matt Breuer

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I always think about what my favorite game birds are, and schedule my Fall around them in order. Just before leaving on trips I decide which gun is my favorite at the time and take 'er. What are everyone's favorite birds to hunt, and favorite guns to use??

My favorite birds would be:

1. Ruffed Grouse

2. Hungarian Partridge

3. Woodock

4. Pheasants

5. Sharptails

Favorite guns would be the Sire O/U for grouse and Sharpies, and my Stoeger side by side for the rest!

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1. Pheasant

No particular order




Quail (dream hunt for me)

Throw in the occasional duck too.

391 Auto for pheasants, partridge, ducks

AyA SxS or Beretta O/U for grouse & woodcock

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1) By far-------Geese

2) Ducks

3) Pheasants

4) Ruffed Grouse

5) Last but not least, Dove

Ducks,geese,and pheasants--Browning Gold 3.5" when it is not jammed, Benelli Nova for my main back up.

Grouse--Universal Firearms O/U that was my grandpa's. There is something extra cool about hunting with an over/under or side by side.

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1. Ducks- Rem 11-87 12 GA (1996 HS graduation gift)

2. Pheasant- Beretta 687 ultralight deluxe

3. Grouse- Beretta 687 ultralight deluxe

4. Geese- 11-87 12 GA

I use my lab for everything and my german wirehair pointer for pheasent and grouse.


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Not too particular, but probably in this order, although I'll usually deer hunt of any kind over all of them:

1) ducks

2) grouse

3) geese

4) pheasants

5) anything else, whatever there's a bunch of someplace that I hunt a lot is fine

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1. Any bird my dog can smell

2. Any bird my dog can point

3. Any bird that will fit in my dogs mouth for retrieves

4. Basically any legal upland game bird that falls into categories 1-3

5. Then wild turkey

6. Then goose

7. And of course, being from St. Louis...I gotta go with Cardinals

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I have to agree with CHEEK. I concentrate the majority of my time on the ruffys! They by far are the best table fair and a guy can hunt them without needing 3 boxes of shells a bag of decoys and getting up at 05:00....plus I seem to like ruffys they aren't the smartest bird so late in the season if you see one you can chase them around a bit as they usually don't fly far!!!! Oh ya I use a 20 gauge wingmaster...light gun good for huntin road chickens!

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I love it all but having grown up in I-Falls the order would have to be this.

1. Grouse (any kind) Ruger Red Label 12ga.

2. Pheasant Browning A-5 Lightweight 12ga.

3. Woodcock Ruger Red Label 12ga.

4. Ducks Browning A-5 Mag 3" 12ga.

It seems really hard to choose between them. I grew up hunting with the ol man for ducks, jumping beaver ponds and decoying in the rice. Now I use his shotguns and mine and man the memories.......

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Jump shooting ducks and geese


Decoying ducks and geese

I like gouse but aren't many in my area and partrige are limited but once in a while while pheasant hunting

Rem model 12 sportsman same as 870 only $100 less.

the only woodcock I've ever seen I clubed w/3'stick at the age of 12. I really didn't know that there was enough of them in parts of the state that people acually went after them.

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