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  1. it might be too late for you but if you take a doe via archery in a lottery rifle zone then you cannot shot another deer in that zone. Likewise if you take a buck (or any deer with permit) you cannot take another deer via bowhunting in any lottery zone.
  2. Rebel - you were almost 100% right. It was a gasket inside the fuel pump that was torn. Replaced all the diaphrams and gaskets while I had it apart and the boat runs as great as it ever has run. I'm glad I didn't bet you a hundo. Thanks for the help!
  3. Maybe I don't know what I don't know but can a dog tick even transmit Lymes disease? I thought it was exclusive to the deer tick.
  4. Great - even with my limited mechanical skill I think I can handle that test. The serial number on my motor shows 2 different diaphragms - one with an Inline check valve and one with a 90% check valve. I will find out Saturday which one I have. I appreciate the help.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. When the bulb is pumped up it does run fine at high RPM's after a little bit. I can hear/feel it want to kick in all the way and then it goes fine. So sometimes it hesitates just a little bit before jumping up to full RPM's. Of course the boat is on the lift at the cabin so this weekend I will check the size of the lines under the cowl so I can buy some of those along with some other parts. I will have to decide if I trailer it home or work on it up at the lake when I am there for a week in mid June. Thanks again for some direction.
  6. Looking for ideas of what to check next. I have a 1991 75hp Mariner outboard and I am losing pressure on my fuel line. I have to pump the bulb first time out in the morning and then again if I fish in one spot for a while. If I do not it will bog down on me and may or may not kill. If I pump the bulb too much while I am bogging down I will partially flood the motor and kill it. I then have to turn the key for several 15 second bursts or more to start the motor. I have replace the bulb fuel line twice to make sure I didn't get a bad one the first time. I also replaced the fuel
  7. Saw a Rose Breasted Grosbeak at the feeder this morning in the metro. Had not seen one for a handful of years but it is always a cool bird to see.
  8. We just got shut out down by Caledonia also so don't feel bad and we've been turkey hunting since 1980. We were on private land also but found the birds still flocked up. We had flocks of 12 - 15 birds we were trying to work and it didn't work. 2 out of 3 could have shot jakes and we all had plays that just did not work out. That's turkey hunting.
  9. Also good luck with your dog. A good friend of mine lost his dog to blasto. They figured he got it up at the cabin on Vermillion as they had to have the septic system dug up and that disturbed the spores.
  10. Whether you go bow mount or transom mount will make a big difference.
  11. I replaced an igniter on an oven and it is pretty easy. Bought an oven for deer camp and stove top worked but igniter did not get hot enough to open the gas valve. $25 Amazon part and 20 minutes and it is now working like a charm. Stay away from OEM parts as they will cost $100 or so.
  12. Johnnies are blends and I will drink Red when mixing with water and want to have a few cocktails playing cards or sitting around the fire. The single malt sipping scotch I buy the most is MacAllan 12. Might have to try some of that Laphroaig as I like a smokey scotch now and then.
  13. Nice job. About 10-15 years ago we had to do the same thing while out pheasant hunting.
  14. Up by LOW the snow forecast is for only an inch or so. I wish it would be for a few more inches but it is what it is. I will be driving up Thursday afternoon and should be thru any nasty weather before it starts.
  15. I process my own deer and and grind my scraps to straight venison. We usually make hot dishes, tacos, venny lasagna, or some other dish and I prefer all venison. When I want a hamburger I either add egg to help it stick together but most of the time I buy a pound of hamburger for my hamburger. It all comes down to personal preference as there is no right or wrong answer.
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