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  1. paintbrush

    Licence Question

    Boy applied for and got drawn for a B season licence but now he can not go on those dates. He has not bought his licence yet. Do any of you know if he can buy a C licence instead, or is he locked into those B season dates? Thanks
  2. paintbrush

    Team Knock on Wood

    Well guys, so far I am striking out big time! Nebraska was a bust as in 3 days of hunting never even saw a longbeard while hunting. Called in 4 jakes the second day of the hunt and had birds gobbling all around every day but nothing developed. Roosted a bird the 2nd night and got within 80 yards of him the next morning and he gobbled good on the roost. Heard him fly down and that was the last of him. I'll tell you what, the public land around Springview NE. is some rugged stuff! MN was a very frustrating hunt. Had 2 longbeards hang up at 55 yards the first day, a longbeard hang up at 80 yards the second day and a longbeard at 60 yards the 3rd day! ARRRGH!! The hunt was strange in that I saw several hens each day but always by themselves and several longbeards each day but always by themselves or with other toms. The hens showed no interest in the toms and the toms not much interest in the hens. I did get 2 jakes in the dekes on the second day. SD was also a bust! Saw lots of hens and jakes, but never got even close to a tom. Called in multiple Jakes all 3 days out there but never a tom. Next year could be good out there if the winter weather is easy on those birds. I'm going to head back down and give the area around Granite Falls one more try around the 20-22 May time frame and hope that the birds mood has change by then from what it was on my previous hunt down there. Still got this MN. tag, and for that matter my NE. and SD. tags in my pocket. That's my report so far guys, but I'll give it best shot on the 20-23 hunt.
  3. paintbrush

    Team Knock on Wood

    Got out this past weekend in the Brainerd area and called in a nice longbeard for my grandson. He shot it at about 20 yards. After he gave that one a dirt nap, 2 other longbeards came running in and gave him a stomping! Leaving for NE. tomorrow dark and early for my first hunt of the year where I will have a tag in my pocket and a gun in hand. Never been to Nebraska, so this will be a new state for me. We'll see how it goes. I'll give a report good or bad once we get back.
  4. paintbrush

    Team Knock on Wood

    Great Bird!! Looking forward to reading the particulars about him and the hunt. Congrats!
  5. paintbrush

    Team Knock on Wood

    " Knock on Wood" is fine by me. Good luck to you DonBo on the opener, and to you Monster this coming weekend. I will be getting out up here in Brainerd area in the morning with a buddies young son. He's skipping a day of school. He hunted last year with his dad, but had no luck. I'll try my best to call one in for him. May have to wear our snow camo though as the ground has turned all white from the SNOW we are getting now. Did put a tom to bed tonight so we will see what tomorrow brings.
  6. paintbrush

    Team Knock on Wood

    Hi Guys! I'm Bill. First off let me say I'm looking forward to being on this team. It's been a couple of years since I've last been on a team. My season will start out in Nebraska for their opener. I've never been to NE. before so this will be a new state to add on to my list of states I've hunted. Going to give it a go in North central area on public lands to start. Will do some door knocking if need be, and I'll see if I can't make some private land connections when I visit one or 2 of the local watering and dining holes out there. From NE. I will be hunting MN. C season around the Granite Falls/Sarced Heart area. Been hunting down there for many years. After that, it's off to SD. for 4 days to hunt on a ranchers place who has become a great friend over the years. 22000 acres of land to roam on chasing those Merriams. Been drawn for WI. for the Zone 1 E season. Got connections down around the Stuben/Boscobel area, but we'll see if I go to that one or not. That's going to depend on how I do in NE. Might go back to NE. if I don't fill my tag out there on that first trip. Love chasing those Merriams! As you can see, I like my turkey hunting!
  7. paintbrush

    Wisconsin Draw Results are Now Online

    My group of 3 got drawn for Zone 1 time period E. That will make 4 states I will be hunting gobblers in this spring. Here in Minnesota, and also in South Dakota, Wisconsin and Nebraska. I do like my turkey hunting!
  8. paintbrush

    Minnesota results available on line now!

    Good to go for 505C
  9. paintbrush

    WI Turkey results out

    I got drawn for 4th season Zone 1
  10. paintbrush

    dakota decoys

    I've got the jake decoy and think it looks great! The 3 toms my 2 buddies and I shot over him last year thought so too. 2 of those toms tried to beat the tar out of it.
  11. paintbrush

    Team 4 check-in.

    Hi Guys. I'll kick off my turkey hunting this year down in NE.Missouri on April 18. I have MN. 505C season here, and after that I'll head over to the prairies of SD in early May. I'm so ready to get after them!
  12. paintbrush

    South Dakota Draw results are in

    Drew my 2 tags for Ziebach and Dewey counties. Come on spring!
  13. paintbrush


    505C for me. Come on spring!
  14. paintbrush

    States with OTC tags?

    Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri are all over the counter. The Black Hills of South Dakota are sort of over the counter. You have to send into their state game department to get them, but they are available in unlimited numbers I believe. Need to give yourself a good week to get them mailed to you. South Dakota Praire tags applications are still open also.