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  1. All great advise. Specially the leaving your window down so you don't lock you keys in. Never happened to me, but one of my best friends did it and had to wait 30 minutes for back up keys to arrive. As stated above, have your stuff ready. I would much rather have to wait for a guy to back in and out for 10 minutes than have to watch a person tie up the access by putting in sweatshirts, coolers, bait, etc.. for 5 minutes!!!!
  2. I have caught more dogfish in the past few years than I can count. 90% of them were mid-July to August in 3 feet of water or less. They will absolutely destroy a hollowbody frog or buzzbait. They will usually wake the bait for a few yards before the strike which makes them all the more fun. They are also fun to sight fish with a white tube. They are a very fun fish to catch, except during a tournament when you think you have the state record bass hooked on a Spro frog....... watch out for their teeth, they are very sharp.
  3. Bushwacker


    To each there own if they are going to call TIP. Personally, if I would see someone killing something out of season I would call, whether that be an animal or a fish. One major issue is if you go through the forums right now, there are photos of guys throwing 1/64 oz crappie jigs and catching 5 lb bass. As long as fishing is allowed right now, people are going to be catching fish that have closed seasons. If they are practicing C&R, its really tough for me to determine what there intentions are. Even if they are using spinnerbaits and frogs, I personally know guys who specifically
  4. A custom Lamiglas XMG LMB864 7’2” 12-20lb ¼-1 ½ Otterrods Custom Rod by Matt Davis, Spiral-wrapped, Fuji SiC Silicon carbide guides, no foregrip, burl cork split grip. I love this blank so much that I have two with me at all times. Great jig rod, buzz frog rod, or worm rod. Plenty of backbone and still very sensitive.
  5. Bushwacker


    Note that there was no enforcement action listed on any of those reports. It seems that the way the laws set up, the CO's are really handcuffed on what they can actually do. Bagman101- Welcome to the forum and way to kick it off with one of the best posts ever!
  6. They don't fish as a team at this level. There are a few pros that position the boat so that the co-angler has access to certain spots after the pro works them, but for the most part it is each man for themselves. Seperate livewells, seperate fish.
  7. Those pics are awesome. Nice work
  8. I have a couple 3 1/2" waterfowl guns. I use 3" 90% of the time, but occasionally use 3 1/2" for geese. The cost difference in shells can be as little as 10% depending on what you buy. I picked up some Black Cloud last week for $18.99 for 3" and $20.99 for 3 1/2". There was 1/4oz more shot and 50 more FPS. Not that big of a difference, but every little bit helps. One of my guns is a pump and that thing kicks like crazy with 3 1/2". No where for that extra energy to go except your shoulder. It really comes down to personal preference and your hunting style. I am always in some sort of bl
  9. I would agree that the economy bearings are probably along the lines of stock bearings in a lot of reels. I swap out the spool bearings in all of my reels. I use the Orange Seal ABEC 7 on reels that I use lighter lures(1/16-1/4) with and mainly pitch with. For long casting techniques like frogs, spinnerbaits, and rattle traps I use their ABEC5 Ceramic Hybrids. I don't think there is a huge difference between the two when you are fishing them. I really notice a difference when the spools are empty and I free spin the spools. The diffence is very noticable between stock, ABEC5, and ABEC7's
  10. Its tough to give a answer to your question without a little more information. Eric W. gave an excellent breakdown of non-competes. I am not an attorney either and my advice would be to consult one. I have dealt with a number of demand letters from an insurance claims standpoint. In my very amatuer experience, the majority of the letters that I have seen that have a deadline actually state the deadline on the letter. Something like "failure to respond in 10 days will result in ...." In any case, I would seek legal counsel.
  11. I meant that there are several websites that have the carb kits for sale, if you can't find one locally.
  12. I believe that your auger is a model 30. They made them for a number of years and they were white 3hp augers. If you do a web search there are a few sites that have them for sale.
  13. Now that it is apart, make sure you have some order on how it goes back together! I am not kidding either, the first time I tried to work on my reels I ended up having to bring them to a buddy's house for him to help me put them back together. It is pretty easy after doing a couple, but the first one or two can be difficult to get all the washers, springs, and screws back in the right spots. I like to clean mine with a toothbrush and Simple Green solution. I like Simple Green because it really cuts the grease and is safe on plastic. Good luck and have fun. I am a reel cleaning freak
  14. We fished out of Puerto Adventures with Captain Rick's a couple years ago and had a great time. My wife and I caught 4 sailfish and a couple wahoos. Even had a double with two sailfish on at the same time. We even had the chance to take a couple filets off of one of the wahoos to a restaurant right off of the marina and they prepared it for us for like $5 each US. Could not have asked for a better experience.
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