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  1. Im looking at slipping my boat this summer. The dock that I'm looking at does not have electricity at the dock.....what are my best options for solar charging that won't over charge my batteries? Anyone have any specific brands or products they have had luck with?
  2. setterguy

    Lets see your hunting dogs

    @water rat - That is a cool picture!
  3. setterguy

    Lets see your hunting dogs

    Newest addition to our family. Meet Reggie (Dunlop) this is Reggie at 16 weeks. He is from Berg Bros setters.
  4. Super easy - Chicken breasts and Italian dressing. Makes a shredded chicken that goes great on a bun or toast. My kids love it.
  5. setterguy

    Buck Chasing Does??

    Saw a real big boy chasing HARD after a doe yesterday in SE metro yesterday. He almost met the front of my F350.
  6. A simple solution to the 4 wheeler problem (if you consider them a problem) is to either A. Don't hunt the trails. Walk the woods. B. Hunt WMAs where 4 wheelers are not allowed. Every one has their own idea of what is enjoyable to them. Some see a successful hunt as bagging birds. Some see a successful hunt when the months of dog training come together for one perfect moment in the woods, downed bird or not. Others enjoy spending the day on a 4 wheeler, enjoying the day with friends and family. My tastes are not yours, and yours are probably not mine, but as long as respect and consideration are shown to all law abiding sportsman, I think everyone will have more of the days they deem successful. MonsterMoose - I don't know why what a guy wears or drives has any bearing on what the man says. I wear filson hunting gear ( all gifts over the last 15 years), have an English setter and drive an SUV(have kids and they play hockey), Out in the woods I probably look like the guy you described. Just like you don't want someone prejudging you and your cousin as lazy or disrespectful just because you guys drive 4 wheelers, please don't do the same because of how a guy dresses or what he drives.
  7. setterguy

    what's too much?

    Been my experience that the older dogs will let them know the exact moment they have had enough.
  8. Anyone that knows me knows that I hunt grouse about as hard as anyone. In the thick stuff all day, don't walk trails, check the compass and follow the dog. That being said, I did do a little road hunting this weekend. It was hot, dog was tired and the guys that agreed to come with me aren't as keen on sticks in the eyes and ears as I am. Its nice to enjoy the woods from a comfy seat sometimes as well. As long as all rules are being followed I think its an ok way to kill an hour or two in between walking.
  9. Was up around Grand Rapids and wow is it dry there. Naturally birds were found in the lowest wettest spots we could find. Moved about 2-3 birds an hour.
  10. Hunted Nemadji last year and did pretty well. You have to get off the trails and having a good dog helps a lot. I like what they are doing up there, lots of logging going on.
  11. setterguy

    is expensive dog food really worth it???

    Is running sea foam through all your engines every fall worth it...to me its the same question. Some guys dont bother and have never had a problem. To them its probably not worth the time and energy...some guys like me will have a problem with every motor I own if not taken care of properly so I do the preventative stuff. Same goes for my dogs, I feed TOTW and have been very impressed. I switched to a different grain free brand about a year ago and the shedding became too much. My 46lb male who runs 5-10 miles a day with my wife gets 1 1/4 cup twice a day and looks like a million bucks. Rock hard stools and clear eyes and teeth are clean. If you have a cheaper option that works for you, say thanks. To me I've found something that works and I'm sticking with it.
  12. Looking for my boys first shotgun, probably won't use it for more than a year or two before he can use more...let me know what you've got.
  13. setterguy

    New home looking for an old dog.

    Google golden retriever rescue mn....I just did and found about 20-30 dogs that might work for her...
  14. setterguy

    Berg Bros and Red Setters?

    Known Ben and Scott for about 15 years. About as knowledgeable of dog guys as there are. If I were considering a dog from Ben I would make an appt to stop in the kennel meet him see the dogs and let him know what you are looking for. Straight shooters who wont sell you something just to get a check...you will be impressed with the operation I'm certain. As for the red setters, yes they were allowed to be bred back to English setters to get the hunt back into them after the breed was almost ruined from show breeders breeding for looks instead of performance. You will still see some dogs with white patches here and there but it has been a while since this was done and they are considered their own breed. Nice dogs, and I have seen some real nice ones.
  15. setterguy

    anybody have any action yesterday?

    Yup, my wife was in a great mood yesterday....oh, wait you are talking about Muskies, nope.