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  1. I'm from the Iron Range and the old timers in my family say to let the fish lay on bottom after you spear it. It's worked perfect for the fish I've speared, including the big ones. It does cloud up the water, but that usually brings more activity.
  2. Thanks for the advice guys, I appreciate it.
  3. I would love to start making my own decoys, but don't have a clue where to begin. Any tips for a rookie?
  4. If you're just surfing and using it for e-mail, get a Chromebook. Virus proof and extremely user friendly. Very fast too, it's only about 10 seconds or so from the time you press the power button to the time you're on the internet.
  5. Spybot and Malwarebytes are great tools, but usually just running them won't fix the issue. It takes a bit of a deeper dive than that. If anyone has any issues, feel free to PM me. I work in IT security but do computer repair as a hobby/side biz. Malware and spyware are 2 different things, that's why spybot will find things and malwarebytes wont. If you only browse the internet, BUY A CHROMEBOOK!!! They are virus proof and you never have to worry about it.
  6. Considering it's going to be a family dog, be careful with a GWP, the males can get aggressive. For grouse hunting, you want a pointer.
  7. You will have a tough time finding cons or dislikes with a PP. I recently decided to buy one and will be picking up my pup in a little over two weeks.
  8. IMO, Wolters is the Einstein of training labs and would be #1 on my list. I followed his books to a T and ended up with the best trained dog I've ever had the pleasure to hunt with.
  9. How stupid we've become huh? Same could be said for those who think they might need to fight the us government with guns. Here's the bottom line, if it keeps people from going into schools and murdering children, then so be it. I don't need a big clip, even to "protect myself", my father taught me to be a good shot. There is no need for a civilian to own an assault weapon. Some hunting guns will be categorized as assault, big deal. Use the weapons/guns that are legal. Again, if it keeps assault rifles out of evil peoples hands who shoot innocent children, I am all for it as long as I can still own a weapon/gun. People are so worried about certain rights, that it blinds them from the bigger picture. Also, I could care less about what target shooters want. I care more about the talk we've seen with many innocent citizens murdered by nut jobs or pure evil people who easily obtain an assult rifle. Bash all you want, safety of our children and citizens in more important than owning an assault weapon. Is it going to eliminate the shootings, probably not entirely, but we have to do something.
  10. Not sure if anyone mentioned it or not, but with as busy as you'll be with your dog, why not have the wife do most of the training with the pup?
  11. I'm planning on taking my boys either tomorrow or Sunday. We're going to look at some versatile pointing breeds, going to buy a puppy soon but not sure on the breed yet.
  12. Not sure I understand what the big deal is? They don't want to take away our hunting shotguns and rifles, they want to ban assault rifles. You shouldn't need an assault rifle to hunt.
  13. Same boat, but I had the 140 Johnson 4 stroke. 21 pitch aluminum prop.
  14. Don't have the boat anymore, and not sure what the RPM was wide open. I could get about 48-50 mph though.
  15. I had the same boat with a 03 140 Johnson 4 stroke, and it was perfect. I could have 4 big guys in the boat, full gear and still performed great. For that boat, either the Johnson or Suzuki 140 4 stroke.
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