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  1. gspman

    Ticks and deer droppings

    My wife took my pup for a walk last week and he had a very small tick on him when he came into the house. They are out there already.
  2. gspman

    Looking for gsp pup

    While I couldn't disagree more with the statement above as I'm a hunter that has only ever had dogs that were bred from horseback field trial stock if you are serious about having a 50-60 yd dog I would recommend a different avenue as a starter. I'd target Hunt Test and NAVHDA bred dogs or dogs that are Game Farm/Hunt Club bred. I realize the color thing is a preference but you might be passing over some really good stuff by limiting to solid colored dogs. But to each his own. FWIW, any pointing dog that is built right and has a modicum of drive is going to get 50 yds out by accident simply by running. Even spaniels and retrievers would get that far out if they weren't trained to stay in. Give up some control and give that dog a little freedom and let it roll and find you some birds.
  3. gspman

    Look what I got for Christmas II

    She's a cutie!
  4. gspman

    Look at what I got for Christmas

    His name is Cody. Not a Britt though. He's an orange & white setter.
  5. I picked up this little shyster a few days ago. I may have to change my handle. Should be fun tearing around with him in the spring and next fall.
  6. gspman

    Pointing dog training groups

    Google "lake superior pointing dog club"
  7. gspman

    Female lab urinary incontinence

    This is not uncommon in spayed dogs. I had a female gsp with the same issue. Estrogen hormone supplementation is the answer. Her bladder muscle has lost it's tone to shut off the flow. As soon as I had my dog on estrogen the problem went away. It doesn't take much hormone to correct the issue so I wouldn't worry too much.
  8. gspman

    Got a question...

    The answer is yes. Buy the best bloodlines you can afford and then hunt the daylights out of the dog.
  9. If you are going to buy 2 guns instead of that I would suggest getting 1 gun... a gas operated semi auto. Most of the current semi autos have shim adjustable stocks for drop and cast. I am left handed and shoot a right handed Beretta auto. Just switch the safety to the left side, adjust the drop and cast and he is good to go. Get a 28" barrel and you are good for everything except maybe ruffed grouse. My 8th grade son shot high school trap this spring with my semi-auto and did fantastic with it. Because it's a gas operated semi auto it'll be lighter recoil which is a big plus over the pump guns.
  10. Odenthal Gunsmithing in Prior Lake is pretty good.
  11. gspman

    Hoover Nosed Black [PoorWordUsage] Machine

    Take a stool sample to the vet and have them take a look.
  12. gspman

    My new wingman

    Congrats on the new pooch!
  13. gspman

    Paw Pads

    What type of surface are you running her on?
  14. gspman

    Looking for a good vizsla breeder

    Dale Meier at Pine Creek Kennels in Foley. Start there.
  15. gspman

    26 or 28

    A 28" should swing smoother and since you are out in the open when pheasant hunting you really don't need a short barrel. Unless you really, really like the 26"-er or the 28"-er balances poorly I would go with a 28". Compare the 28" o/u to a 28" semi-auto and the o/u will still be a fair amount shorter. If you add in shooting clays I'd definitely recommend the 28" model again for stability and smoothness.