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  1. Might have a quadruple bearded stud with 2" spurs. You just never know. Also remember the photo portion of the contest. Just needs to be a cool picture of your hunt or your trophy. So be thinking creatively.
  2. The primos power crow works well for me. I tune mine for a little higher pitch. At times the gobble shaker really fires them up. Gotta be careful with that one so you don't attract hunters though.
  3. Prizes Noted in Comment(s) Below. The main purpose of this Contest is for the members to have some fun sharing their success and stories with a little friendly competition thrown in. Let's have some fun! 2020 HSO/FM.com Member Turkey Quest Sign Up 1. All birds submitted must have been harvested within the Rules and regulations of the state that they are hunted in. 2. This years contest will be an individual event. 3. Submitting birds for scoring. There will be a submission form posted for use by the start of the Contest. You will need to get a witness for the measurements of spur, beard and weight. Both you and the witness will need to sign the form verifying the measurement as being correct. All measurements will need to be in standard measurement,(Inches/pounds). In addition to the submission form members will need to post three photos,(there will be a submission thread for this). If you need help posting pics let me or other members know. One a close up of the spurs with a ruler/tape measure showing length,(you may need two pics if the spurs are different lengths). Also a second photo with a close up of the beard doing the same. The last picture should be of you,(the happy hunter with your face mask pull down) holding up your beautiful bird. We want to see the whole bird as well as what you look like. Be creative and have fun with it. Also post your completed form with your photos. You can scan the completed form or simply take a photo of it 4. Scoring of the bird will be based on the NWTF scoring system. Each member will be able to score one bird(the first bird taken for your season even if you are allowed more than one) for the Contest. The highest scoring bird will be the winner of the contest. Also in addition to the highest scoring bird competition we'll have a photo competition for all of those who are signed up for the contest. The photo can be of you with your trophy or simply a cool pic of something you see s part of your hunt. Throughout the contest a single photo per contestant can be submitted to the photo contest. There will be a poll where members can vote on the best/favorite photo. 5. The Contest will run from April 1, 2020 until June 1, 2020. The big Bird winner will be announced after that time. The photo contest winner within a week afterwards. Prizes will be posted by the beginning of the contest. The 2020 HSO/FM.com Forum Members Turkey Quest is a Contest created and operated independently by HSO/FM.com forum members and is not officially sanctioned or managed by the site itself. Let's have even more fun this year!!!
  4. Right now sunfish are pushing up onto the shallower flats. Depending on the lake will determine how shallow. Last weekend I was doing well in spots with 6-10 fow under the ice. Crappies have continued to hang in deeper basins but have caught a couple mixed in with the sunfish. If you have good cabbage on the edge of flats you might find some there right now as well.
  5. My brother went of of it and it was fine also. I watched several trucks use it and one wheelhouse used it as well.
  6. I used the Hey 68 access and it was fine. It's a bit steep but otherwise everything is in really good condition. My brother drove 6 miles north of the access without any issues. Bring a shovel in case you get stuck in a drift. But you can drive all over the lake as of Monday with little concern about getting stuck. Ice thickness varied from 19-24".
  7. Like Rick we threw the kitchen sink at them. Difference was we didn't have as many small fish. Big gulls started firing a little after 4:30. Got one 15 ouncer this morning but many, many lookers. Getting a few nice perch tiday but mostly small ones. Best bait for me was one if the Liam Lures mayfly jig tipped with a single eurolaevae.
  8. Slow for us yesterday but ended with a bang with 3 gills over 10". One was 10 1/2" plus but the youngster released it before I could measure it. Waiting on a pic of that one. My 10 1/4 " bull. My buddies 10 1/8" on the scale. A few eater sunfish and some nice perch but very, very slow.
  9. Best bluegill bite is in the southern 1/3 of the lake. I know I will he interested if The date works out for me. Some of the thickest and tallest gills I've caught in recent years have come from Big Stone.
  10. Borch

    Wi Turkey Hunt

    Those are some hooks! Way to go!
  11. Borch

    Strong Finish.

    Shot mine a little before 8pm on Monday. Slept in and got a pile of projects done. Due to commitments it was my last opportunity to tag one. Saw a few stutters but not any gobbling. This one skirted my setup but got just close enough to take a ride in my truck.
  12. Sounds like an exciting hunt!
  13. I always loved chasing those merriam out there. Way to go guys! It can be tough going there for us flat landers.
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