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  1. Borch

    Turkey Contest Winners

    Well the results are final! The Strut Stops Here won by a slim margin over Team 3. ANYFISH2 had the highest scoring tom for Adults. Ryan had the highest scoring tom for a youth. It was again a fun filled spring. Always love hearing the stories and seeing the pictures. Winners send me your contact info and I'll get prizes sent off later this summer.
  2. Borch

    Persistence Pays off

    Way to go Jake!
  3. Borch

    Last Season

    Well Sunday morning was full of activity but not any real opportunities. Lots of gobbling to start the day with it slowly fizzling out around 9am. Did have 4 jakes inside of 20 yards but passed on them. A bit later I had plenty of toms and hens but none in range. Although, if I had sat in the truck I would have had multiple opportunities. This morning will be short hunt due to commitments so hopefully some of the same birds show up or others that gobbled but didn't show. I grabbed another blind and set up in a grass strip that the birds have been spending a lot if time in. Hopefully I don't regret not staying in the truck.
  4. Borch

    Last Season

    Had 3 long beards come out gobbl8ng and running but not to me. Had them all fired up but they obviously had another destination in mind.
  5. Borch

    Last Season

    Now they're gobbling... seem to be getting a little closer.
  6. Borch

    Last Season

    Very quiet so far. Maybe one distant gobble on the roost but couldn't tell for sure. At least the mosquitos seem to have calmed down in the last 10 minutes some.
  7. Borch

    Last Season

    Hey, it happens. Think I'm tilling the garden tonight and will chase turkeys in the morning.
  8. Borch

    Last Season

    That's why it's an if... It'll be nicer in the morning. But you can't shoot one from the couch.
  9. Borch

    Last Season

    Trying to decide where to sit if I got out tonight. In the blind with good west exposure for the breeze this afternoon/evening or the spot with more consistent movement but likely very little breeze. Hmm..... I'm leaning towards the breeze...
  10. Definitely blacks. I haven't hit my blacks spot yet but matbe this weekend.
  11. Borch

    Last Season

    Had a decent breeze last night so wasn't too bad.
  12. Borch

    HSO/FM Turkey Quest Submission Thread

    Remember to get those birds entered! I know there are more out there.
  13. Borch

    Last Season

    Well wondering if anyone is going to be out in the heat for the last turkey season. I was out last night and just needed a nice strutter to get a bit closer. I moved the blind to his entry/exit point. He didn't want to follow the hen when she walked by my blind twice. He stayed on the high ground in the field. Hoping for better results.
  14. Borch


    It reminds me if the first year I took my son turkey hunting. He had several close calls but didn't get a bird. He was upset. I said, "Why are you upset? We got to hunt together for several days and had several exciting encounters. If you shot one the first day we would have missed all that fun together" He thought about it for a while and he smiled. The older I get, the less its about the kill. Reframing what I thought success was has added to my hunts. Now, if I could get less upset when I miss a bird I'd have it all figured out.
  15. Borch


    Hey, it's all good. Morgan and you spending time together in the outdoors and getting a close encounter is what it's all about. Sometimes the birds win and we simply run out of time.