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  1. Have you tried PortaVilla? I think they have rentals you can take to other locations from Mille Lacs.
  2. I've used a 10' hose without a filter or regulator for years-no problems. I use a 20 lber., I would have bought an 11lber if I had known about them then.
  3. Thanks, GlassEyeAngler, good luck in your new home. Tough luck about the timing though. I hope you have many more seasons to enjoy the hunt.
  4. Hi, Devil's Advocate here, if I'm a Conservation Officer and I see window tinting on an ice shack, I may be compelled to find out what in the world that person might be trying to hide? I believe that curtains would serve the purpose of keeping heat in at night, and the glare of the sun out during the day also. They also keep prying eyes out that you don't want looking in at night if you're not there. but if tinting trips your trigger, go for it. Just my
  5. Family & friends-six others and I, hunted Friday through Sunday near my hometown in central N.D. & we had good hunting, but worked to find birds each day. We did best after a morning of intense fog on Sunday finally cleared after noon. All told, we nearly limited out on the pheasants, and my life-long friend who still lives and works there harvested a limit of Hungarian partridge! We saw a few coveys this year, it's been slim pickings for about six years. The grouse are down considerably this season though, we saw several singles but not the big flocks as in years past. There are ALOT of deer out there too, we kicked up a few nice bucks, but of course, mostly does and fawns. We hunted all PLOTS and open to public land, most crops except some corn has been harvested. This week's weather will surely slow down the rest of the corn harvest. Ducks were scarce, my Brother-in-law got a few, he was the only one in our party to purchase the extra license. We saw alot of duck hunters, but I didn't ask how they were doing. My friend up there said the ducks moved out of the area soon after the season started. It should get better when the weather forced the migration.
  6. Mucho jealousy & envy cookin here! Looks great for an early Fall get-away with all the trimmings. Thanks for sharing.
  7. (I copied this from 2008, it's supposed to work well. Thanks Joel!) Here ya go and by the way tomato products do not work well at all. First and foremost, never wet your dog down first before using this formula. To make this skunk solution you will need: 1- bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, ¾ box of Baking soda, 1 cup of dish soap, (Dawn, Palmolive). You will also need an empty dish detergent bottle to mix the ingredient together in, it will also make it easier to apply to your dog. Mix all three ingredients together well. Apply the mixture to your dog liberally. Be careful not to get the mixture into your dog’s eyes or mouth. Baking soda can be harmful if swallowed and peroxide can be dangerous to the eyes. Use a face cloth to apply the mixture to your dogs face. Rub the mixture into your dog’s skin and coat. Make sure to completely saturate your dog in the mixture. Let the mixture sit on your dog for about 5 min. Rinse thoroughly starting with the head and face. Lift your dogs head to make sure the mixture runs away from the eyes and mouth. It is always easier if you have an extra set of hands. Towel dry. This mixture has been proven to work if you follow the instructions. We use this formula for our hunting dogs and it works better than anything. _________________________ Joel "Nothing better than a day on the water or in the field - we are very blessed to live in Minnesota" AKC Description of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon = "Supreme Gun Dog" - I can't argue with that!
  8. About 30 years ago, I remember going up North to my buddy's land to hunt deer with his brother, a few friends & him. The only thing to sleep in was an old garage that the wind whipped through, but I was lucky enough to get to sleep in the pop-up tent trailer. There were four of us in there, can't remember who snored the loudest, O.K., I did. Sometime after midnight, as I was shivering because it was snowing & about -15 and we only had the stove for heat, I heard a hellacious racket from the garage! The white-gas heater had caught fire and filled the room with smoke & flame! Wow, did that place empty out in a hurry! No one hurt, but quite a time. I didn't get a shot for five years, small buck for my first.
  9. Thanks for sharing Coach! Looking forward to more.
  10. Like a local chef used to say on his show, "that's some good eatin". Thanks Carl, keep us posted, & good luck.
  11. When I put in my DNR#, it comes back that "the application returned an error", does that mean NO flattops for me this year?
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