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  1. Trailer is included,tilt shorlander with bunks and back rollers. Tilt/trim is all manual. Boat is in decent condition. What I refered to with lower unit is just cautionary as it is nearly 30 years old. Thanks Steve, Long time no see. Have to hook up this winter maybe.
  2. Starts/runs perfectly. Lower unit may need some attention in near future. Single console, rodlocker. Comes with older 48# minnkota, no footpedal. Has livewell, bilge. 3 pedastal seats included. Travel cover. Has been sitting in garage past 4 years unused, took it out today and started right up no problem. Has mainly been used for spring Rainy River fishing and has some ice scars to prove it. Correction to original posting- boat year is 82, trailor is 83.
  3. I go with.. When given sunset/sunrise you must adjust with the table. 9am central is 9am central regardless of where you are.
  4. Due to lawsuits being filed, I am pretty sure railroad ditches have been "off limits" for several years.
  5. Never trained my GSP for this but, several times he has locked up on point to antlers. One time he locked up tight and there was a perfectly bleached full skeleton of a big 10 pointer. Made for a great European mount that hangs on my wall.
  6. Good dog!You know that look well? Lol Hope to get together soon. Thanks for the laugh.
  7. I have painted for 20 years. I agree with Tom. If it is not painted now I would not ever paint it. I would save some cash and have it re-dashed. If you paint it and then later decide to re dash(stucco) it will have to be sandblasted to remove the paint. If you do decide to paint dont cut cost on paint. Use something high quality like Sherwin williams Duration. Or elastomeric.
  8. Bet we could find ice at one of the usual eary spots.
  9. I like the first hour. It sure feels good when the sun is coming up rather than going down.
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