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  1. Thanks MJ! I have a smaller decoy that would fit in an 8" hole. My aqua view micro has let me down lately judging the clarity. Helps with weed line however!
  2. any tips to check clarity vs cutting hole and setting dark house over it? I was fooled by my aqua view the other day, wasted time cutting large hole only to see cloudy water. Maybe I should only use the down view with camera vs having it look level with bottom? it is had to see the cloudiness that is only at the top 1-3 feet then its clear below.
  3. I think you might be surprised how much it weighs… my 8x12 v front all aluminum frame/studs foam cedar … with 60 lbs propane, battery all gear etc is almost 3000lbs. definitely let us know what the scale says..
  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  5. Our lake is always gin clear summer and winter. Tried spearing Monday and today and can not see decoy 6 feet down! is that typical of early ice? 2nd year spearing so this is new to me. Any ideas how much longer till it is clear again ?
  6. Custom cottage. High quality product. Can customize whatever you want in it..
  7. I'm 2 for 2 on e-tec problems!!! I had the oil tank leak on a 2005 75 hp previous winter and now when getting the small boat out of storage I noticed several cracks and leaking from my 2009 25hp e-tec… missed opener due to vacation now this… Lots of web chatter about this problem. No longer under warranty I was told. There should have been a recall. It's not like that is a moving part where there could be wear and tear by the owner…. Sorry for venting, but all e-tec owners should take a close look at their tank under the cowling! Before you have a fishing trip ruined...
  8. There was a frog in the one I got sunday too!
  9. If also using a live sucker, does one keep it at same level as decoy, higher or lower in the water?
  10. So as a rule of thumb does one go 1/2 way down with decoy? Also, how aggressive does one need to swim the decoy? Most of the fish came when it actually was sitting still and I was looking at my phone
  11. Finally had the house in a spot to see some pike and was able to get 3 over the weekend. First ever Pike on the big fork! I was told to just let the spear drop, but I've been missing 3-4 times for everyone I got. I had the decoy 2' off the bottom mainly because that where the fish were that were coming in. Should I have been throwing or pushing the spear down due to depth I was in? 11' deep clear water. Someone today said "no, you have to shove it down there to get em before they see it coming…" confused…. but now hooked!!!
  12. Those would be slick in my house with a spearing hole to get it dark! Are they just 1/4 cedar plywood? Does the velcro attachment keep them from warping?
  13. Get one with spear door! I drill 2 holes close together in front of atv ( right by auger rack) then pull house over said holes ( easy to line up with spear door) drop house and fish! You can really flush out the holes when you are not drilling inside the house! Save time without scoop or slush bucket. Also no need for electric auger ( fumes outside). The arms on the ridge line are nice vs cranks for speed , but make sure if you go spray foam you have the aluminum wall studs covered with foam or they will sweat! Rear doors are nice if you use them to haul an ATV. When I bought my first wheelhouse the owner said, " everyone wants a rear door… when you get your 2nd one you will get one without." He was right! but now i got another one... small and a rear door for doing exactly what you are talking about!
  14. I sit in a box stand from an hour before shooting time till dark. The heat will help you stay all day. The last 4 years my deer have been shot around 11:00 when everyone is heading in for Lunch! I think they see movement as much as smell. The box helps hid your movements as well. My 9 yo daughter sat with me 13 hours on opening day and she was with Sunday when I shot a buck at 11:00. She never would have made it that long without heat! I used a coleman power cat heater.
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