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seed corn for feed???

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Read the bag to see if it is pre treated with fertilizer or pesticide. I bet it is and would not put it out for feed.


Really? Isn't round up ready stuff genetically modified to be resistant from round up? It's not actually sprayed with a chemical. Pretty sure it's not toxic and shouldn't present a problem for wildlife. I hope some Ag expert (which I'm not) chimes in.

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Test the seed. Corn can last for a number of years.

Take about 20 seeds from each bag(if you have more than one bag), wet a paper towel and ring it out pretty good.

put the seeds in the wet paper towel, fold it up, put it in a ziploc but dont seal it fully shut.

Put on top of the fridge and check the seeds in about 10-14 days.

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It is not safe for the animals to eat it although if they ingest a couple kernal it would probably not be fatal.

Most corn now is treated with Pocho, votivo, acceleron, cruiser, cruisermax, gaucho, trilex, optimize, avicta, apronmax, etc, etc, etc.

The seed treatment is poison to keep harmful critters such as nematodes, cutworms, wireworms, aphids, etc from damaging early developing seed and root systems. As the critters keep evolving to get around the technology so do the treatments to kill them. The new fancy one for this year is Poncho/votivo 500.

If you really dont want it put it on kregslist for free and someone might take it off your hands and plant it for silage corn or something.

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I'd trade you field corn for your seed corn.

As to whether you can feed it, I'm sure the critters would eat it - its just treated corn, and deer, pheasants, turkeys, etc. eat the seed often times after its been planted in the field. So I'm sure the treatment is atleast safe for some level of wildlife consumption or we'd see massive die offs every spring. As to concentrated feeding, however, I'm guessing it is probably not the best to ingest concentrated treated seed. Plus, RR corn seed is spendy stuff.

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If it has a seed treatment, then it almost always has a colored coating on it. If it looks regular, then I am pretty sure it should be good for wildlife. If it has a coloring (usually red coating) then I wouldn't feed it to animals.

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