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  1. They are great boat shoes. Hot pink ones are like $10 cheaper because they aren't paying realtree licensing fees.
  2. Don't let sledneck see your footwear. I have the same pair.
  3. Post your titties again and see if there is a no nip policy
  4. Left the door cracked this morning and had a visitor. He got CPRed before the cat got after him.
  5. Could be the pic was from before the seals were done.
  6. It's a lot better in the cities than yesterday. Yesterday was terrible.
  7. I had a whole family get into my garage and they didn't do anything except dump in my boat and literally on the seat of my bicycle. So that checks out.
  8. I wonder what TF they got powering that thing
  9. The joke was about things "popping" downtown and didn't have anything to do with the picture. It was just a woman singing on stage. Her pride shirt could probably trigger people that have previously taken offense to canon's photography.
  10. Lol it's just a joke. Although my joke could have inflamed your fan club.
  11. It's popping with gunfire most nights.
  12. Helping vaccinate some cattle last week and there were a ton of butterflies sipping schitt off the headgate. Didn't know they liked that stuff so much.
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