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  1. I borrowed an ion the other day and was surprised how heavy it was. I thought my milwaukee batteries were charged... Whoops. I really noticed this year every time I heard that pop pop pop of an old jiffy across the lake. Didn't hear too many gas augers.
  2. Yep. Easily modifiable templates all over online. I sold my car a couple years ago on Greg's list and about a month later dude sends me an email saying the check engine light came on and it needed a new coil. Sent me a bill for a couple hundred bucks. I was like, yeah no, not gonna happen. And this dude lost his mind saying I sold him a lemon. Not so sure about that, but I told him feel free to have his attorney contact me, figuring that was the end of it. Then his attorney called. I forwarded him the signed bill of sale which explicitly stated the vehicle was sold as is wi
  3. Hevi shot blend in 3 inch 12 gauge has been great for me. I can't remember what choke tube I have but I think it's a cheapo jellyhead. I know it's a $30 choke tube. One shot, one kill for 5 years straight. I haven't had the need to attempt anything past 35 yards tho.
  4. It's 714 pages long because injection site soreness is a reportable adverse effect. You should sort that and tell us more about the incidence of severe reactions.
  5. LOL. I have went out of my way for a decade to never deal with face to face banking.
  6. Lol. They also party every night under my stand from about 9pm to 2am. And a nice coyote stopped to take a leak right in front of my camera. Earlier this fall there was a bobkitty that wandered through. And the biggest porcupine in the state.
  7. From the trail cam footage, acorn brunch happens on monday-thursday mornings under my stand.... while I am at work.
  8. I missed seeing a bunch of deer under my stand. Does that count?
  9. I skipped the miss and went straight for the wound a couple years ago. Still waiting on the kill.
  10. Sometimes you just need to sit by yourself in the woods for a while. I sat last weekend and didn't see nuthin. It was a good sit though, I had a bit of leaf canopy and was the right way with the wind so I only got about half soaked. Caught a lil guy with messed up antlers on the trail cam. He looked more like a deformed caribou than a deformed whitetail. I shoulda saved the pic, I just plugged the card into my phone and viewed, didn't save anything.
  11. That's either a little shotgun or a bigass squirrel.
  12. Stoked about this cold snap and hope it continues. I hate deer/duck hunting and fighting off mosquitoes.
  13. I found a bunch north of ML a couple weeks ago. Oysters too. I found some past the expiration date oysters in the cities last week.
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