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  1. I saw a couple hens right in the middle of downtown Minneapolis a couple days ago. Wish I would have got a pic. They were using the crosswalk, but it was a don't walk sign.
  2. I drive past nokomis in so mpls everyday and it looks like it could go any day.
  3. Yeah, that kinda seems like what it should do with a 60hp motor. What's a hefty dude? Like 3 bills? I'm kind of surprised a 60 is the max for the boat. My 82 alumacraft is rated for a 60, same length but my beam is probably a foot and a half less.
  4. Back home in Mizzura there was a little town that had a sucker festival on the spring. They get scaled, fileted with the skin on and then the meat is scored. Then they are breaded and into the deep fryer. Apparently the scoring lets the hot oil dissolve the bones and it gives deep fried sucker a distinct look. I thought they were pretty decent. Once you deep fry the heck out of something it just tastes like deep fry though.
  5. LOL Why is this ancient thread being revived? I'm waiting for the product placement in this saga.
  6. bobbymalone

    New Bow

    Fan of the stealth bomber look.
  7. That's a good deal. New kitchen and somebody else to cook in it.
  8. From jiffy's HSOforum
  9. Lol, well you did rattle off 7 religious channels.
  10. I think there are 3 PBS channels. One is the general one, one plays MN and WI history type stuff, one I'm not sure what it is, and the last one is Mr Rogers 24/7. You can always block them. That's what I did for the Jesus stuff and QVC.
  11. 20 is probably an exaggeration. But there might be 8 -10 or so. I don't know. When I did the auto scan thing I removed a bunch. They ranged from the Catholic channel to the send your money now TV evangelism stuff. I think there were a couple QVC channels. And some telemundo stuff with overly dramatic soap operas with spicy Latinas.
  12. 40 of them are pure garbage. Although you might be into some of the Bible carp. I feel like there are 20 channels of that.
  13. ...OK. Well the WSI is just a metric to gauge, umm, winter severity. Florida's winter is always mild. Not sure what your point is other than you're mad about wolves. It's not a map of wolf predation. Hate to break the news to you, but a mountain of snow gives them an advantage but long stretches of minus whatever temps aren't exactly ideal for anything that lives outside. It is what it is. Nature happens.
  14. A friend in high school had a car we called the "rattle can roadster". It ran about as a good as the paintjob.
  15. I converted the lower bowl into a sue veed apparatus after my cup of coffee this morning.
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