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  1. I see plenty of people fail to slow down for a deer in the ditch, like the deer knows not to jump out. Or a deer crosses and people don't slow down, even though there is a good chance there's more than one. I had one run square into the side of my car. Never saw it. I thought I got sideswiped by car. It rocked my car pretty good. Deer got up, took 5 steps and fell over dead.
  2. Not even down south, LOL. I think you'd need a hacksaw to clean them.
  3. Meh, they don't cause no trouble in the lake, all part of a balanced ecosystem. I know people want the lake to be nothing but stocked walleye though They turn blue green like that when they are spawning. That one is a dandy though.
  4. What TF is wrong with those PBRs? They some sort of Chinese knock off?
  5. Stuff on my boat breaks on it's own just fine, usually at inopportune moments.
  6. yeah, that lakeville FF has been going downhill. Still, if I need some tackle or something, I'm more likely to go there than across the street.
  7. I'm surprised by how much they have merged things together, like a single flyer for sales and whatnot. I thought the usual way to do this was to maintain two separate brands, to provide the illusion of competition, even though it's really just one place. I could give a rat's arse what they want to call it, just give me the best prices and put what I want on the shelf and I'll throw my money there if you call it Cabela's or Bass Pro.
  8. Meatloaf is a meal fit for a King. Here King! Come here boy! That's a good boy, King!
  9. I'm kind of embarrassed by my small tatties. That's a Missouri Ozarks bird by the way.
  10. 11 inch beard, 1 3/8 Spurs, 26 lbs.
  11. This year my friend shot his tom off the back of the one I killed about 10 seconds before. Two more toms came running in after that, checked out the dead birds, then got super spunky and put on quite a show fighting each other. That went on for a solid half hour and while the toms were chasing each other around and kicking each other in the cow pasture, the hens got escorted off into the woods by a couple jakes the adult gobblers chased off earlier. I'm convinced that turkey's are either so stupid that they're easy to hunt or so stupid that they are almost impossible to hunt. Depends on the day. We could have stacked 5 gobblers up on Monday morning. Thursday through Sunday couldn't get anything closer than 150 yards.
  12. I saw a couple hens right in the middle of downtown Minneapolis a couple days ago. Wish I would have got a pic. They were using the crosswalk, but it was a don't walk sign.
  13. I drive past nokomis in so mpls everyday and it looks like it could go any day.
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