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  1. Yep. I got some woodies in the backyard pond that found my wood duck house today. I was trying to get a pic but they werent cooperating very well. But I've got a lot of coffee on the deck mornings for the foreseeable future. I'll catch them with my camera. I did get this guy catching some sun the other day. Didnt waste any time coming out. There was still a bit of ice on the pond.
  2. Maybe they will start airing simulation games using The Show 20. I heard they are airing simulation games using NBA 2K20, with real life announcers. Not sure why anybody would watch that though.
  3. Naw. There was a dude and his wife standing next to us and the dude looked like ya
  4. Sooo were you at the perch extravaganza?
  5. I think it's kind of a best one on that particular day sort of deal rather than a best one, period. I haven't had much luck with any of them. But a crow call is easier to blow and sound natural than an owl hooter, IMO.
  6. 12lb 9oz. Mississippi river, 2012. IMO bowfin is probably one of the easiest state records to break.
  7. bobbymalone


    Mine is solidly an amateur Nikon DSLR and it has a remote available. Pretty cheap too. I have seen third party remotes for like $15.
  8. At least where I fish, if ice out happens just before opener we slay em. If it's a month before opener, it's tougher.
  9. I believe your car is a watercraft on the lake and you can drink, just can't drive drunk.
  10. I had a neighbor who was mulching up fall leaves with the riding mower and must have ran out of gas. Then he went in for beer. In January there was a hump of snow in the middle of his backyard where the mower sat. I'm surprised it started in the spring, but it sure did.
  11. It's been stocked with rainbows, but no lakers.
  12. Isn't that really a big can?
  13. Well it should be pneumatic, obviously. Do you have to drill holes and line em up? I'm having a hard time visualizing an assembled kdrill having clearance.
  14. I am thinking you need some sort of drop down sleeve with that thing. Maybe a sleeve within the sleeve. Seems like it would get banged up going down the road. Not to be a Debbie downer, but make sure you've got some ventilation if you're running a buddy heater in there. Also, great toilet for your passengers when going down the freeway. That is a sweet rig though. Good work.
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