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  1. I like the walnut one. Crack the shell, add some water, wrap it in a wet paper towel, it germinates, keep in a sunny area, and then they show these magic walnuts. I think they left out about 15 years. LOL.
  2. Not to be a richard, but new plugs should have been automatic as soon as that motor got pulled from storage and clamped on the transom and even if not then it should have went along with the carb clean. I sorta doubt that's the problem though. I am starting to give del's ignition system ideas more of a thought. It is def possible that weak spark happens at low rpms.
  3. Well if I am out running around the lake, I probably won't have a timing light or an inline spark tester. But I will have a screwdriver. Done it before. When you have an old motor, it sometimes gets to be more of a combat hospital job than the mayo clinic.
  4. Jam a screwdriver in the boot and hold it close to the engine block.
  5. I have an 82 'rude 75hp 3 cyl and my high speed jets are fixed, but can adjust the low speeds. Not familiar with your motor, but I know some old OMC/Johnson's have a known issue with a plastic ring on the low speed needle. I did some serious tinkering with mine and eventually replaced the needles. They would dump too much fuel and it would run rich, foul plugs. I don't remember the exact issue or know what motors are affected. It was something I read in my shop manual. Which if you aren't going to go the Sledneck route and buy a $70K ranger to solve your old motor problems, I would def invest $30 in a quality shop manual. Mine has been worth thousands in $$$ saved.
  6. I would def try running it in the lake first, but it could need an idle adjustment or a low speed needle adjustment needed on the carb.
  7. Seems like you're putting in some work into this thing, Dave. Maybe you should do like Sledneck suggested in a different thread and just buy a brand new boat. From the looks of the tow vehicle, I'd buy a new truck too.
  8. LOL. I mean, new to being a twins fan. Because the Pohlad's being cheap is apparently their strategy.
  9. Dry rot was my thought. I would shoot some compressed air in there, but I'm guessing it's not gonna fix it. That little motor probably doesn't pee hard but I doubt anything that's small enough to crawl in there can build a nest strong enough to hold water back. I've been down that road of wishful thinking before  Not too hard to drop the lower unit on that thing and give it a look.
  10. I have seen glue traps but I have heard mixed reviews. I know a handful of chickens will gang up and kill garter snakes with great efficiency, but that's probably not a good option for you.
  11. Yeah, I saw that post in the spring and early summer then it disappeared. I guess it's back up. Thanks for pointing me towards it.
  12. Yeah, I've been looking at hsolist and piece by piece at Menards. I would like to go the hsolist route, but it's sometimes hard to find a section rather than a 60 footer. Earlier in the year there were a lot more sections available.
  13. Yeah the galvanized pipe thing is what I'm looking for. It's just a little pond out in the burbs, I just want to have a nice little spot to sit in a lawn chair, especially since a good chunk of my backyard is steep slope. Its a soft bottom. I sink in a little past my ankles and then it firms up.
  14. The steep sides on shore continue and drops off pretty fast. A good peecentage of the pond is 8-10. I saw one spot that was 11 foot. The neighbor says it has springs and it took a bit longer to get walkable ice than it should have considering the size. I had been out on a couple smaller metro lakes last winter, figured it had to have been frozen pretty good. Two steps on the pond and fell right through. It didn't seem to suffer from any winterkill last winter. It doesn't get a lot of weeds. Still working on a fish survey. I can confirm that there are big goldfish and bullheads. I have seen some pretty good size swirls around dusk making me wonder if there aren't a few bass in there.
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