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  1. I had a neighbor who was mulching up fall leaves with the riding mower and must have ran out of gas. Then he went in for beer. In January there was a hump of snow in the middle of his backyard where the mower sat. I'm surprised it started in the spring, but it sure did.
  2. It's been stocked with rainbows, but no lakers.
  3. Isn't that really a big can?
  4. Well it should be pneumatic, obviously. Do you have to drill holes and line em up? I'm having a hard time visualizing an assembled kdrill having clearance.
  5. I am thinking you need some sort of drop down sleeve with that thing. Maybe a sleeve within the sleeve. Seems like it would get banged up going down the road. Not to be a Debbie downer, but make sure you've got some ventilation if you're running a buddy heater in there. Also, great toilet for your passengers when going down the freeway. That is a sweet rig though. Good work.
  6. The strike master and eskimo have more of standard shaver blade and there are two blases. The kdrill has kind of a hybrid shaver chipper blade. I wonder how the edges hold up between them.
  7. Please no topless auger photos. We have seen your tatties enough.
  8. Yeah we get it leech.... Did you have anything to contribute to the topic here or just trying to get sponsored by Exxon?
  9. And the rest of the time, they are gonna be lugging around 30lbs of jiffy and stinking like two stroke to cut through 8 inches of ice. I keep my old strikemaster around just in case, which does happen. Not too much though.
  10. I'm a huge fan of my kdrill. It's also nice that I have a sweet milwaukee drill year round. It's probably overkill for my general homeowner use, but not complaining. A lot easier to justify the price factoring that in rather than an another expensive toy that I use for a few months a year. If you already have the drill, it's a no brainer.
  11. one looks a lot bigger than the other.
  12. I have one, it's more than a few years old. The reel is pretty junky overall and the chrome paint flaked off the handle after a year. I like Abu Garcia Cardinals. I dont remember the size, but it's the smallest one they make.
  13. Naw those tires on my car in high school were just faulty. Especially the rear ones.
  14. Def got a porn soundtrack. The old shack on some property where I deer hunt has an assortment of Stihl calendars from the early 80s with some bikini gals running chainsaws and leaf blowers.
  15. I think the part smurfy left out is the french press. https://www.thespruceeats.com/egg-coffee-2952648 The only place I have had egg coffee is at some lutheran church's diner at the state fair. It's a pretty decent cup of coffee.
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