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  1. bobbymalone

    Garage Floor Resurface

    I feel like if the power washer works, it's going to be the easiest and most fun way of removing that stuff. $7 on Amazon.
  2. bobbymalone

    Garage Floor Resurface

    I want it out because I am going to repatch it with concrete and then cover the whole garage floor with a cement based resurfacer to get rid of the shallow pitting that's all over where cars park. Then it's epoxy paint. I think it's silicone based. It's tough as heck but it's not hard like I would expect epoxy to be. It has some level of bounce to it. Not much. The floor is really clean and just a tiny oil spot. I'll let you know if I need a scubber. Thanks for the offer.
  3. bobbymalone

    Garage Floor Resurface

    Just bought a new house and the garage floor is a bit pitted. I was planning on resurfacing it as a DIY job since right now will be the last time in the next 20 years the garage is empty. There are a few spots where the pitting is pretty deep and the previous owner plugged them up with some sort of rubbery filler that has the consistency of industrial bubble gum. Any ideas on how to get that stuff out of there? I tried prying it out with a screwdriver, hoping it would pop out a like plug, but not so much. Also thought I might be able to blast it with a power washer but I haven't tried that yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I can't even think of the proper search terms to ask google about this.
  4. bobbymalone

    Smoking rock bass

    It's better odds than that. Cat's don't always land on their feet. And maybe peanut butter density does up the odds it's gonna land face first. But the rock bass thing works every single time. Sometimes better than others, but it always works.
  5. bobbymalone

    Smoking rock bass

    next time you catch a rock bass, flip it like it's doing somersault dive back into the water when you release it. Faster you spin it the better. Something strange happens. Only works on rock bass. I think.... I know it doesn't work on sunnies. Never tried it on a muskie. You're welcome.
  6. bobbymalone

    Clean meat

    Or you live in Flint Michigan.
  7. bobbymalone

    Clean meat

    If it comes between lab grown meat product or grasshoppers, gimme the grasshoppers. I'm sure grasshoppers can be smoked on an overpriced pellet grill.
  8. bobbymalone

    Clean meat

    I'll have a veggie burger every once and a while just to mix it up, but I'm not trying to convince myself it's a real burger... It's a veggie burger. I'm much more comfortable with veggie options that are just that... veggie options. When they try to recreate a meat product then it gets gross real fast (see tofurkey, vegan bacon, etc)
  9. bobbymalone

    Lake minntonka

    Depends how fast your boat can go. Unless your boat can do about 70, I'm thinking the short way is fastest. Even with the no wake zones it looks like the long way is 4 or 5 times longer.
  10. bobbymalone

    2 cycle oil

    I'd just take a $20 loss and use the proper stuff your outboard is specified for. It's just not worth it. I feel like this falls into one of those "if you have to ask the answer is no" sort of things.
  11. bobbymalone

    Ants, what do i do?

    Is there a problem with the ants besides it annoying you?
  12. bobbymalone

    1994 1750 Tyee Renovation

    I've never bought a car/truck over $15K, so yeah. It would take a powerball jackpot before I was in the market for a dealer showroom boat.
  13. bobbymalone

    1994 1750 Tyee Renovation

    I'll pay for materials and let you gain experience for this boat renovation thing
  14. Some sconnie took offense to you, Del... In the case of CWD, Wisconsin screwed up. Not sure of any other way to look at it.
  15. bobbymalone

    1994 1750 Tyee Renovation

    Can you get started on my 82 alumacraft in say early November and have it done by early to mid April?