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  1. Oh I thought the armature was toast. Yeah I'd maybe sink $25 bucks at it. This isn't your t motor but I think they are all pretty much the same down there. I realize after looking again I thought that was the back end of the armature. I think that is a bearing. Deep creep and some tapping.
  2. That actually looks like one of the seals to me. It doesn't make sense to have a bearing there. It should slide right off if I remember right. It's been a while. There are exploded parts diagrams all over the internet. I tend to agree that if it's all rusted up inside there you might be wasting your time.
  3. I'll work on the bowfin. Maybe we can get Del to do the lukewarm soak for us.
  4. View from the hammock this weekend
  5. The imbalance between the batteries also points to a battery failure. I have had one bulge on me when it drained out and froze. It was totally toast and bulged like a balloon. I believe they will vent gas, so bulging seems like it froze. But 4 years is a pretty good lifespan. I would put money down your issues are gone when you get these new batteries hooked up. Also, not sure what sort of battery charger you have, but it's worth the investment in a quality smart charger that will adjust based on the charge state. They aren't too expensive and worth every penny
  6. It's a twice a year PITA but it's worth it. Even a slightly bulging battery is a real good sign there are issues. I'm kinda surprised the Napa guy didn't suggest a replace as soon as he noticed it.
  7. Mine has always done that. It really only shows 4 bars when it's connected to a charger. Do you have a real voltmeter? This sounds like a battery issue 100%
  8. Was this a joke or did someone actually think that truck was gonna fit? Hard to tell from the photo but it looks wedged in there a little.
  9. Looks like a good size one. DNFW.
  10. Lol, no it didn't really help, but I was planning on putting one of those on the trolling motor if I go with garmin. Put the big boy in the console and the lil guy on the trolling motor. Let me know what you think once you get it on the water.
  11. Anybody have one? Happy with it? I'm thinking about tossing one on my boat. I like the mapping feature and I love the price point compared to a similar featured helix 7 with side imaging. Not looking for a Ford vs Chevy vs dodge thing or a rooster measuring contest about watts or marketing gimmicks. I'm also super interested in its use on the ice. My friend says his helix has an ice mode. He says it has a slight delay in normal mode and ice mode apparently turns that off and you can see your jig move in real time. Seems strange that it would ever have a lag like that, but he says he he isn't super sure what the ice mode does but it appears that's what it doing.
  12. More impressive if you didn't have Trump hands
  13. Every day I get a reminder why I haven't joined Facebook
  14. The property I hunt down there is some family land from a old friend since kindergarten. Routinely produces big birds.
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