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  1. bobbymalone

    Tips On Hooks For Tip Ups And Northern

    I assume this was under tip ups? I've been really curious about running circle hooks under tip ups, sort of like fishing for flatheads. I've tried it but never had a flag while I was doing it. I don't think that's the hooks fault though. I have caught a bunch of walleye with circle hooks. Corner of the mouth, just like a catfish. I think the ultimate factor is how fast you can get the thing hooked more than the hook or positioning.
  2. bobbymalone

    Directional Tires?

    You need a pit crew.
  3. I'm of the same opinion I am with worm filled fish... I am not starving, so why would I ever eat that?
  4. bobbymalone

    New Handheld Gps

    Mine seems to work just fine for marking spots and navigating around the lake. I'm not trying to watch HD porn on my GPS. I use my phone 98% of the time. But if I am way out there paddling around the BWCA, on some remote lake in Ontario, or in Yellowstone Backcountry, I'll take the garmin handheld every single time rather than deal with a phone and a backup charger.
  5. bobbymalone

    New Handheld Gps

    Yes, if you download the map while you have coverage. A better question might be, will your cellphone last 4 days on two easily replaceable double AA batteries? Everytime this topic comes up it's everyone saying to use your phone... Umm, that's not the poster's question. Personally, I would just ride out the 78s until it's dead. I'm still running a 62.
  6. bobbymalone

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    I have no idea why you would mess with a single stage in this state, but hey whatever. And I welcome a challenge between whoever thinks they can shovel faster my than my snowblower. That's just crazy talk.
  7. bobbymalone

    Lower Unit Oil

    A sign you shouldn't be running snowmobile oil in a chainsaw perhaps? Naw. I'm sure you're extending the the chainsaws lifespan by having it run fast. I have heard that regular auto gear lube of any weight doesn't have the anti foaming and water suspending capabilities of a marine grade oil specific for use in outboard lower units.
  8. bobbymalone

    Show Your Orange Motley Crew.

    Y'all Minnesota boys wish you were that cool.
  9. bobbymalone

    Smoked Dill Pickles

    The problem with parasites is mostly a thing of the past. But I think rare pork is chewy and it kinda turns my stomach over.
  10. Since there isn't a lot of covering ground I just don't need the last 30 seconds on a graph or a GPS map to know I've been sitting in the same spot for the last hour. My phone is always on me when I need to move and I run navionics. Half the year I'm in my truck when I'm on the move anyway. If I'm on a dogsled in the bwca I have a handheld. I'll stick to the flasher. I upgraded to a bigger screen with the bird, but I just dont need a ton of features that really only make sense on a moving boat. Just my two cents.
  11. My bird places nice with vexilars and doesn't get it too bad when there is a marcum in the next hole. Keep my FL18 as a backup/loaner, it's been bulletproof. But I haven't looked backed since I got an ice55 bird.
  12. Watch their interference disappear when you shut your marcum off
  13. bobbymalone

    2018 Pheasant Report

    man, six dudes shooting one rooster? i hope somebody hit it, but not everybody.
  14. bobbymalone

    Master Toasting Bread

    Sure it will toast, but will it sous vide?