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  1. I don't have a portable jumper but I have a few chargers from that noco genius brand you have pictured and they are nice. No issues.
  2. Sure, but they were 3 for 28 with RiSP and left 25 stranded.
  3. Even absolutely terrible teams win about 3 out of every 10 games. The best teams win about 7 of 10. There is so much random in baseball that's just how it works. You win some you lose some. What is it now? 0 and 16 against the Yankees? Such a disappointment. At least my Cardinals are still in it.
  4. I woke up at about 3am in a campsite in Yosemite to the sound of air horns and pots and pans banging together, rangers trying to scare a bear away. two days later I woke up to the same thing, plus 2 shotgun blasts. Ranger told me they bean bagged the bear.
  5. bobbymalone

    Vikings 2019

    I'm OK with the replay if it's used for a challenge. The automatic review is pretty lame though. And I agree with Dave about the playcall. If he would have thrown to an open receiver nobody would have said it was an awful call. Cousins effed that up.
  6. Uncle Buck. No question. Foul Play with Chevy Chase is on one of the weird channels right now. And Goldie Hawn in 1978 is a total smokeshow.
  7. Probably an 870. You can kill most anything with it for food without totally blowing it apart. You can defend yourself if need be. It will function all the time, every time, with little maintenance. Or a Ruger 10/22. Ammo is easy to find, you can carry a ton of it, and you can kill food with it.
  8. Affleck - Dazed Keanu - 1st Matrix Brad - Fight Club Robert Redford - The Sting Chevy Chase - 3 Amigos or Xmas Vacation Nick Cage - Face Off, even thought it's recognizably awful and the plot is terrible.
  9. I'm calling aliens before Bear sees this thread.
  10. I like the walnut one. Crack the shell, add some water, wrap it in a wet paper towel, it germinates, keep in a sunny area, and then they show these magic walnuts. I think they left out about 15 years. LOL.
  11. Not to be a richard, but new plugs should have been automatic as soon as that motor got pulled from storage and clamped on the transom and even if not then it should have went along with the carb clean. I sorta doubt that's the problem though. I am starting to give del's ignition system ideas more of a thought. It is def possible that weak spark happens at low rpms.
  12. Well if I am out running around the lake, I probably won't have a timing light or an inline spark tester. But I will have a screwdriver. Done it before. When you have an old motor, it sometimes gets to be more of a combat hospital job than the mayo clinic.
  13. Jam a screwdriver in the boot and hold it close to the engine block.
  14. I have an 82 'rude 75hp 3 cyl and my high speed jets are fixed, but can adjust the low speeds. Not familiar with your motor, but I know some old OMC/Johnson's have a known issue with a plastic ring on the low speed needle. I did some serious tinkering with mine and eventually replaced the needles. They would dump too much fuel and it would run rich, foul plugs. I don't remember the exact issue or know what motors are affected. It was something I read in my shop manual. Which if you aren't going to go the Sledneck route and buy a $70K ranger to solve your old motor problems, I would def invest $30 in a quality shop manual. Mine has been worth thousands in $$$ saved.
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