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  1. Def got a porn soundtrack. The old shack on some property where I deer hunt has an assortment of Stihl calendars from the early 80s with some bikini gals running chainsaws and leaf blowers.
  2. I think the part smurfy left out is the french press. https://www.thespruceeats.com/egg-coffee-2952648 The only place I have had egg coffee is at some lutheran church's diner at the state fair. It's a pretty decent cup of coffee.
  3. I think it's diluted. It's a different sort of awful than burnt awful.
  4. Yeah I would go with a French press or a pour over gadget before a percolator. I'm not really a coffee snob and will drink gas station coffee all day, but percolators make some pretty awful coffee. Don't have a wheelhouse but I just use a tea kettle and a pour over for camping coffee. Then I can use the tea kettle to boil water for other purposes. I assume you have a stove.
  5. Yeah I would say go for it. Its not too hard and saving 3K was well worth it.
  6. Or an attempt at humor?? But really every time you bring up sous vide you get the same predictable responses which are mostly just to get a rise out of you. And I thought you brought it up just to get a rise out of them. So really it's hard to tell who is trolling who.
  7. Sorry man, I must have missed it. Long story short, I used some sort of quikcrete garage floor resurfacer to fill in the chunked out parts and smooth over the pitting. Then I painted it with this rocksolid polycuramine stuff. The whole process was kind of a pain, it definitely doesn't look 100% perfect but it did the job and it only cost me a few hundred. Holding up so far.
  8. Could also be your WiFi if that's what's connected to your Roku. My ISP speed is acceptable but my wifi signal wasn't the best at my TV and the speed wasnt too good. When I upgraded my wifi router, the problems disappeared.
  9. bobbymalone

    Vikings 2019

    Picked him up for my fantasy squad since Engram is out. Woo-hoo!
  10. I don't have a portable jumper but I have a few chargers from that noco genius brand you have pictured and they are nice. No issues.
  11. Sure, but they were 3 for 28 with RiSP and left 25 stranded.
  12. Even absolutely terrible teams win about 3 out of every 10 games. The best teams win about 7 of 10. There is so much random in baseball that's just how it works. You win some you lose some. What is it now? 0 and 16 against the Yankees? Such a disappointment. At least my Cardinals are still in it.
  13. I woke up at about 3am in a campsite in Yosemite to the sound of air horns and pots and pans banging together, rangers trying to scare a bear away. two days later I woke up to the same thing, plus 2 shotgun blasts. Ranger told me they bean bagged the bear.
  14. bobbymalone

    Vikings 2019

    I'm OK with the replay if it's used for a challenge. The automatic review is pretty lame though. And I agree with Dave about the playcall. If he would have thrown to an open receiver nobody would have said it was an awful call. Cousins effed that up.
  15. Uncle Buck. No question. Foul Play with Chevy Chase is on one of the weird channels right now. And Goldie Hawn in 1978 is a total smokeshow.
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