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  1. bobbymalone

    Birds Everywhere!!!!

    Still can't say websight.
  2. bobbymalone

    Saved A Snowmobiler’s Life Today

    In related/unrelated news from the twin cities campus... My stopping power is greatly reduced by slick road conditions. I know on a normal day, you can just jaywalk right out into the road and cars will stop. But not today. And put your phone down, obviously you can't cross streets and text at the same time. Get your head in the game.
  3. bobbymalone

    Saved A Snowmobiler’s Life Today

    It's one thing to get run over diesel pick up. It's another to get run over by a diesel pick up with a snow plow on the front. When I was about 14, some kid shot out onto the road on a four-wheeler riding a trail. My dad missed that kid by an inch. I don't think the kid even noticed. But I'll never forget that, partly because my father never swears. But he did that day.
  4. bobbymalone

    20 Gauge For Turkey

    At the time I thought I should try to match the ballistics but in retrospect it doesn't matter at turkey ranges with a scatter gun. Definitely could have saved big $$$$ using target loads. I am also a fan of the hevi shot blend at $4 a pop. Thanks for the tip. I'm switching to my 870 this year so I gotta do it all over again.
  5. bobbymalone


    Vegans don't bother me. If that's your thing, whatever. I can respect it. I don't think there's really an argument to be won. Just a different way of doing things. It's the meat eaters that talk about how cruel hunting is that make me roll my eyes. Cuz I guarantee that Tom turkey I cruelly shot in the face had a better life and a more humane death than the Butterball you had for Thanksgiving and didn't think about because you've completely detached yourself from the reality of how it ended up at the grocery store.
  6. bobbymalone

    20 Gauge For Turkey

    I pretty much destroyed my shoulder patterning and sighting in my 12. Fortunately, it's been one shot per year since then
  7. bobbymalone

    This Has To Be Like A Record?

    If Dave had tatties as nice as yours he would be showing them off like you do.
  8. bobbymalone

    This Has To Be Like A Record?

    You may have less likes than Dave, but you've got better tits, leech
  9. bobbymalone

    Ice Castle Tail Lights

    Could be the ground for that light... I'm guessing there is a ground wire from that light that runs to the common ground on the adapter that plugs into the truck? Trace the wire from the fixture all the way to where it joins with the other side. They could also ground it through the trailer frame, check to make sure the connections aren't rusted up real bad.
  10. bobbymalone

    20 Gauge For Turkey

    Defintely screw in a tight pattern turkey choke in whatever barrels you are putting a shell in. I would think about a mid bead if it doesn't have one at the minimum to aim the thing. I put a $40 set of rifle sights on the my vent rib on my pump.
  11. bobbymalone

    Need A Polaris Fusion 600ho Primary Clutch.

    Dumb question from someone who has never taken a snowmobile apart before, but is it possible the thing was put on backwards?
  12. bobbymalone

    Just Food and Drink

    Why is there a straw in the bread?
  13. bobbymalone

    Jiffy Extreme

    Does it frost up when it comes out of the nozzle in your lantern/heater/BBQ grill?
  14. bobbymalone

    Am I Alone Or.....

    Oh, it sounded like a destination thing and IMO there's only thing in the Croix you can't get pretty much anywhere else. It is a good fishery for any number of things though. But maaaan, it can be a boring night fishing off the bottom in an ice shack for sturgeon.
  15. bobbymalone

    Am I Alone Or.....

    I'm not ready yet, but next week's negative high temperatures is probably going to help me be over the whole winter thing. Headed to the Croix for some dinosaur fishing?