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  1. Tried to get one of the spectacular sun dogs the other day but my phone camera doesn't do the best job and I didn't have time to mess with settings.
  2. Pick-T-oar was the only thing that I could force to fit if the first line was M-ocean.
  3. Motion picture? I think it's M-ocean. Pick-T-oar is a stretch tho
  4. I believe it's called a joke, bruh
  5. Late to the party, but hold up that's Zimmer's girlfriend? I imagine this is Zimmer and whoever the new coach is. https://youtu.be/YXmD6qdDCDE
  6. Those old Tecumseh motors need some TLC here and there but they never die. I am pretty much over stanking like 2 stroke tho.
  7. I had a similar deal with strikemaster and went out and bought a kdrill the next day. I have been super happy with it. I also had reservations with dropping down from a 10 inch. I got used to it and have no problem. I got a deal on my Milwaukee drill to get an extra battery so I have 3 of them. Also nice to have a quality drill around too. One time on ML late season there was almost too much ice but otherwise I haven't had any issue with ice thickness. Never had an issue with needing more holes than I can get out of 3 batteries either. I don't drill 100 holes in 30 inches of ice either. I did get my SM tuned and I can always break it out if needed. But I haven't used it once since getting the k drill. My friends propane auger is pretty nice. No issues. Nice to not stink my self up with 2 stroke exhaust. It is heavy tho. Electric is the future my friend. Embrace it.
  8. They prob have some sort of QC at the blade factory that found the issue.
  9. I guarantee you know dudes that are scared to touch them. I know several.
  10. As a follow up to that, I find grown men talking about ewww gross it's a slimy eelpout to be pretty dang funny. I have a couple friends that need me to catch bullheads for them out of the live well when we are fishing for flatheads. They are scared of getting horned and the bullheads can sense their fear.
  11. I pulled one out of a lake in Ontario from way too deep and it came up inside out. Figured I would give it a whirl. Did the poor man's lobster thing. Definitely not any man's lobster, but it was alright. Fry it hard enough and it will taste like hard fried anything.
  12. The tenderloins and backstraps were fantastic. Quartered the rest and dropped her off at center cut in albertville. Got the call on Friday to come pick it up. Kinda surprised they got it done so quick. When I dropped off the Sunday before last there were about a million youth season deer going in. Maybe skinning and quartering myself got me ahead of the line.
  13. It was a medium small doe. I don't antler hunt, I freezer hunt. Double lunged at about 12 yards. Just kind of walked away with no urgency. She laid down in some switchgrass about 45 yards or so and that was that.
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