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  1. bobbymalone

    What Is Your Favorite Ice Fishing Fishfinder?

    Since there isn't a lot of covering ground I just don't need the last 30 seconds on a graph or a GPS map to know I've been sitting in the same spot for the last hour. My phone is always on me when I need to move and I run navionics. Half the year I'm in my truck when I'm on the move anyway. If I'm on a dogsled in the bwca I have a handheld. I'll stick to the flasher. I upgraded to a bigger screen with the bird, but I just dont need a ton of features that really only make sense on a moving boat. Just my two cents.
  2. bobbymalone

    What Is Your Favorite Ice Fishing Fishfinder?

    My bird places nice with vexilars and doesn't get it too bad when there is a marcum in the next hole. Keep my FL18 as a backup/loaner, it's been bulletproof. But I haven't looked backed since I got an ice55 bird.
  3. bobbymalone

    What Is Your Favorite Ice Fishing Fishfinder?

    Watch their interference disappear when you shut your marcum off
  4. bobbymalone

    2018 Pheasant Report

    man, six dudes shooting one rooster? i hope somebody hit it, but not everybody.
  5. bobbymalone

    Master Toasting Bread

    Sure it will toast, but will it sous vide?
  6. bobbymalone


    LOL. No they don't. There are 9 people in the stadium that care about that. People go to eat a hotdog and watch the baseball game.
  7. bobbymalone

    Recommend Outboard Motor Repair Person Or Shop?

    The phone call went like this. TCO: Twin City Outboards Me: Hi, I have an 82 Evinrude 75 horse that needs..... TCO: We don't work on those. Me: Alrighty then. They did sell me a shop manual though...
  8. bobbymalone

    Recommend Outboard Motor Repair Person Or Shop?

    They were the first people that told me my outboard was too old to work on.
  9. bobbymalone

    Recommend Outboard Motor Repair Person Or Shop?

    I've had more than one mechanic act like working on my 82 evinrude was going to be such a pain they didn't want my money. They have complained about parts availability, which hasn't ever proven to be a problem.
  10. bobbymalone

    Outdoor Survival Guide

    My guess is they are paid to post links. But just in case not, try looking up state parks.
  11. bobbymalone

    Minimum Age To Archery Hunt Deer

    The minimum age is 10 for deer hunting whether its with a bow or gun. I remember it changing from 12 a number of years ago and there was some noise about it. DNR said something about decreasing numbers of hunters so they expanded it. It's weird that it isn't explicitly stated, but it would have the option of 10 and younger if 9 year olds could deer hunt. I don't know man. My daughter turned 3 in August and I just took her somewhere that kids age 0-2 enter for free. She was 2 that day. A 9 year old could be 10.
  12. bobbymalone

    Rod Tip Insert Your Thoughts?

    Yeah, if you need to lose a guide insert, there is no better guide than the tip top. I'd be a little worried about the quality of the guides if the top failed, but time well tell. If you lose the insert on a middle guide, it's probably time to reinvest in better equipment. Replacing a middle guide is not fun and questionably worth it. The fuji rod tip replacement kit comes with a stick of the hot glue. What I have found in building my own rods, use a razor blade to cut a little strip of the glue out. Stick that strip in the tip top. Hold a lighter close to heat it up. Jam it on the end of the rod. Trim off the residual that squeezes out. If it isn't seated straight, heat it up a little and center it. Easy-peasy.
  13. bobbymalone

    Rod Tip Insert Your Thoughts?

    For what you're doing, I would just buy the fuji tip replacement kit and go for it. It's like 5 bucks. Hopefully a few seconds with a cigarette lighter will soften up the adhesive enough you can just pop the top guide off. I'm not sure if they epoxy that on or what. I build my own rods and that top guide is stuck on there with what's basically hot glue. Little heat and it will come right off.
  14. bobbymalone

    Rod Tip Insert Your Thoughts?

    Def replace. You're not going to get it anywhere close to as smooth as that ceramic insert. Also not sure what sort of line you're using but I can show you a guide that was manufactured with no insert that is slowly being cut in two from braid running through it.
  15. bobbymalone

    Cooking Bear Meat

    Nobody understand what causes it. Which is why they probably do stuff like test everything, including sausages.