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  1. Soak in water. Utility knife. Vice grips. Go to town. It takes some time but it works. When done, simply use borax on the skull plates. No need to do any major scraping.
  2. lol Thats all you have? Paste anything you have on MDDI supporting or pushing APR at any point since it started. Come on Mr Know It All.
  3. Where did you pick that up PF? That is 100% not true. There has never been any discussion that MDDI has had the drive to push APR statewide. Absolutely none. I support the MDDI; however I do NOT support statewide APR. Thats flat out not a good idea.
  4. Hate to break it to you as well, but here are the facts. In 2006 there were stakeholder meetings for Central MN. It was decided to stabilize or slightly increase populations in 8 of the 9 permit areas under review. We were at a run rate of approx 5000 deer harvested annually in PA 240 when that decision was made in 2006 to stabilize the population in that area. We are now down 34% in harvest. Every year since the decision to stabilize the populations has been declining. They kept us in Intensive Harvest 2 more years after the DNR agreed with the stakeholders team members to stabilize the herd. How is any of this showing any herd stabilzation at all? From the very start of the deer management after the Stakeholders meetings, they kept the gas pedal down and have continued to allow deer to be taken at ridiculous rates.
  5. Hey Smelly Its definitely not one deer manager. We have our own issues where we hunt. Harvest down 35% over the last 10 years, yet he(our deer manager) will tell me over and over and over that the population is stable and healthy... MDDI was a big help in MN, but I am worried the DNR will slowly go right back to where they were. The DNR is full of excuses every year when things dont quite meet their pie in the sky predictions. Wind, rain, corn, smelly hunters(you should wash your socks), hot, cold, sleet, snow, expensive gas, bullet shortages, lazy hunters, people sulking that Trump was elected and not hunting, etc. I will chew off my left arm if they ever actually admit that their population modeling sucks and that macro managment just doesnt work. Glad to hear the people having a great season, but there are many of us that continue to struggle to see deer even though the DNR models say we have tons of deer and need to be a Management area again. It would be nice if they had some boots on the ground to actually verify their bullsh!t models....
  6. What one party sees is not what the whole state saw. Lots of input factors come into play for every area. The guy a mile down the road might not have seen a deer.
  7. Wow.... 25% of a herd the DNR estimates at "about a million deer" every year???? HAAAAAA. Might want to fact check that a little bit. That would be 250,000 deer a year.... Our registered harvest for all weapons is far far short of that. I always love the arm chair "facts".
  8. Beau Liddell is not in charge of the hunt any more.... So there could be a glimmer of hope that it might turn around.....
  9. Go to a grain elevator. $5 for a 50 lb bag.
  10. I cant shoot a wolf. Cant shoot a bear out of season. Neighbor shot/trapped 15 coyotes this past winter. My apologies that I cant cant camp out on the hunting land and kill more coyotes. Come on down and shoot em. I have offered it up to many, but nobody seems to want to do it after the big talk comes out. Plenty of things in life that dont allow unlimited time to go take care of predators in my life when I live 125 miles away.
  11. Not a single fawn on cam as of 2 weeks ago. Got a chocolate bear, a timberwolf(pic confirmed by the International wolf center in Ely) and coyotes. Lots of fawn eaters on the farm in OTC. fawns that survive are lucky SOBs now days. Continued sad state of affairs with the deer in our area.
  12. Wow!!!!! Congrats to your son! That is AWESOME.
  13. Was that up in OTC Jerky? I wont be muzzy hunting this year up there. Hockey tourney last weekend. Headed to Fargo with my son Friday for NDSU registration and spending the weekend up there. Another hockey tourney the following weekend. Any word from ChuckN? I havent yakked with him for a couple years I think.
  14. Harvest is up 14% over last year at this time. That equates to a whopping .75 deer per sq mile more than last year statewide. Bust open the bubbly. Its time to celebrate.....
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