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  1. I faced the same question. I went with the 338 lapua based on internet searches and talking to a few people who do a lot of shooting. bullet selection will be them same since both are 338 cal. 338 brass might be easier to get if you reload. ballistic wise they are pretty close but to get full potential out of either plan on spending as much or more for scope as you did for the rifle. I bought the savage 110 and it shoots very well and recoil is not bad at all
  2. jabug

    UTV Heater

    really isn't that bad to mount. do a search for cab heater install on your ranger and you should find out all the information you need. 3 inch hole saw and a 1 1/4 spade bit is what you will need to drill holes and then two t fittings to tap into water lines
  3. jabug

    UTV Heater

    I mounted mine under glove box. they are 10 wide 7 tall and 7 deep so really don't take up much room. doesn't get in the way at all atleast on my can am
  4. jabug

    UTV Heater

    don't waste your money on a 12 volt heater. I put a heater from summit racing in my can am works great and cost is 150 bucks. comes with ducts and tubing. search summit for automotive heaters.
  5. jabug

    tank in house

    good or bad idea to have propane tank for heater in house
  6. no i believe he is blaming it on a society that pushes the so called trouble maker to the side and doesnt reach out to give the person the help they really need. these shootings dont happen because of a certain type of gun they happen because people are not recieveing the help they need. we as a society need to step back and look at what we have become. better parenting will go along way. look at sandy hill a mother with a mentally disturbed child gave him access to these weapons that is not the guns fault its the parents. hes not blaming education but maybe a lack of it.
  7. jabug

    seed corn for feed???

    if you want to get rid of it i will take it off your hands.
  8. where you at have a couple you could have
  9. jabug

    2012 Trail Cam Thread

    why do you say i shouldnt have posted that picture
  10. jabug

    2012 Trail Cam Thread

    looks like 4 years of food plots and selective harvest is starting to help