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  1. Ill be hunting WI and MN. No changes here. Go big or go home in MN. Ive been seeing a few decent bucks around the country. Same in WI but ill likely try and take a doe if possible. Really want to get the wife on a good 2 year old or better this year with the archery tackle, looking like shes gonna have some options out there! I hope it pans out!
  2. Im pretty pumped up! I'll be trying to get my wife a good buck early this season. Harvey, I haven't seen any mosquitoes for about 8-10 years on opener. Im afraid this year we may finally have some again! Ive noticed a fresh hatch this past week as well. Looking forward to it either way!
  3. I think some deer just have big beams... and some never do. Looks like a nice 2 year old to me. If he was 3 it wouldn't shock me but I vote for 2.
  4. The new Browning cameras are affordable, small, fast, efficient, and take good photos. Check them out. I like them... and im very picky!
  5. The eyes and anatomy are so much better on newer forms you would regret not doing it! Pay the money and do it right.
  6. Pretty sure thats your same big pig as before phorn!
  7. Sandisk- and you have to format them once and a while.
  8. Can a guy mow his oats to keep them growing? Ive had great luck with oats as well. Im just curious if they could be planted earlier and then mowed before they head out? Maybe thats just dumb...
  9. Its been close to a decade since I've had to were the leather gloves and head-net on bow opener... I think this is going to be one of those years again!!
  10. Really??? I guess I had no idea... I thought the % was import to kill off some weeds compared to others. Thanks for the info!!
  11. Simple dumb question.... I have Round-up and Liberty in the concentrate but the labels are worn off. I cant for the life of me remember what to mix round-up/water ratio? I know 1.5 qts per acre for roundup and 28 oz/acre for thew liberty... but can I put 1.5 qts in with 16 gallons of water or is that too strong? Thanks for any help!
  12. I see what youre getting at Harvey... But again its says "may" twice in the first paragraph! And that was in 2006... either they are taking their time telling the world their results... or they still really dont know what CWD is and how exactly its spread. If it is in fact spread by saliva, then I would think since 2006 we would have seen herds dying off in catastrophic numbers. I guess the way I see it is CWD has been documented since the 60's in the US, and we have a whitetail herd of 30 million strong. If it was going to be a big problem, in the past 50 years, I would think it already wou
  13. Ya I agree with hes saying... but I can see where they'd get 1 million members and at the 1st annual meeting, there'd be 1 million man cage match! Its too bad.
  14. I can find nothing that suggests CWD is spread through saliva.... only that it "might be". Its here, its there, and it probably always has been. Its been documented in Colorado since the 80's. And your right, once they "find it" here, look out! They will probably try to shoot the whole herd off because MAYBE that will stop it... or MAYBE slow the spread... but who really knows? Until someone figures out what really causes it and how to actually stop it, I think everyone ought to settle down. The only thing that's wiped out any wild deer herds so far is DNR and Game & Fish jumpin the gun
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