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  1. mwal

    Spearable Ice?

    If weather patterns hold there will be spearble ice for MN opener. Mwal
  2. MJ Jake and I cannot make it this year. He has moved since you sent the Nordlord to him and he is searching for it tonight. I will try to get it to you ASAP. Mwal
  3. mwal

    Pickling Time

    YOu guys doing fermented or vinegar pickles? Mwal
  4. mwal

    2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    I have joined Mwal
  5. mwal

    Ice report

    Anyone been out? How was the ice? Mwal
  6. mwal

    Decoy string

    Old fashioned black Dacron musky line. Durable tough Have thought of trying 50 or 100lb flouro but knots are hard to do in it then you have to use crimps etc more point to fail. Interested to see what others do. Mwal
  7. mwal

    Winnie gtg Dec. 2-4

    Hope you guys are able to get birds or some fish out of the boat. Good Luck Mwal
  8. mwal

    Winnie gtg Dec. 2-4

    Keep us posted I will retain my vacation days for safe Ice. unless something changes. freak weather change etc. This sucks I look forward to the camaraderie and the tasty on ice treats.
  9. mwal

    Winnie gtg Dec. 2-4

    Any Idea if there any ice? Mwal
  10. mwal

    Winnie gtg Dec. 2-4

    Great news now for cold
  11. mwal

    Winnie gtg Dec. 2-4

    Any News on the get to gator? Ice Etc Mwal
  12. mwal

    Winnie gtg Dec. 2-4

    that is better news just have to wait on the weather
  13. mwal

    Winnie gtg Dec. 2-4

    MJ1657 Any word on the 3rd River Situation? Mwal
  14. mwal

    Sportsman's swap meet

    Wish I could go need a couple 5 tines. Instead I will be in WI chasing bass in a tournament Mwal
  15. mwal

    Spraying Weeds = dead fish

    The fish die off may not have anything to do with spraying there is a virus that kills mainly panfish when the water warms. thousands were on Lake Independence a week ago. Also that curly leaf pond weed looks healthy. Mwal