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  1. sportfish

    Ground blind suggestions

    If you leave it up for 3-5 months at a time it's going to fade out . Make sure you stake it down very well and leave a center pole to support the roof in late season so the snow doesn't crush it . Good luck
  2. sportfish

    Loading up Rattle reels

    Coated Dacron
  3. sportfish

    Loading up Rattle reels

    Just look around at a sporting goods shop , there Is coated tip up line you can use or fly line . Most of the time i put about 60' of it on and a 4-5' leader of mono 4 lbs for crapies and 6-8 lbs for wallyes
  4. sportfish

    Removing hide from antlers

    Just a thought but could you burn it off with a torch , I'm sure it will stink but sounds easy
  5. sportfish

    Doe permit muzzleloader?

    Thanks guys , thats what I thought,.
  6. If you had a doe permit for firearms season and didn't use it is it still good for muzzleloader season ? It was last year but I thought they changed that rule . Thanks
  7. sportfish


    That's a tuff one with out knowing the ata and brace hight . Is that riser longer or shorter ? Be prepaired to buy a few different strings !
  8. sportfish

    Ice Castle Frame Rust addressed + season prep begins

    Did you drill the frame out to let the water drain out
  9. sportfish

    Saturday night

    Set your sight at 25 yards and you are golden out to 30 with out moving it , you might be a inch high at 20
  10. I hear ya , I just eat a Montana elk tag for $880 . I could go back with the rifle but it would be more money and time off from home
  11. Thanks for good read ! Was this your first elk trip ?
  12. sportfish

    Montana elk hunt

    Last year my Montana hunt was so great I thought we had a honey hole of elk and I had to try it again this year . Well no honey this year ! Everything was against us . Full moon, lions, grizzly bears and other hunters . I wasn't in mental or physical shape this year , I still tried for 6 days . Had shots at spike Bulls but there not legal . They were not talking from all the pressure. We still had fun but not like last year . On to Minnesota whitetails now !
  13. sportfish

    How High?

    Today we hunted from 6600 to 9000 feet ! Ha ha
  14. sportfish

    Broadheads: Mechanical or fixed?

    Fixed or expandable is a loaded question ! Everyone has there own opinion. I feel accuracy and shot placement trumps all . . . I have tried a lot of heads and will probably try more , it's fun to try different ones . I only found one that I will never use again the T3 two out of three broke off at the thread