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  1. If you leave it up for 3-5 months at a time it's going to fade out . Make sure you stake it down very well and leave a center pole to support the roof in late season so the snow doesn't crush it . Good luck
  2. Just look around at a sporting goods shop , there Is coated tip up line you can use or fly line . Most of the time i put about 60' of it on and a 4-5' leader of mono 4 lbs for crapies and 6-8 lbs for wallyes
  3. Just a thought but could you burn it off with a torch , I'm sure it will stink but sounds easy
  4. If you had a doe permit for firearms season and didn't use it is it still good for muzzleloader season ? It was last year but I thought they changed that rule . Thanks
  5. That's a tuff one with out knowing the ata and brace hight . Is that riser longer or shorter ? Be prepaired to buy a few different strings !
  6. Did you drill the frame out to let the water drain out
  7. Set your sight at 25 yards and you are golden out to 30 with out moving it , you might be a inch high at 20
  8. I hear ya , I just eat a Montana elk tag for $880 . I could go back with the rifle but it would be more money and time off from home
  9. Thanks for good read ! Was this your first elk trip ?
  10. Last year my Montana hunt was so great I thought we had a honey hole of elk and I had to try it again this year . Well no honey this year ! Everything was against us . Full moon, lions, grizzly bears and other hunters . I wasn't in mental or physical shape this year , I still tried for 6 days . Had shots at spike Bulls but there not legal . They were not talking from all the pressure. We still had fun but not like last year . On to Minnesota whitetails now !
  11. Today we hunted from 6600 to 9000 feet ! Ha ha
  12. Fixed or expandable is a loaded question ! Everyone has there own opinion. I feel accuracy and shot placement trumps all . . . I have tried a lot of heads and will probably try more , it's fun to try different ones . I only found one that I will never use again the T3 two out of three broke off at the thread
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