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  1. the articles never mention if there are any deer on the island either.
  2. Fulton is a good brewery just a short walk from target field. haven't been to 612 brewery, but want to. SUMMIT is a great stop over in st. paul day block is a good choice
  3. another one of the problems. taking what the dnr states as goals for zones and directly applying it to a specific property. dnr will never be able to manage at the property level the way hunters expect them too. a lot of hunters have flat earth syndrome: the world starts and stops at their property lines.
  4. good grief. what do deer need to survive? food. what impacts food availability? growing season length. is the growing season the same in international falls as cannon falls? no. the constant comparisons of mn to Kansas, PA, or just about anywhere else are out of control. comparisons of NW MN to SE MN to NE MN are also out of control.
  5. is that question real or rhetorical? or did you really know the point I was making?
  6. do people really believe that 30 dpsm in Kansas is equivalent to 30 dpsm in mn? or x dpsm in Pennsylvania is equivalent to x dpsm in mn?
  7. saw a report that the preliminary final number for 2014 is 139,000.
  8. what's Wisconsin gonna do? I'm really concerned. I mean they had the best deer herd in the country but the just had their worst season in 32 years!!! what was the dnr thinking? how did they let this happen? i mean just days before the season, we were all here talking about how mn was gonna have the worst season in 20 years and how great Wisconsin is. but, they had the worst season in 32 years!!!
  9. B. Amish

    Joe Mauer

    how many mega deals are "good deals" for the duration of the contract?
  10. the really important factor about the last two winters is that it was still winter when it should've been spring. that's what really crushed the deer.
  11. because lakes have public access. the hotspot of too many deer is probably private. they can't make anybody pull the trigger.
  12. maybe they don't have time to update because they're too busy replying to emails from people that demand answers to their questions because 'they work for me'. then, when they get a response, take the response to a message board and dissect every sentence of it for hidden meanings or half truths that aren't there. and if they don't get a response, they call their legislator, or start dragging people's names trough the mud on forums and letters to the editor. and then the employee has to deal with that entire can of worms which takes up even more time.
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