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  1. Once you get it built here is how you fish it.
  2. No, its in reference to a different post that Bear made where he said what a great job Fletcher did putting this current team (parisie vannek suter pommenville) together. The list of seasons is an FYI of why some of us have no faith.
  3. Give me Balt over NE Seattle over Carolina GB over Dallas Denver over Colts I cant bet against the Ravens anymore. Everytime I do in the playoffs the kick my butt. They have had good success playing @ NE in the playoffs. Seattle simply too much and Scam Newton is a terrible QB/ human being GB offense should be able to overpower Dallas D and Demarco Murray gonna put a cold ball onto the ground. Dont think the NFL is ready for Luck to beat Manning yet. However, Manning is kind of a choker in the playoffs, but he reserves it for a later game.
  4. Well 10,000 why dont you tell me what is really happening. I am the only one who had the balls to tell you guys over two years ago that the direction they were going in was all wrong. Well into the third season I have been spot on. All you guys can do is spin it around and hate on me. Dont hate me, hate our worthless team.
  5. Every team has injury and illness every year. Injury and illness are just the excuse these guys are using to keep their jobs.
  6. Yeah Bear cause its too much to ask for to make a Stanley Cup appearance ONE TIME in the "State of Hockey". Mathematically as a percentage more teams make the playoffs than miss the playoffs in the Western Conference, yet we struggle mightily just to get there. Just once in my life maybe a 2 or 3 seed might be nice. 2001- No Playoffs 2002- No Playoffs 2003- Swept out of conference finals 2004- No Playoffs 2005- Lockout 2006- No Playoffs 2007- Lost quarterfinals 1-4 to Ducks 2008- Lost quarterfinals 2-4 to Avs 2009- No Playoffs 2010- No Playoffs 2011- No Plafoffs 2012- No Pla
  7. I think every die-hard wild fan on here like yourself is just happy to limp into the playoffs 2 or 3 of every 5 years, win two or three games and get bounced out and then say, "next year" or "just need another forward or a little more D." Extremely pathetic considering what the state and fans have invested into this team, and I am puzzled as to how any objective person can argue against that.
  8. I dont know what you have, but it takes me under 10 minutes to pack everything up, crank the house up and drive down the road. I would take it off the lake.
  9. What I am implying is they should fire the coach and GM yesterday. WHO CARES WHO THE NEXT COACH IS, THIS ONE IS NOT WORKING AT ALL!!! Your GM got you these players, signed the two big contracts, traded away prospects for Pommenville, signed Vanek the ice ornament, and the coach is unable to get ANYTHING out of this team. Expecting Fletcher and Yeo to get you ANY different result is pure lunacy. I just dont understand why those of you so in love with the team cant see the problems. I have been the lone voice of dissent for the last three years, and it looks like I am spot on. And yes BB
  10. I went out and got lunch for all of you blind WILD lovers. There is no question that the coach, GM, and half of these players should be GONE!!!
  11. Games were OK to watch. I thought the two late games were much better each day. Glad to see Dallas gets the game handed to them by the stripes. Pretty bogus to announce the penalty and then pick the flag up. Couple thoughts. 1. The Bengals should fire Marvin Lewis tonight 2. Dez Bryant is a pie stain 3. Cam Newton is the my most hated player in the league. I love how he does the Jared Allen and fakes the phantom injury and pretends every motion hurts, and then once its apparent the game is over he is running up and down the sideline like there's nothing wrong. What a fraud!! Not t
  12. Farmers as a whole across the country probably used more propane than ever this year by a long long ways.
  13. This pretty much sums up how I feel about the situation. Just replace Indians with Wild.
  14. Let me know when I can bring you guys back to reality. I have been patiently waiting with a large plate of "I told you so," as this team falls apart. Yeo should be fired immediately.
  15. Vikings Cornerback Jabari Price Arrested on Suspicion of DWI Quote:A Minnesota Vikings rookie was arrested by Minneapolis police on suspicion of driving while impaired early Monday morning.Jabari Price, 22, was booked into the Hennepin County Jail around 4:41 a.m. on suspicion on fourth degree DWI, a misdemeanor charge. He was released just before 7 a.m. Monday. The Vikings cornerback has a court appearance scheduled for Feb. 9. Price was selected by the Vikings in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL Entry Draft. He registered nine solo tackles for Minnesota in 14 games this past season.
  16. Give me..... Carolina over Arizona Pittsburgh over Baltimore Indianapolis over Cincinnati Dallas over Detroilet
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