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    My wife got me one for Father's Day last year. I have mainly used it on crappies and walleyes, and love it. I use an electric knife to cut the fillet off the fish, then use the Skinz-it for the rib bones and then the skin. I bet I am close to 60-90 seconds per fish (after you get the hang of it). You control the speed, so yes, you can leave a patch of skin on the fillet for travel. And yes, the fillets are just as bone free as if I was using a regular knife! To clean it, you just flip a lever, the roller comes out for cleaning, and slides back in. It is safe enough that my five year old can use it without me worrying about her getting anything pinched in it.
  2. I've decided to get a new goose call, and after some research, I've narrowed it down to two: either the Field Proven Matrix, or the Banded Dark Magic. Both are about the same price, but the difference is I can get the Banded call for almost half price, while the Matrix comes with a lifetime warranty. Anybody have any experience with the Dark Magic call? I do have a friend with the Matrix, and it sounds awesome, but haven't been able to blow either of them myself.
  3. No, you won't need a new engine, it is just a tough job to do. I had mine changed last summer at 135,000 and had called around. Ford dealer wanted $800 and said they take the cab off the chassis to do it. A second shop wanted about $500-650 to do it, and the third said they would do it for $400. The bill ended up being $340 and they said only two of them broke! 😃
  4. The Splash Brite by thill is a good one, but expensive and can't replace the battery. The Night Bobby is cheap and offers replacement batteries and works good (but is bulky). If you go with the night bobby, choose red, the other colors are just harder to see on a totally dark night.
  5. Hey, my wife's Nissan Altima front wheel drive car is in need of two tires. When we bought them, they were insistent on putting the new tires on the rear, which just seems to go against everything that makes sense to me. Anyone else heard this, and can explain why to me?
  6. I has a similar issue with my copilot this weekend. Would run fine and then just shut off and not respond at all. Turned out the battery in the remote was weak. As soon as I put in a new battery, everything worked like new. Strange how in the evening it worked great, but the next morning I had nothing but problems!
  7. Have you checked the winter intake for debris? Flush it out good, then I'd consider replacing the impeller.
  8. That was what I was looking for. Thanks for your help!
  9. I know the regulation book used to have a statement somewhere in it about this, but I can't find it in the 2014 book, so I was hoping someone can help me, does a child under 16 get to keep his own limit of fish, or does it get included with the adults? I know they used to be able to keep their own, but like I said, I can't find it this year in the book. Thanks in advance.
  10. For duck hunting I run an original 1955 5.5 johnson. Still runs great!
  11. I used to fish an irrigation creek along the Iowa border all summer long and hammer some awfully big northers. It was about 3/4 of a mile from a lake, so they would be in there as long as the summer didn't get too dry. In August the water was still 4 feet deep or so.
  12. I don't believe this is true. You can keep 2 from Ontario, or 2 from Minnesota, but the possession limit in MN is 2, and you would have 4. Besides, all of your bait would have to be purchased in Canada, or when you were on that side you would get nailed for that (Ontario DNR told us the fine is $25 per minnow, even if you didn't have the receipt to prove where you bought them). The baitshop owner even told us in Canada you are guilty unless you can prove yourself innocent, after having a chat about bait last summer in Ft. Frances.
  13. Look on the transom, drivers side for the hull/vin #. Last 2 digits are usually year of manufacture. You can also look at the license on the front. The newer licenses from the state have the boat's year on them as well.
  14. Look on the transom of the boat, drivers side, for the vin number. Last 2 digits are usually the year it was manufactured.
  15. Thanks for your help, it worked great on the lake. I appreciate everyone's advice on how to fix my small mistake!
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