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  1. LOL. I have went out of my way for a decade to never deal with face to face banking.
  2. Lol. They also party every night under my stand from about 9pm to 2am. And a nice coyote stopped to take a leak right in front of my camera. Earlier this fall there was a bobkitty that wandered through. And the biggest porcupine in the state.
  3. From the trail cam footage, acorn brunch happens on monday-thursday mornings under my stand.... while I am at work.
  4. I missed seeing a bunch of deer under my stand. Does that count?
  5. I skipped the miss and went straight for the wound a couple years ago. Still waiting on the kill.
  6. Sometimes you just need to sit by yourself in the woods for a while. I sat last weekend and didn't see nuthin. It was a good sit though, I had a bit of leaf canopy and was the right way with the wind so I only got about half soaked. Caught a lil guy with messed up antlers on the trail cam. He looked more like a deformed caribou than a deformed whitetail. I shoulda saved the pic, I just plugged the card into my phone and viewed, didn't save anything.
  7. That's either a little shotgun or a bigass squirrel.
  8. Stoked about this cold snap and hope it continues. I hate deer/duck hunting and fighting off mosquitoes.
  9. I found a bunch north of ML a couple weeks ago. Oysters too. I found some past the expiration date oysters in the cities last week.
  10. My speedo stopped working and I am thinking it's clogged up. I can't figure out where the hole is though? I can follow the tube from the harness thing down to where there is a small plastic fitting that screws into the leading edge of the LU but I'm not sure what happens after that. I also thought about disconnecting the tube from that plastic fitting and trying to blast it out from there.
  11. I have ran them on tip ups with a sucker. Seems to work well. There is a bit of a learning curve with the hookset. It comes easier if you already have experience with circle hooks. From my experience it works best to just kind of slowly apply the brakes to a spinning spool. The quick jerk that you might use with a regular hook can just yank it out. Usually not though.
  12. I have had good luck with river walleyes using plastics. Lake walleye, not so much. Usually twisty tail grubs and paddle tail minnows. Never tried plastic leeches
  13. I do use spring water and not the tap. Burnsville tap water smells like the swimming pool. I rarely use it for anything other than washing stuff.
  14. It's totally a scam. I have never boiled it. Just like making koolaid, it will dissolve easier in warm water. I haven't had a problem with room temp as long as you're willing to stir it for a bit. No disrespect to anyone's late wife. I make about a quart at a time and I don't put a lot in the feeder at once. Store the rest in the fridge. Those feeders are big and it will go bad years before they can get through it.
  15. I think the DNR cancelled most volunteer activities and I'm guessing drumming surveys were heavily reliant on volunteers.
  16. I'm gonna go hard from mid sept on. Couple week break in November. Hopefully I won't have to see if any deer are left in December. I'll duck hunt a bit, but I'm kind of over it. The juice just really isn't worth the squeeze. At this point in my life, if it ain't a mallard or a wood duck, I'm probably just gonna let em land. I have had enough schitt duck jerky for this lifetime. I actually prefer goose over duck by a longshot. And I really need a duck or two. I don't have any interest in limiting out. Always get a fall turkey tag too. Just in case I get a floc
  17. I am guessing you mean the porcelain when you say it cracked. Was it the part inside the cylinder at the electrode or the part where the boot slides over. I'm thinking this is probably not something I would worry about unless it happens again.
  18. How long was the plug in? If it was there for a long time, I wouldn't worry about it too much. They can break if they get super hot. Like something wrong with your engine super hot. You can also crack them with over torque, but that should happen not too long after putting them in.
  19. I wouldn't necessarily count on it, but aftermarket parts are easy to come by on 40 year old evinrudes.
  20. Oh I thought the armature was toast. Yeah I'd maybe sink $25 bucks at it. This isn't your t motor but I think they are all pretty much the same down there. I realize after looking again I thought that was the back end of the armature. I think that is a bearing. Deep creep and some tapping.
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