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  1. Didn't have the tape on it, but this is a solid sunfish anywhere in the state. Especially for the metro. Caught several nice ones like this whipping the flyrod around. For reference, my hand is big enough to palm a grippy regulation size basketball on a good day.
  2. The real douche mobile are the ones driven by the dudes talkin' shizz about some one else's boat, motor, and what they are fishing for.
  3. Seen em, never tried one. I did upgrade to one of these from a spoon.
  4. Looks like some old hen had her nest raided because she moved into my duck house for a second round this year. I wonder if the heat is compatible with a second brood. And the first batch with the two hens appears to have at least 3/4 survival so far. They are getting bigger.
  5. I thought the question was if you took the picture.
  6. I guess the neighbor had a lot worse day than me yesterday. He said that was a brand new prop a week ago.
  7. I posted a pic on April 15 of a hen standing on the box. The hens disappeared off the pond a day or two after that. So about 4 weeks of egg sitting, right on target. I should have checked the date on when the hens disappeared. Last year I did that and was able to correctly predict the hatch within 2 days.
  8. Missed it. Must have went when I was out of town for walleye opener. Only 5 duds out of that mess of eggs is pretty good.
  9. The pond does have a few bass in it. But Mr snapping turtle is already licking his chops.
  10. Look a little closer.... It takes 2 ducks to lay that many eggs.
  11. So I checked my wood duck house by sticking my camera in the hole. There are a lot of eggs. A LOT. I got worried that it was an egg dump and mama duck abandoned it. So I checked it again and.....
  12. I swear I saw one out the window earlier today but I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.
  13. No luck for me this afternoon, but I didn't put in a lot of work. Pulled some ramps though.
  14. That long string of lights is some sort of railroad maintenance train. I think. It had some trucks following it on the tracks.
  15. Meh, deep fried anything tastes like deep fried everything. To each their own. I like a light saute in some butter and piled on a steak.
  16. Got some new spots to hunt this year, excited for them to sprout up.
  17. I ran into one last fall that was gigantic. Big raccoon size. Probably twice as big as any other one I have seen in the wild. It was rooting around in the leaves under my stand.
  18. Not sure how it was for everybody else, but last year there was a bumper crop of ramps. Thousands and thousands.
  19. Staking claim. Hopefully I'm lucky enough to see 'em take the leap again this year.
  20. Yep. In my old weber without the catcher, I have had ashes blow around. But not on the food. Also had them get wet which is kind of a pain and the catcher cuts down on that. If you plan on running it 15 years and emptying a billion times, that extra $45 is worth it IMO.
  21. +1 on the ash catcher. I know folks get into grills like ford vs chevy, but I got a "free" weber premium grill for signing up for hundred and fifty grand worth of interest on a mortgage. I've had it for 12 years and it's still going strong. Buy a cover.
  22. I have had a board go bad on mine and I just replaced the board for like $70. It was pretty new, I think it got power surged. If it was older and more tired I would have replaced the whole thing.
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