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Steve Foss

Pics of some hot foxes (no, not THAT kind!)

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I spent several hours today at the same nearby fox den I posted pics from on a previous thread.

This time all four kits were out, though they move faster than any athletes I've ever shot and I was only able to get three of them in the frame at once.

Anyway, lots of fun, and it's just pretty hilarious to watch these clowns when mom and dad are away and they want to play.

I'm playing with a new Web processing regimen, so if something seems too saturated or too washed out or too sharp or not sharp enough, bear with me.

Logging in


You got a problem with me, Guido?


Emerging from the grass


Ahhhh, a goooood stretch!


Pretty slinky




Watch it . . I bite


Just what's up there?


Noses to tails


Sleeping like a log


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Great series Steve, logging in, what's up there and stretch are my favorites. I know you didn't ask but the colors, saturation and sharpness are looking good on my calibrated laptop.

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Great captures Steve!....I have a co-worker here in Hibbing that lives in Ely.....He mentioned that he knew where a fox den was not to far from Ely(couple weeks ago and easy to get to) .....he told me the whereabouts of it! it's the same one grin(he knew I liked photography and figured he'd give me a "heads up" ) ....with the gas prices so high I think I'll pass on the thought ....Steve's covering that fox den with such great quality, respect, and dignity with his photos....

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Great series. You found a goldmine in that den. I love "Emerging from the grass".

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I love them all. Did anybody else notice the wood tick the size of a nickle in the right ear in the first image. Also didn't know that they got that dark of a coat or is this a defense colorization when there young?


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Steve these are great, Speaking of insects I think I see a fly above the head of the pup on the left in the stretch photo, just shows the detail that you have captured.

Also enjoyed the dogs - those bird dogs love to play.

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Thanks everybody! They are fun to watch, no doubt, especially when two or three or all four come out and start wrestling. They move so fast it reminds me of shooting sports.

Meat-Run, I think this is pretty typical fox pup coloration, but they will change into adult pelt by late summer. The parent I've seen and photographed looks like a cross phase, with a lot of darks and grays in the coat, and it's always a bit of a tossup whether pups will grow into typical red adult pelt, the silver fox pelt (much rarer) or some form of cross pelt.

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