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  1. Some beautiful shots here! What a great opportunity!
  2. Dbl

    Sax Zim Bog Visit

    That does look like a fun day!
  3. Thanks for posting these up.
  4. Thats good advice on the lens, bodies change almost yearly with new features and upgrades. The old adage spend money on good glass not bodies applies here. As you are starting out and you gain experience you will find out the things in a camera that are important to you. At a later date you will likely move up to a more advanced body when you decide what features you need for your type of shooting. I've been through at least 7 or 8 different bodies but am still shooting most of my original lenses since I switched to digital. I don't get hung up on brand loyalty. You will find a camera that fits you and a menu system that is comfortable to you. All cameras these days from all the manufacturers are good. What you will learn is that you are buying into a system. As you invest in better lenses you will find it difficult to switch brands because of the cost. I've said this so many times here it should be a permanent sticky! Don't invest a lot of money starting out until you find out your needs in a camera.
  5. Itasca is a favorite of mine, I did get married there 35 years ago so that might be why! The Headwaters look like it is high! Nice colors in the trees as well. Thank you for the nice photos! I do want to try out the camping cabins sometime, preferably during the winter. Did you camp or stay in lodging?
  6. Looks like a wonderful trip! Nice photos to go with! Beautiful part of the country to spend time! Just got back from two weeks in England and Scotland myself! Next week is a week of fishing. Got to love fall vacations!
  7. Nice group of shots! Good to see you're not spending all of your time in the air!
  8. Been a busy summer haven't had much chance to be on the boards much. A few photos from the summer so far. 1. Lake Vermilion late July. Aurora, shooting stars and Milky way all in one shot. 2. Lake Vermilion sunset. Early July. 3. July 4th fireworks, both natural and man made! 4. Trip to northern Quebec.
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