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  1. From the Admiral Feeder at the Sax-Zim Bog.
  2. Like the perch! Haven't been to the Bog this winter. The GGO's have been very cooperative, but it sounds like you have to elbow your way in to get a shot!
  3. Well done! North Shore has been incredible this winter!
  4. Dandies! My son is playing pond hockey in Superior this weekend. Hope he has drier conditions!
  5. Thanks! Always looking for a new look to chickadee shots!
  6. Thanks! All are in Minnesota except the goose hunt shot. That was in Manitoba.
  7. Haven't posted in a long time, but have been busy. Here are some of my faves from last year.
  8. Always looking for the perfect chickadee image!
  9. I have two that come every evening to pick up black oil sunflower seeds under my feeder. They've been coming for the last three years.
  10. Always enjoy your pond hockey shots, Dan! Looks like #4 has "new lens" painted all over it!
  11. Totally agree with Dan. I've experimented with extenders on both the 100-400 as well as the 70-200 and was not happy with either. Very difficult to get an image that isn't soft.
  12. Here's one guarding my feeder earlier this week.
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