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  1. Lisa Almquist

    Is Popeye's chicken better then QFC?

    Quote:We just had a Popeye's chicken move into an old QFC building Where? In the Duluth area?
  2. Lisa Almquist

    Burntside Bash

    Sounded like a great time Barb! I've never ice fished Lake Superior before which is a shame since I live pretty close. Maybe you can sneak out one more time on one of the panfish lakes around you? I'm not sure if I'll have time to go out again either for that matter. I put a post down in the Bash details thread in the BWCA-Duluth-Gunflint Trail-North Shore Lake Superior Burntside Bash thread. The other Bashers always make this day so much fun-what a great time! I got to meet some new people like Matt Breuer, buzbunni, Piedmont Angler's brother and dad, leech, Shane Z and his gf Amanda, Wayne and few more that this ole brain can't remember! As always it was great seeing Mike (chaffmj) and his wife Jodi, Steve Foss, Steve Sutherland, Frank (Surface Tension) and Frank Jr, Casaloma, Gary (ripstick), Randy (Loonasea), Vic (PA), Zona and Dan (simey1)with their son, the other Jim (trumy), Mike Stark and I'm sure I've missed some others. Can't wait until next year!
  3. Lisa Almquist

    Burntside Bash

    I'm sure you'll have an equally fun weekend Barb-you'll have to come to the Bash next year. I'll try to take pics to post from the Bash here on Sunday or Monday. I'm super excited to be getting back up to Ely since I haven't ice fished very much this winter.
  4. Lisa Almquist


    Finally is right! So where are you fishing?
  5. Lisa Almquist

    Burntside Bash

    I'm looking forward again this year attending the 11th Annual Burntside Bash up in gorgeous Ely, MN on Saturday, March 9th. It's a memorial for fallen guide Jim Hudson who tragically passed away on January 26th. There will be a silent auction, food and camaraderie at the Van Vac landing. All proceeds will go to his wife Hannah Stonehouse Hudson.
  6. Lisa Almquist

    Ice fishing on Grand Lake

    It was great seeing you too Mark. Noise sure can affect the bite especially at prime time. Maybe see you guys up at the Bash this year?
  7. Lisa Almquist

    Ice fishing on Grand Lake

    Kidney stones!? What in the world?! Not fun and definitely painful. It always seems something breaks or breaks down when it's super cold when you're on the ice. Although I think I'd take the cold over wind any day of the week. I'm going to try to get out this weekend. I know my buddy Tristin is going out locally. That might be an option. Hopefully by the weekend you'll get up to Red, Barb. Get that Yetti rolling! I didn't go in so I'm not sure what I had. I just figured that if it's the flu, I better just stay home as to not spread it to anyone else. Several of my coworkers were out with influenza though. Sure is ishy stuff!
  8. Lisa Almquist

    Ice fishing on Grand Lake

    I'm home today with the crud too. Lots of coughing, fever and sinus congestion. Glad you're finally coming out of it-hopefully Jim won't have it too long and you'll be back in action. Good luck on Red! I've been reading the reports-people are catching like crazy up there!
  9. Got out on Grand Lake for a few hours today and didn't do so hot. I got a couple perch and Jim caught a nice sunny and a crappie. I haven't been out yet this year! I usually like to fish in my own house but since we were only going to be out for a bit (and Jim promised to put the heat on in the Otter) we fished together in Jim's house. Great first trip out and back in time for the game. SKOL Vikings! Got to see some other HSOers-Gary(ripstick), Randy(loonasea) and Mark with his daughter Rachel. Hopefully everyone's been able to get out and enjoy a fun relaxing day on the lake.
  10. Lisa Almquist

    Happy New Years!!!

    Happy New Year to you too!
  11. Lisa Almquist

    Merry Christmas HSO!

    Hope your day is filled with loved ones and great memories (maybe some fishing too!). As for me, I'm heading to work at 3. Merry Christmas HSO people!
  12. Lisa Almquist

    sons of anarchy

    I've got to stay out of this thread until I watch the last 2 weeks. They're DVR'd because of my work schedule and now I really can't wait!!
  13. Lisa Almquist

    Happy Birthday Lisa!!!

    Thanks! I did work but my coworkers got me a DQ cake and pizza!!
  14. Lisa Almquist

    Hub Popup questions

    This thread has some really great info. We're thinking of buying one of the bigger Clam hub-style shelters possibly the Clam Command Post. Would one big buddy heater be sufficient?
  15. Thank you such a great report LOWliz! I am getting very excited to icefish this year. Hopefully we'll be on the ice sooner than later and the snow holds off until we've got good ice this year.