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  1. Any reports for the arrowhead region? Planning a trip Feb 28-1 to Finland should the trails be ok by then you think?? BTW im having problems staying logged in not sure if it's me or the site....grrrr MR
  2. I have a 2001 700 Liberty with 6,500+ miles and runs like a champ BUT I do the routine maintenance like clean carbs and run only Amsoil in it. I think Amsoil truly has given my motor more life and power so keep that in mind. Also my 700 is a non-VES motor and my buddy has a 2002 700 Liberty VES and runs like a swiss watch I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another but it all depends on previous owners maintenance. Good luck, MR
  3. I trailer-ed my sled to Ernies on Gull and rode along the east side. It did feel good to play in some snow and dabbled in some drifts, just a warning of some serious cracks all along the lake and one huge pressure ridge that popped up from Cinosam west towards Quarter Deck I strongly encourage no vehicle to travel from north to south etc. Leech favor to ask since I'm having problems logging in and posting in the Brainerd fishing report. Can you let folks now for the Jaycees tourist of the monster heave/ridge running east to west on Gull lake and some standing water out their??? This is extremely dangerous since it just lifted within the past few days??? thx MR
  4. Ha, I beat BoxMN to the question BoxMN will be the go to person for the Crosslake area for sure but his sentiments will be like mine regarding trail traffic. MR
  5. Crosslake and Crosby/cuyuna area are two completely different systems. Crosslake trails are really nice, criss cross the WFC and around some county/State land but 98% is flat land with woods and some feilds. Crosby area is more woods with little more elevation but I don't have that much knowledge and don't think there's really that much to ride in the Cuyuna area. Crosslake will get pounded by sledders and if you want nice trails that don't turn into washboards look just south towards Brainerd, Crow Wing Airport trails, southeast and then south towards St.Mathias, Fort, Crow Wing State Park and over to Harding. I live close to the bypass and have some of the best trails with 1/3 of the traffic. SSShhhhhh don't tell anyone MR
  6. What the heck is that white stuff in your photo Leech!? mr
  7. I think my wife would understand if we get one good storm and if I can get one trip in. I think she's feeling sorry for me or just wants me out of the house but I think I could pull off a short notice trip when or IF we get any snow. MR
  8. If you set up a group trip in February you might as well store your sleds now. Planning a trip will surely eliminate any potential snow storm by early February/March. It's all those folks who purchased new sled that are to blame... MR
  9. The DNR trail report doesn't look good for the arrowhead either...grrrr MR
  10. Anybody have a trail report from the arrowhead region or tac trails? I might need to trailer north soon or I'm going to go postal MR
  11. Chief MacGyver laying the law down MR
  12. Leech Sorry I've been having mobile issues w this site and login. It's the Lawler Bar, that was a long trip for me round trip and all. Remember the wolf we saw and the snowmobile crash we came across up near Big Sandy? On another note I got my 71 lynx 292 up and running it sure is a blast to drive in the "snirt" MR
  13. For the sake of conversation has anybody used vinegar to clean carbs since it has a high acidic count? I'm using it now to clean an old gas can and it works pretty good. Thoughts??? MR
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