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  1. JayinMN

    Road kill deer

    Anyone know what happens when the deer skids off the hwy onto your property? Its a tag still required? The DOT likes the drag them onto my property as well and leave them under the pines at the edge of my yard. I usually drag them out back so the wolves and coyotes aren't in my yard eating them.
  2. JayinMN


    It's a Wilson's snipe, not a woodcock. Neat picture!
  3. JayinMN

    Wolf Season ??

    Those are both coyotes. Probably the same one. The only difference is the position of your camera.
  4. JayinMN

    plan B for dogs, any vets???

    Yes there are shots, but you need to take her to the vet to get it done. There are a couple different options they can do. There is an injection called Prostaglandins F2alpha (PGF) that can be given for 4 days once a day. There are also estrogen injection, but they are not recommended because they can cause infection of the uterus. If she really can into on heat on Friday, she wouldn't be ready to breed yet. Good luck!
  5. JayinMN

    Forest Tent Catapillers! Ugh

    They make great wine!
  6. He haven't been much in the photo mode lately but decided to dust of the camera and found a few cute subjects. Three baby badgers and their cranky mother have found a home nearby. being nearly nocturnal its hard to get them in good light. These three fox kits are much braver and more active then the badger cubs. And a few great greys enjoying the spring sun.
  7. JayinMN

    Barred owl.

    Three years ago I built barred owl nest boxes and put them up. Surprisingly a pair took to them right away and I am glad to see they are back again for their 3rd nesting season.
  8. JayinMN

    Bird ID Please

    That's a female house sparrow.
  9. JayinMN

    Some out of towners

    Nice variety of birds and beautiful shots.
  10. JayinMN

    Dirty fish stealers!!!

    Yeah I have never seen one like it either but the beak gives it away.
  11. JayinMN

    Dirty fish stealers!!!

    Its a exceptionally light colored juvenile bald eagle.
  12. JayinMN

    My birds from the bog.

    Hey I forgot all about those cross-bills! I should download mine. Yours turned out pretty good seeing as they weren't that close to us.
  13. Great series. U got really lucky with the lighting on the owl. Its not often you catch them in the sun. The 2 eagles in the same tree are awesome and nice lighthouse too.
  14. JayinMN

    Mallard Hybrid?

    Its a mallard that crossed with a domestic duck that has the gene for the bib pattern