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  1. Roger, we look foreword to seeing you and the rest of the WAAM crew at the next meeting. We are looking foreword to talking about this exciting tourney!
  2. It's time to make an official announcement on FM regarding the N.A.I.F.C. event that is slated for Lake Winnipeg in early 2011. NAIFT Breaking the Ice Excitement is building around the North American Ice Fishing Tournament qualifier that is set for Lake Winnipeg on January 9th, 2011. The series hosts a number of tournaments across the United States. We are pleased to say that this is the first ever to be held on Canadian Soil or in this case ice. Teams from acrosss the United States and Canada are welcome to enter and try their hand at winning up to $30,000.00 in cash based on 300 two person teams. About the NAIFC Tournament Series NAIFC tournaments are multi-day, premier fishing events. The NAIFC Tournament Series season begins in January and lasts through March with the NAIFC Tournament Series Championship Invitational held the following December. Each new season consists of serveral qualifier events held in selected States across the northern U.S. "ice-belt" and now Canada. The NAIFC Tournament Series has a broad competitor base and offers an even palying field. NAIFC Tournaments are truly the "Hard-Water" equvilent to big league bass and walleye tournaments held during the open water months. Despite the growing sophistication of NAIFC competitors, these events remain approachable for newcomers. There is an unmistakeable common folk quality to the sport of ice fishing that seems to attract hard-working people who naturally like to help others excel in the sport. It is common for elite ice fishing competitors who have spent years honing their skills and developing new techniques to pass their knowledge onto new ice fishing enthusiasts. This simply does not happen anywhere else in competitive fishing and our sponsors recognize the value and the opportunity this creates. Major sponsors will be attending the event and will be showcasing their latest products at the host facility South Beach Casino and Resort. The exibiton will begin January 2nd starting daily from 4:00 pm til 9:00 pm. South Beach Casino will host the madatory tournament rules meeting on the evening of Saturday, January 8th. "FREE" Kids "ice fsihing clinic" set for January 8th. During this awesome kids event, HT Enterprises will be generously "giving" every child who attends a free ice fishing rod & reel combo! Both Travel Manitoba and Strikemaster will also be providing free door prises. The actual ice fishing tournament event will be carried out from Balsom Bay Harbour which is located a few miles north of South Beach Casino. Boundries for the event will be well marked and weigh stations designated. Tournament rules are posted on the NAIFT HSOforum and are specific to the Lake Winnipeg tournament. Awards ceremony will be held on Sunday afternoon at South Beach Casino and Resort. For more information or for those wanting to register for the tournament call: (204) 510-2469 For those headed to the St. Paul Ice Show we'll be there. Look for the "XSTREAM TACKLE" booth. Stop in and say howdy and get your entry for the tournament!
  3. Just a few captures of Lake Winnipeg "greenbacks". Whew...finally the season is over!
  4. Although the skies were severely overcast yesterday, I grabbed my photography gear and headed out the door. At first I decided to focus on black & white imagery. As you can see I was travelling through rural farm country just to the east of the Red River. There's something about old grain elevators and railway tracks that keep me wanting to photograph them. As always, old wagon wheels seem to make interesting subjects. Farming has changed just a tad since these old wheels were in service. I decided to finish up the afternoon (evening) with a session at one of my many favortie locations. This majestic little place is the rapids located at the mouth of the Whitemouth River as it spills into the mighty Winnipeg River. I thought that I would continue shooting in Black & white as long as it remained cloudy. Incidently, these rapids do not have an official name, so I decided to (unofficially)take matters into my own hands. I named them Red Rock Rapids, who could blame me! As fate or luck would have it, the clouds gave way to a brillantly lit red hozon off in the west. That's all folks, until next time!
  5. Nice! They should be close to be on the nest now.
  6. Great work Dan. Super crisp, razor sharp, well done!
  7. Judging by your pose, I would have guessed that you had some experience riding bulls or bronks at some point in your distant past!
  8. Indeed they sure seem pre-occupied!
  9. Thanks! Here's a couple more from that outing... First the Hay-Rake buried in snow. Likewise for the old wooden boat.
  10. I've been swamped looking after business affairs of late which is really cutting into the time I would rather be spending looking through my camera lenses! Anyway, the weather forecast was just to good to pass up yesterday so I decided to hit the open road in serach of the Great Grey owl, Manitoba's official bird. I ended up locating five GG's and everything went according to plan! I found a wide variety of subjects to capture from landscapes to birds, even a little white tail doe. Over all I spent the day just wondering around with my camera and my little sheltie...what a great day! This is a different bird. The day started out with a thick layer of fog. A ruffed grouse feeding off birch tree buds. ...and finally the little doe.
  11. Absolutely awesome work on the fox Jay!
  12. Ed is correct in stating that I am totally sold on Clam's Thermal line-up. I am amazed with just how effective they are for eliminating condensation and vastly reducing how much propane I'm using. I would venture to say that I am reducing my heating costs by 40% or more! What impresses me the most is how dry the material remains. Absolutely no more dripping!!!
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