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  1. We received a bit over 8 1/2 inches of snow on Tuesday. I went out on Wednesday morning to take some photos, because the sky was such a brilliant blue. I was also anxious to try out my neutral density filter in a snow situation. Jury is still out on that. I have to manual focus, and I'm not sure that the viewfinder is accurate for my vision. Things are looking a bit soft. Tough getting old! Here is just one example from my morning.
  2. I'm not an expert by any means, but I have to say I like the milkweed in color. You lose some of the detail in the seeds and silks when it is converted to b&w.
  3. I wanted to do a side by side comparison before I cleaned the contacts. Of course, it was working just fine today. What do you suggest using to clean the contacts?
  4. I tried side by side shots between the Tamron and my Canon 50mm. Today, the Tamron was working fine. I used a tripod, had the distance at 31 inches from focal point, and used the 2 second timer to prevent camera shake. All settings & lighting were the same. I switched lenses after taking a few shots in a row. There was very little difference in quality between the two. It frustrates me that the focus issues are inconsistent.
  5. Other lenses seem to work just fine. This lens would not auto focus at times on my other camera body as well. I'll try cleaning the contacts on it. Mike - It doesn't matter how far away from a subject I am. I'll take a few test shots this weekend with that lens and another, keeping them both on a tripod at the same distance, and see what happens.
  6. As I've mentioned before, I write a blog, and take a lot of photos for that blog. Some of that involves food photography. Lately, my Tamron 17-55 seems to have issues with not being as sharp as it once was. At times, even though it is on Auto Focus, it doesn't do anything. Could it be a connection issue? There are times when turning the camera off and on fixes it, but other times I have to take the lens off and put it on again. I'm thinking I'll need to go to my 50mm for the food photos from here on out. I prefer not to use a tripod in the kitchen, so everything for me is handheld, which I know compounds any lens issues. Do I need to be cleaning connections, or what should I look at doing to help this lens?
  7. Thanks, Dan! When I had my shutter at 25 seconds, things looked a tiny bit blurry. When I uploaded them, they weren't as bad as I thought. The yard light illuminates the trees and sheds pretty severely, making it difficult to not have a super bright spot. How about white balance, and post processing? What do you recommend? I think I will have time to run out again tonight and get off a few shots before the clouds fill in too much.
  8. Every time I head out, I learn something new. That's part of what makes photography so intriguing to me. I love the challenge of working on a new technique. This is part tonight's attempt at photos of the Milky Way. It makes it difficult to get a good shot when it is pretty much directly overhead. It is the view I see when we're working in the yard, or just shutting down the combine during harvest. It's one of my favorite things about working late. I will gladly take suggestions on how to improve - I know I have a lot yet to learn!
  9. Stunning! Love the swirls in 5 & 6
  10. The doe that came through my yard a few weeks ago was back today, only this time she was alone. She looked to be in a little better condition, but not by much. She spent about 1/2 hour grazing in our yard. It isn't easy getting photos through windows - especially windows covered in construction dust. All of them are a little soft. I ran this through the PS enhancer real quick, but otherwise haven't spent any time on it. I think my next project is cleaning my windows now that the construction is finished. A little attitude to go with her salad...
  11. Thanks, Dan and eyeguy! I didn't start out at 6400, but I did bump it up for the last few shots. I think my biggest issues was using 30 sec shutter speed. Your shots are beautiful, Dan! It probably helps to get some of those when you are not directly underneath the Milky Way?
  12. Take photos of stars or capture the Milky Way? My widest angle lens is a 17-55mm 2.8. The sky was so gorgeous tonight when I got out of the combine. I came home and spent about 30 minutes trying to capture at least a little bit of what I saw. Some of the photos have trees and buildings in them, but how do you get everything so clear? Here is one of my first attempts with no buildings (It looks way better when it's larger, but you get the point): This one has a few buildings:
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