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  1. While sitting in the car alongside the road, the land owner came along and informed me that the Woodpeckers have a nest in this grove of trees. There is also an eagle's nest in the same bunch of trees and I saw it fly thru a couple times. Should be an interesting place to visit occasionally as it's only about 15 miles from town. The Towhee and Redstart came from a friend's back yard who used to be a member here but got bored with the forum. She lets me know when something unique shows up in her yard. A small river runs right behind her back yard so it attracts quite a variety of birds in the
  2. Rufuous-sided Towhee, American Redstart and an Eastern Wood-Pewee.
  3. I went slough scouting this morning to find a cool slough to float my kayak in. I saw lots of Shovelers, Teal, a few Mallards and heard some geese. I waited off shore a few yards and eventually a few came within range. It sure was a treat having a morning without wind.
  4. These little tykes are more restless and fidgety than a chickadee. I did spot the male but lost track of him pretty quickly. I'll see if I can relocate him another time. They were at a park just a few blocks from home. The first time I saw them was while walking the dog. They were still in the same trees a couple hours later. I spot one maybe once a year or two.
  5. Can't say that's ever happened to me. My largest culprit besides the squirrels is an occasional striped gopher. One of these times my pooch will catch him. Sure close at times.
  6. What fence post? Two years ago was the first time I'd ever seen Bobolinks around here. I'd caught a glimpse of one about 30 miles from here a few years ago and was thrilled to see one. But 2 years ago, I saw several in this area, along with Dickcissels. I was quite surprised and excited to get quite a few photos.
  7. There is nothing wrong with the 18-55. I have the same lens and have used it for wedding receptions, portraits of my grandkids, landscapes, bees and flowers. It's a much better 18-55 than the first ones that came out.
  8. The strange thing about this Meadowlark is, I drove by the same tree the previous week and one was in the exact same location. Also, didn't see another one in the area. Maybe it's the same Meadowlark and he didn't move in a whole week?
  9. I also like the second shot. They are beautiful ducks.
  10. An Egret friending the ducks and coot. Don't see enough of these anymore. Meadowlarks used to be common in SW MN but loss of habitat has really reduced their numbers. Same story with Red-headed Woodpeckers which are really rare around here these days. I also spotted a few Yellow-headed Blackbirds alongside a highway today and one fly by a slough.
  11. The yellow-heads do have a unique vocabulary.
  12. I do find it strange that the yellow-heads are always so much later.
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