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Walleye Photo Gallery

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Murphys law of course. Caught a nice 28" walleye the other night and forgot the camera and was fishing alone. I know-- a fish story. Released of course, but I'll remember the camera next time for sure!

When I find myself in a rut I've intentionally left camera at home. Think'n that's gonna make the difference. But always grinding out a backup plan in an event similar to yours.

Nice fish all, keep 'em coming!

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Oh, the magic of Photoshop.

PDOGG, I'll be at that same lake, I was talking about earlier this week, tomorrow morning. If you happen to be out and see the red Durango stop by and say "hey".

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Was able to make it up north this weekend and was able to get into some eyes. Most were smaller fish, but I was able to hook into this 28"er. She was a great candidate for CPR:


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Great looking fish Drewski!

If I would have gotten that hog up the hole he would be on my wall!

This is my first walleye of the ice season....finally

Decided on Thursday night I was going to find one after 5, 10 hour days I got him.

Missed a nice one on the rattle reel had the hook set and went to pull, he was mighty hefty, and....snap


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Hey Wanger you don't know me but I'm new to the forum and really don't know where to post a new topic but anyway. I'm coming up to Otter tail Lake the 2nd week in May and was wondering if you know about that lake and what would my best bets would be as far as what to use and where?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • We recently embarked on a paddling, fishing and camping adventure on the Saint Croix River.. We put the Kayaks in at Interstate Park (MN) and our take out point was Marine on St. Croix (16.1 miles downstream). In between those launches we explored the river, back waters, caught multiple different species of fish, camped one night at a primitive site, got rained on and had a blast! I can't wait to get back out on that stretch of river. This video captures a good portion of our adventure.    
    • It didn’t sound like his pond was much of a “waterway” but I get your point.  There are actual dock guidelines/rules published by the DNR that should be referenced.  I’m pretty confident he’d be OK.
    • Nice win last night! That triple play really picked them up. Thought Rogers was going to let another 1 slip away & then he found his curve. Hope they can keep knocking them out of the park.
    • I wonder if down here in the cities, if you would have to get a permit to put in a crib dock since it more of a permanent structure in a water way?  
    • To all the, (2001 Yamaha 80 hp. 4 stroke on a 18.6 Lund ) guru"s out there. New thing with my motor.... If I take it out with 3 guys in it that weigh 250 each appx... I leave the boat landing and get it on plane and up to like 29-30 mph and 5200 rpm's. After awhile,,  like a 15 minute ride across the lake I go to a stop and the alarm goes off and I see like heat smoke coming out of the back of motor. If I put it in neutral and rev it up a couple times the smoke and alarm quits and it is good to go all day like trolling etc. I did put a new water pump and impeller in it last year also. I have not changed the thermostat in maybe 5 years either.  YEA I NKOW >>> Every couple hundred hours down here in the s.w. part of minnesota. Yes, the lakes are shallow and green and muddy all the time. I'm leaning towards the thermostat this weekend. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks guys and gal's.
    • Is the bottom content firm or soft?  If it’s firm and you’re feeling industrious enough, you could crib it.  Our dock in Ely rests on cribs and is in a slow part of the river.  Haven’t had a problem since we put it in about 8 years ago.  Haven’t even had to re-level it.   You’ll probably be fine with posts too if the bottom is softer but might have to mess with the leveling a little.  
    • I live on the North side of a small 100 acre lake, I haven't removed my dock for several years. The ice melts away from shore on the North side first and is well beyond the dock by the time it starts getting pushed around by the wind. Last year the wind came from the south and I thought the ice was going to crush the dock. When I finally went down to the lake to look, I saw that the ice had deteriorated enough that it did no damage. So, I would like to think that you should be able to leave it in. If the ice moves when your poles are still frozen in, it might drag the dock 'out to sea' but that's probably the worst case scenario. Another idea is to have a levitating dock. You say you have a lot of trees, if you have a pair of large trees by the shoreline, you could run a heavy cable or chain from the trees to the dock and make it suspend above the water. Use poles to stabilize it in the warm months and pull them up in the fall. This worked for my dad for about 15 years until he moved. The pics show the cable he used as the backbone of the system.
    • I have a small pond in my backyard.   It's sort of cigar shaped.  Its about 250-300 yards long and I live pretty much square in the middle of it.  It's about 60-75 yards across where I am at.  It's not the best pond ever, but it doesnt get covered with muck like most suburban ponds and it is kinda nice to paddle around in a kayak and watch the ducks and herons.    I want to put a cheap dock in.   My question is, do I really need to take it out every fall?  There is a steep slope on all sides and it's nestled in the suburbs so it basically has no wind.  It's not a big enough pond  for there to be big ice flows in the spring or some sort of plate tectonics action when it's freezing over.   The steep slope down to the pond is kind of brutal as far as dock removal goes and I don't exactly have a good spot to store a dock on shore.   I've got a lot of trees.      I have also considered a floating dock, which are reported to be fine to leave in during the winter.   I would just prefer to not go that route, as stationary docks are much more stable.      
    • SM is in the game now too. Good- it has a pilot point. Bad- it has Lazer blades. Probably won’t be good in a permanent house for reopening holes. I sure wish Eskimo would wake up and add a point. 
    • Perfect live in cambridge will get to you after you get back. Thanks
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