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  1. wanger29

    bottom bouncers?

    Most definately, you can easily even learn to differentiate the species underneath you. If a pike or walleye that smack is like nothing else. I too let up a little after the initial hit. The 4", worm stealing perch I can do without though! I come across them I typically go wide out and try & run a quick circle around them. I'm pretty confident a nice pike or some eyes aren't too far away.
  2. wanger29

    Lock n Load

    We'll be fairly close by. Definately share reports if we get that way. Good Luck!
  3. wanger29

    Trout Newbie

    Anyone had any success with the crawdad Panther Martin? A #4 Crawdad turned into one of my go to lures shortly after opener last year. Had so much luck had to pick up a few more. Lost most of it's coloring midway through season.
  4. Anyone have any results of this year's contest?
  5. wanger29

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    Oh, the magic of Photoshop. PDOGG, I'll be at that same lake, I was talking about earlier this week, tomorrow morning. If you happen to be out and see the red Durango stop by and say "hey".
  6. wanger29

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    I've finally figured this Photoshop out!!!
  7. wanger29

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    Nice night Trouble28! That lower one's a beauty!
  8. wanger29

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    When I find myself in a rut I've intentionally left camera at home. Think'n that's gonna make the difference. But always grinding out a backup plan in an event similar to yours. Nice fish all, keep 'em coming!
  9. wanger29


    Yeah, but I'd just be hesitant to use it if there's a tight slot and fish is questionable or fish is out of season.
  10. wanger29

    Mille Lacs

    Good to hear you got some fish! Not many roads in that area?
  11. wanger29

    Suckers or Shiners for pike?

    Whichever one dances the most.
  12. wanger29

    Keeping minnows alive

    During winter months I catch all my own bait and just switch out with the exact same water from the creeks they come from. I have a fridge down in the basement that holds two-5 gallon buckets. I keep a clean one, absent of fish but full of water, at all times then switch and get more when needed. I do have a aerator system but hardly need to use it. With the fridge temps I've had pretty great success, (usually set at 4 of 1 being coolest). Have at times had minnows, & even shiners, last in upwards to a month. Finding spring water's pretty helpful too. Having the extra bucket at home works well too cos' when I go fish I generally leave up to 1/2 of my bait behind in the house bucket. I pour out half my water, to lighten my load. Switch out water from the lake when needed.
  13. wanger29

    Loader Through The Red River

    Guess it was WI. Check it out http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=511ac84b5b
  14. wanger29

    Loader Through The Red River

    That'd be a tough one to have to explain. Reminds me of the reporter doing the story on thin ice over in Michigan 2 years back. She sent a $200,000 live truck through some narrows. I imagine that story got it's point across by example.
  15. wanger29

    How long is too long???

    I've ate fish close to a year old before froze in a gallon zip-lock & water. Not a thing wrong at all. However, I would not recommend holding that long. But in the ice has proven very successful for me. I wouldn't pack any other way. June, huh? Don't worry at all about them. You'll see.